Industry Interface/Consultancy

Companies Interfaced

Sl.No Name of the company Nature of work Title of the work
1 M/s.Inkarp Industries Consultancy Thermal Analysis of Rubber
2 M/s. Venus Home appliances Consultancy Optimization of sacrificial anode for Water heaters
3 Appraiser for M/s. New India Insurance company Consultancy Investigation on factors responsible of corrosion of tin plated MS sheets
4 M/s. Metal powder company Pvt. Ltd., Madurai Consultancy Analysis of Aluminium and Aluminium hydride samples
5 M/s. Chennai Metal coat industries, Chennai Consultancy Development of surface passivation of Aluminium Metal sheets
6 M.s. Titan Industries, Hosur Consultancy Development of Alternate gold decorative coatings for wrist watches
7 M/s. Thiagarajar Telecom solutions pvt. Ltd., Madurai Consultancy Analysis of surface scaling of copper ground wire in antenna
8 M/s. Electroplating park, Madurai Testing Electrochemical analysis of Cr6+ in effluent
9 M/s. BSA electroplaters, Madurai Consultancy Analysis of brightener in Zinc plating bath
10 M/s. Visoka Induraties Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Consultancy Development of Surface coating for Aluminium heat exchanger fins
11 Various Academic and research institutes Testing Thermal analysis of polymers

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