Department of Physics

 Theme Area: Material Science

    Synthesis, fabrication, design, characterization and application of materials. Mission: The technological revolution owes its drastic development to advances that depend strongly on progress in materials science. Keeping this in mind the department of Physics sets the mission.

    • To establish infrastructure to develop novel materials essential for competitive research.
    • To provide opportunities for new eyes to observe and new hands to manipulate at micro and nano scales that enable new insights into systems of recognized importance and the exploration of completely new regimes.
    • To foster strong link with the multifaceted laboratories, diverse interdisciplinary laboratories of Science and Engineering disciplines.

     Unified Objectives:

    • To nurture the intellectual vitality of the research field by facilitating the research of small teams in cross-disciplinary areas
    • To develop ways to bring excitement and creativity in research and discovery at an earlier stage of education
    • To enthuse the students to avail existing facilities in established laboratories to gain knowledge in advanced instrumentation related to materials and devices

    Year in which the department was established : 1957 

    Year in which M.Sc., Materials Science was Started :2000