Multimedia Lab



  • Apple X-Server 1,33 GHZ power pc G4 server/256 MB Ram, 60 GB HDD – 1 No - Server

  • Apple-EMAC 700 MHZ Power PC,128 MB Ram, 40 GB ultra ATA HDD,CDR –40 Nos

  • Apple-EMAC 700 MHZ Power PC,512MB Ram, 40 GB ultra ATA HDD , Combo Drive-10 Nos

  • HP Laser Printer 1022– 1 No

  • TVSE Dot Matrix Printer - TVSE Dot Matrix Printer - 1No

  • HP Workstation 2.53 GHZ/2GB Ram,250 GB HDD/DVDRW/17”:TFT Monitor/Nvida quadro FX 570 Graphics Controller – 1 No

  • Intel ® Core Duo Processor 2.20 GHZ/1 GB Ram,160 GB HDD, DVD Drive/17” LCD color Monitor/Key Board/Mouse – 2 No


  • C lab on Mac OS/Ubuntu

  • Graphics and Visualization Lab

  • Development of content retrieval using Octave

  • Capabilities to do animations using multimedia tools

  • To develop an educational software and 2D games

  • Capability to do Mac-OS Clustering Environment

Work done


  • Developed TCE virtual tour

  • Multilingual airport viewer for mobile phone

  • Content based image retrieval based on relevance feedback for natural images

  • Developed movie about “Resources of Madurai” for Maditssia, Madurai.

  • Developed animation of Avatar Poses for metal sheet bending for Amadasoft, Chennai

  • Developed miniprojects on Visualization techniques


Journals: 4

  1. Suganya.R, Rajaram.S, “Content Based Image Retrieval of Ultrasound Diseases based on Hybrid Approach” American Journal of Applied Science, vol.9,pp 938-945,Mar 2012.

  2. Suganya.R, Rajaram.S, “Mutual Information and Genetic Algorithm based registration of MRI Brain Images” Canadian Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, vol.2, pp 14-17, Mar 2011.

Conferences: 10

  1. S.Sridevi, S.Rajaram,C.Swadhikar ,An intelligent prediction system for time series data using Periodic Pattern Mining in Temporal Databases,IITM’10 organized by IIIT,Allahabad , Indexed by ACM Digital Library, ISBN: 978-1-4503-0408-5,

  2. C.SenthilKumar,T.Manikandan,N.Kamaraj,Survey of Intrusion detection systems in Mobile Ad hoc networks,ADCONS 2011,2011

Industry Inerface

  • Adobe - Conducted one credit course on “Rich Internet Applications” for sixth semester students

  • Amadasoft - Offered Internship for 3 students - Developed animation of Avatar Poses for metal sheet bending for Amadasoft, Chennai


  • Mr.M.Siva Kumar

  • Mr.C.SenthilKumar

  • Mrs.S.Sridevi

  • Mrs.R.Suganya