Applied Electronics Lab

Applied Electronics Lab
Equipment List
Sl.No Item Name Specifications
1 DS1104 hardware module with CLP connector dSPACE
2 Rotary servo plant module (SRV02), Universal power module (UPM 1503)& ball and beam module Quanser
3 PSS/E software with NEVA add on module Siemens
4 AC Transmission with TCSC Simulation panel VI micro systems
  • Performance characteristics of PN junction diode, Zener diode, BJT in  CE configuration, JFET, MOSFET, Opto coupler and LDR.
  • Design Full wave rectifier with and without filter, Zener voltage regulator,     Positive and negative clipper circuit and Clampers circuit
  • Performance of house hold appliances such as fuse, tube light, starter, choke, MCB and ceiling fan.
  • Verify the theorem principles such as Thevenin  and Superposition theorem.
  • Power flow study and some of the technical challenges in power system such as power system modeling, power system dynamics, determination of ATC, congestion management, FACTS implementation studies using PSS/E software
  • Real time operation and control experiments with quanser make servo plant module, ball and beam module using dSPACE software
  • Real time operation and control experiments of autonomous hybrid power system models using dSPACE software
Target users
UG/PG/Ph.D. students and Faculty
Work done
No. of Ph.D Produced: 04
Sponsored Projects
Sl.No Title            Principal of Investigater Sponsoring agency Period
1 Development and implementation of real-time intelligent controllers for power industry Dr.P.Venkatesh DST-FAST TRACK 2009-2012
2 A new transmission pricing methodology for the Indian restructured electricity market Dr.P.Venkatesh UGC - MRP 2010-2012
3 Simulation and Analysis of FACTS controllers for a large scale power system Dr.S.Latha UGC - MRP 2010-2013