- List of Patents

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Tilte of Patent Patent No
1 Dr.R.Vasudevan A new mix process of waste plastics-aggregate-bitumen for flexible pavement Patent Granted 198254/2002
2 Dr.V.Abhaikumar
Dr.Sathya Bama
Fourier based Rotation Invariant texture features for content based Image retrieval & textile Image retrieval system Patent Granted
IN-800607 &
3 Dr.V.Abhaikumar
Dr.A. Banumathi
Dental cysts detector Patent Granted
WO 2011058452 A1
4 Dr.V.Abhaikumar
Dr.A. Banumathi
Dental caries detector Patent Published
US 20110110575 A1
5 Dr.V.Abhaikumar
Dr.Srinivasan Raju
Mr.S.DeepakRam Prasath
Devices and methods for phase shifting a radio frequency signal for a base station antenna Patent Granted IN-700630
6 Dr.M.Mahendran Design of Magnetic Filed induced spherical quantum dots for nanoscale electronic device applications Patent filed 1007/CHE/2008
7 Dr.M.Mahendran Design of acoustic Energy Absorber using Ferromagnetic shape memory alloy composites encapsulated Patent filed 1008/CHE/2008
8 Dr.K.Hariharan An Electronic Data Logger for industrial and domestic energy monitoring and logging Patent filed 1009/CHE/2008
9 Dr.K.Hariharan A Novel electronic system for measuring wet level on a runaway -
10 Dr.S.Md.Mansoor Roomi Automatic Attendance System through Image Processing Patent filed 1011/CHE/2008
11 Dr.M.Elango Dr.S.P.Nachiappan Automated drill hole allocation and routing technique for VLSI-PCB drilling Patent filed            IN-817852
12 Dr.P.S.Kannan PSK method for finding the actual contirbution of each generator to each load and system losses Patent filed 1010/CHE/2008