Sponsored Research

Organisation at the national level sponsor specific programs of research by funding projects which are undertaken by the faculty.Research of this kind is time bound but provides for those involved in the project expertise in their research area. Project proposals are usually prepared by TCE faculty and forwarded to various organisations based on the nature of research and the interest shown by Government/Research bodies to fund new projects.

S.NO. Project Title Period Amount in Rupees Sponsored Agency Status
1 Mathematical Modeling Lab 2000-02 10,00,000 AICTE, NewDelhi Completed
2 Computational Fluid Dynamics lab 2005-07 6,00,000 AICTE, NewDelhi Completed
3 Novel Approach to Fluid Flow Through Microchannels 2007-10 4,15,000 AICTE, NewDelhi Ongoing
4 Parameter Estimation of Parallel communicating graph Grammer 2011-13 5,00,000 AICTE, NewDelhi Ongoing
5 Semi-Graph Structure for DNA Computing 2013 7,15,000 UGC Ongoing
6 Women Empowerment-A Statistical Analysis using SAS 2015 - DST Ongoing