Microsoft Innnovation Centre/ Knowledge Engineering Lab.



  • HP Proliant Server Model – ML 110 G5 (Quad Core Intel Xeon 3220 2.4 GHz Processor)

  • HP Commercial Desktop Model dc 6000 Pro (Intel Core2Duo E 7500 Processor 2.93 GHz) (39 Nos.)

  • Intel Pentium IV 512 MB RAM, 160 GB SATA Hard disk.

  • TVS MSP 250 Dot Matrix Printer

  • HP LaserJet P1008 Printer

  • CanonScan LIDE 100 Scanner

  • Sanyo LCD Projector


  • Weka Tool

  • IBM DB2

  • Oracle 9i

  • Java JDK 1.5

  • Visual Studio


  • Designing Databases using ORACLE and DB2.

  • Designing front end / GUI for JDBC and ODBC connectivity

  • Development of projects / mini projects using various Data Mining Techniques.

  • Preprocessing the data using WEKA tool.

  • Applying the data mining techniques on various domains like Text , Time series and Medical Databases.

  • Developing Web oriented Programming using XML, JAVA, JSP, etc.

  • Promoting students work for national/International conferences/Journal publications.

Work done


  • Medical data preprocessing - ECG Compression using symbol substitution technique.

  • Text mining using Clustering approach.

  • Mining of Temporal Data using Association technique.


  1. A.M.Rajeswari, M.S.Karthiga Devi and C.Deisy, “Mining of Quantitative Association Rule on Ozone Database using Fuzzy logic”, International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computation, Communication in Computer and Information Science -283 – Springer Proceedings- pp.488-494 – 2012.
  2. Dr.C.Deisy,K.Murugeswari, ganesan, suganthi, ,”Enhanced Version of StegGen:An optimized Steganographic tool based on GA” ,Journal,Vol.4,9-12,2012.
  3. A.M.Rajeswari, S.Nithya Shalini and C.Deisy, “ Discovery of Temporal Association Rules Using Train and Test Approach”, International Journal of Decision Making in Supply Chain and Logistics Volume 2, Number 2, July-December 2011.
  4. Dr.C.Deisy, A.M.Rajeswari, ”A Novel Relation Based Probability Algorithm for Page Ranking in Semantic Web Search Engine”,,Journal-Springer-Communication in Computer and Information Science,vol.141,3,138 to 148,2011
  5. Dr.C.Deisy, Dr.S.Baskar, N.Ramaraj J.Saravanan Koori P.Jeevanandham ,”A Novel Information Theoretic-Interact Algorithm (It-In) For Feature Selection Using Three Machine Learning Algorithms”,Journal-Science Direct-Expert Systems with Applications,Vol.37,Issue 12,pp7589-7597,2010.
  • International Conferences : 18

  • National Conferences : 9

Industry Interface

  • HoneyWell

  • Offering One credit course on Mobile Application Development.

  • Microsoft

  • Microsoft Academic Alliance program (MSDN AA)

  • Microsoft Dot Net Certification Program.

  • Oracle

  • Signed MOU for Workforce Development Program

  • Certification on DBA & SQA Fundamentals

  • IBM

  • Mentors for Great mind Challenge contest program.


  • Dr. C. Deisy

  • Mrs. A. M. Rajeswari

  • Mrs. B. Subbulakshmi

  • Mrs. M. Suguna