Control Systems Lab

Control Systems Lab
Equipment List
Sl.No Name of the item Make Purchased
Date & A/C
1 Temperature control trainer Vi Microsystems Chennai 11-03-2000
AICTE MODROB Project Account
2 Level process trainer Vi Microsystems Chennai 11-03-2000
AICTE MODROB Project  Account
3 Bottle filling module for PLC Vi Microsystems Chennai 09-02-2002
AICTE MODROB Project  Account
4 DS 1104 Controller Dynafusion Tech 28-04-2010
UGC Project Ac
5 Cascade flow process controller Vi Microsystems Chennai 12-03-2003
S.F. Account
6 Control valve trainer Vi Microsystems Chennai 26-06-2005
Equipment Infrastructure Account
7 Pressure process controller Vi Microsystems Chennai 29-06-2005
Equipment Infrastructure Account
8 PC based data acquisition card     NI Systems India Bangalore 08-03-2007
DRDL Project Account

1. PID control Trainer (Master Unit) and Servo interface Panel (SIP/CE3) with DC Servo Position Control Set up (Process III)

  • Closed loop speed control of DC motor
  • Set point position control of DC motor
  • Non linear control of DC motor
  • DC motor position plant parameter measurement & transfer function determination
  • DC motor position plant transfer function determination by indirect method

2. Control Valve trainer

  • Study the quick opening control valve characteristics and calculate the gain at various conditions
  • Study the equal percentage control valve characteristics

3. Process Control simulator

  • Determination of time constant and transfer function of the first order type zero system
  • Study the open loop response of the process control system
  • Observe the time response of closed loop second order process by using CRO/Storage oscilloscope
  • Study the time response of the closed loop in second order process with proportional controller
  • Study the time response of closed loop PI controller in second order system
  • Study the time response of closed loop PID controller in second order system
  • Study the frequency response of second order system.

4.  Level Process Analyzer

  •  Study of capacitance type level transmitter
  •  Study of electro-pneumatic converter
  •  Study of pneumatic control valve
  •  Study of ON-OFF control using LLCON software
  •  Study of P,PI, PD and PID control using LLCON software

5. Cascade Control Trainer

  • Study the response of a flow control trainer in a PD controller mode using digital PID controller.

6. Temperature process analyzer

  • Experiment to control the temperature of blower using Digital PID controller.

7. Pressure Control trainer

  • Experiment to control the pressure in a process tank using Digital PID controller

8. Temperature measurement trainer

  • Experiment to measure temperature using different sensors
  • Experiment to study the characteristics of thermocouple, RTD and Thermister.

9.Strain gauge module

  •  Experiment to measure strains using stain gauge
Target users
UG/PG/Ph.D. students and Faculty
Work done
  • Design and developed a Magnetostrictive Position sensor for control rod drvie mechanisms in Nuclear reactors.
  • Fuzzy based Autopilot control for Missile
  • Automation of Gang HSS Machine using PLC
  • Neural network control of Cement plant
Sponsored Projects
Sl.No Title of Project  Principal Investigator Sponsoring Agency Date of Sanction & Ref No.
1 Development of Digital type Superconducting Generator model Dr.K.Selvi Department of Science and Technology SR/FTP/ETA-17/2006 dated 19.01.2007
2 Modeling a Synchronous Generator with Real-Time Hardware Dr.K.Selvi University Grants Commission 01.02.2010 & F.No.38-241/2009 (SR), Dated 24  December 2009
3 Design and Fabrication of Magnetostrictive Position Sensor for control rod drive mechanism (CRDM) Dr.S.Baskar BRNS,BARC 20.07.2006 & 2006/36/3/BRNS