Heads of Departments

Dr. T. Velrajan

Professor & Head
Civil Engineering
Email: hodciv [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. A. Valan Arasu

Professor & Head
Mechanical Engineering
Email: hodmech [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. C. K. Babulal

Professor & Head
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Email: hodeee [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. S. Rajaram

Professor & Head
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Email: hodece [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. S. Mercy Shalinie

Professor & Head
Computer Science & Engineering
Email: hodcse [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. C. Deisy

Professor & Head
Information Technology
Email: hodit [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. M. Palaninatharaja

Professor & Head
Email: hodmect [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. P. Chitra

Professor & Head
Computer Applications and Computer Science and Business Systems

Dr.J.Jinu Louishidha Kitchley

Professor & Head
Email: hodarch [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. S. Jeyabharathi

Professor & Head
Email: hodmat [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. S. Parthasarathy

Professor & Head
Data Science
Email: hodamcs [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. M. Mahendran

Professor & Head
Email: hodphy [at] tce [dot] edu

Dr. M. Kottaisamy

Professor & Head
Email: hodchem [at] tce [dot] edu

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