Power Electronics Lab

Power Electronics Lab
Equipment List
Sl.No Name of Equipment
1 Scientech Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20MHz-2mV Model-201
2 Scientech Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20Mhz-2mV Model-201
3 Thyristor Based DC Motor speed measurement and control module-(output 0-180v)DC
4 Digital storage oscilloscope(model HM1507)+multi function interface(H079-6)+wave form analyzer Software sp91+2probes Hz36
5 TMS 320c240 Based DSP Trainer kit with IGBT power module
6 Siemens make micro master vector drive MMV 150/3 1.5kw/3Φ/5.9A
Siemens make 1.5kw/ 2 H.p,1440 rpm AC I. motor,Siemens make 3 Pole MCB 16A
7 HP 930C Printer(sun vin comp)
8  0.55kw,220v,AC motor with Coupling,M/C No M2001349-001, 0.75 kw,180/220v DC motor, Frame II 805,M/C No:20010436-02 Along with base plate and 1.6 kva,220v,AC Drive Lot No:2001 IEL 103-01 Along with supply of DSP controller Board and power Supply for DSP board
9 Krykard-Load Manager Model (b) Nanovip plus Mem.200 amps clamp on CT
10 IBM-Computer-Intellection EPRO INTEL PIII 500MHz,100MHz ECC G74 17” color monitor
11 IBM NETVISTA DESKTOP-Intel Pentium III Processor @ 933 MHz 128 MB s DRAM 1.44 FOD 20GB
12 Scientech’ Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20MHz-2mV Model-201
13 TMS 320f240 DSP based Trainer kit
14 1 HP 3 phase AC induction motor coupled with 1 HP DC generator with optical encoder
15 1HP DC motor coupled 1 HP DC generator with optical encoder
16 Three phase intelligent power module,1200v,25A
17 1635598 (Fluke model-199c/008s)
18 664760(Fluke model 11200s)
19 IBM Netvista A30P Desktop Computer
20 3 phase 1HP induction motor coupled with DC generator and encoder (512 Pulses/REV) induction motor, Siemens make
21 TMS 320F2407 based DSP trainer kit consisting of TMS 320F2407 DSP
22 PSCAD/EMTDC Software ver users LAN Compag visual Fortran(CVF)
23 30MHz Scientific Make Model SM 410
24 1 MHz Function Generator with digital readout model ST 4060 Make Scientech
25 Solar PV Module-Model U5 80W Type 80W/12V
26 30MHz Dual Trace 4 Trace Microcontroller based Oscilloscope with component tester Model Caddo 803 Scientech Make
27 1MHz Function Generator with 40MHz Frequency counter Model Caddo 4060 Scientech Make
28 Innovate ARM 926 kit
29 Dyanaflux PM_DC motor 2.0HP/1500RPM/48V DC-Goot 8324
30 Power Quality Analyzer-Hioki Make
31 DSP TMS32F2407A Trainer Kit Model M-2407
32 DSP TMS320C50 Trainer Kit
33 ADSP-BF 532 Evaluation Board
34 PMDC Motor 48V DC, 1500 RPM
  • All electronic circuits design, construction   and testing
  • All power electronic circuits design, construction and testing
  • Research works on  ‘Facts’ Controllers
  • Research Works on dSPACE Controllers
  • Research works on DSP based motor drives
  • Design , construction and testing of Converters, choppers  and inverters   for      DC and AC drives
  • Closed loop control of DSP based facts controller
  • DSP based AC and DC drives
  • Vector control of 3 Phase induction motor
Target users
UG/PG/Ph.D. students and Faculty
Work done
  • Design of FACTS controller for Power management in electric grid
  • Design of DSP based Motor controller
  • Design of MPPT controller for Solar PV systems
No. of Ph.D Produced: 03
Sponsored Projects
Sl.No Title            Sponsoring agency Period
1 DSP based AC drive AICTE 2003-04
2 Field oriented control of IM drive AICTE 2000-02
3 Design and development of DSP based FACTS controllers AICTE     2006-08
4 Energy conservation in electric motor & control of drives using PLC UGC 2011-13