Thiagarajar College of Engineering Alumni Association (TCEAA)

TCE Alumni Association (TCEAA), an independent, non-profit organization is the official body representing the alumni of Thiagarajar College of Engineering. Governed by the Institution’s philosophy - “Quality and Ethics Matter”, we encourage and foster lifelong involvement of the alumni in the Institutional development through advocacy, support, service and communications.  Our purpose is to promote the welfare of the alumni of the Institution by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between the college and its growing worldwide community of alumni. 

An appeal to alumni 

Functioning of TCEAA

TCEAA is functioning at the Institute and through its chapters spread across the country and abroad. The association has been systemically carrying out the task of bringing together the alumni for exchange of Knowledge, Skill and Experience amongst themselves and to disseminate them to the students and to strive for advancement of technology for the benefit of the community.


To achieve the Institution’s mission and goal by linking the Institution with its alumni across the globe


  • To coordinate and support the alumni association activities to promote Institution’s academic, industry interface, placement/internship, research, and outreach programs.
  • To facilitate communication with alumni and to strengthen alumni bonds of fellowship, professional association and institutional affiliation.
  • To encourage alumni to stay connected and to Leverage the resources, talents, and initiatives of alumni to advise, guide, advocate the Institution in achieving the respective department’s missions and goals.
  • To inculcate the culture of philanthropy among the alumni body, to ensure that the alumni continue to contribute their time, talent and financial resources to the betterment of the Institution.

Regular Activities

Alumni Scholarships

Many students admitted to the B.E. / B.Tech courses in the college are from rural and poor back ground and they are in need of financial support to pay their college fees (tuition, hostel and exam).  TCEAA provides financial support to such needy students based on a merit cum means basis. The donations received from the alumni are deposited as corpus fund in TCE Alumni Charitable Trust and the interest earned from that is used for student scholarships. Donations are exempted under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Mentoring Students

  • Personality Development Camps (PDC)

Every year, three day residential personality development camps are organized to impart soft skills, yoga practice, team work, emotional intelligence, and health awareness to the young engineering students.  Till 2015, 50 camps have been organized and about 2500 students are benefited.

  • Leadership in Action Club

The objective of this club is to inculcate the leadership qualities among the students. Two students are attached to one alumnus of their field of interest for closer interaction, guidance and support.

  • Soft  skill Development Program for Rural Students

This program is to strengthen the soft skills of the rural students who had their school education in vernacular medium.

Alumni Reunions

Golden Jubilee Reunions and Silver Jubilee Reunions are regularly organized at college campus. Apart from this other special reunions like 10th year, 20th year and 33rd year are also organized.

Alumni Day

Every year the Founder’s day (July 29th) is being celebrated as Alumni day in our college. Alumni from various batches meet on this day to renew and refresh their links with Alma mater and also the scholarship to needy students is distributed on this day by the TCE Alumni Charitable Trust. 


Contribute back to your college.


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