Team EUREKA wins third prize in Best Design category in Bi-cycle Design Challenge - 2020

Team Eureka-Bi-cycle Design and Fabrication Team comprising Mechanical Engineering students participated in Bi-cycle Design Challenge-2020 organized by SAEINDIA Southern Section and won third prize (out of 64 teams) in  Best Design category.

The Team:

  • Manoj M (Captain - Final Year)  
  • Naveen Kumaran K M  (Final Year)  
  • Renganathan R  (Final Year)  
  • Dinesh Kumar M   (Final Year)  
  • Balaji S  (Final Year)  
  • Satheshkumar  M  (Final Year)  
  • Vasanthakumar R  (Final Year)  
  • Mithran  V  (Final Year)  
  • Arun  Raja K  (Pre - Final Year)  
  • Sivaramakrishnan  N V  (Pre - Final Year)    
  • Eswara Prasath M  (Pre - Final Year)    
  • Manimaran  S  (Pre - Final Year)
  • Davis S (Pre - Final Year) 
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