Corporate Relationship

TCE has strong tie-ups with different industries, R&D labs and Public Sector companies. We interact with the industrial experts on a continual basis to revise and revamp the curriculum and keep it modern and relevant to the industry expectations. We also offer one-credit courses to students which are handled by the experts from the relevant Industry. Faculties periodically visit Industries which are working on their area of research to update their knowledge about contemporary Industrial practices. Faculties from TCE also offer Executive Programs to engineers from Industry on their area of research. TCE has several special interest groups (SIGs) which are working closely with their related Industries to create and foster an environment of modernization and sustained interaction with the Industry. SIGs encourage students to take up semester long internships and short term internships in the industry so that students can put their engineering education to practice. SIGs also carry out consultancy and testing services for the industry to make their SIGs self-funded.