Courses Offered

Sl.NoCoursesDetailed Syllabus
1 B.Arch. (Architecture)

Under-Graduate Programme
B..Arch. (Architecture)

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Graduates will become successful, socially responsible and environmentally conscious architects.
  • Graduates will effectively steer and become contributing members of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Graduates will employ appropriate techniques and technologies effectively to be the change leaders.
  • Graduates will pursue professional development including continuing education and research relevant to their career
  • Graduates will acquire a resourceful edge over other professionals in other allied fields.

Program Objectives (POs)

  • Graduates will have been facilitated to design built environment through Practical application, Hands on training and Workshops which are integrated in the state of the art technologies and techniques relevant to the field to put students on par with the global trends.
  • Graduate will demonstrate proficiency in creative, logical and lateral thinking processes, verbal and visual communication skills.
  • Graduates will have been trained specifically catering to the complex array of multi-faceted technical input and knowledge base needed for the multi dimensional Architectural Profession.
  • Graduates will have been exposed to issues such as relevance to the context, man, society, time and concern to the environment for designing built environments.
  • Graduates will have acquired practical knowledge through exposure to the professional fields / industry/ existing built environment.  
  • Managerial skills and Professional values will have been consciously instilled to the graduates to develop entrepreneur abilities, social responsibility and clarity of purpose.
  • Graduates will have been trained in different areas of interests through variety of specializations and will be ensured continued enhancement of such interests while nurturing other avenues.
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