Building Sciences Lab

Building Sciences Lab​
Equipment List
  1. Temp/ RH Data logger
  2. Digital Hygrometer
  3. Thermo hygrograph
  4. Thermo hygrometer
  5. IR Thermometer
  6. Anemometer
  7. Anemometer Hot wire
  8. Accutape
  9. Light meter
  10. Digital Lux Meter
  11. Extech- HD 450 light meter with data logger
  12. Windvane
  13. Solarimeter
  14. Thermal imaging camera
  15. Distance meter (Bosch)
  16. Extech- 40770 sound level meter with data logger
  17. Sound level meter
  18. Extech- RHT50 Weather data logger
  19. Wet and dry hygrometer
  20. Prismatic compass
  21. Lynx Weather station (Watch dog)
  22. Mini Meteorological station​
  • To record Relative Humidity (0 to 100%RH), Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure Data logs up to 10,000 readings.
  • To view areas of heat in a surface through IR radiation.
  • To measure atmospheric conditions and study the weather and climate of a region.
  • To measure Acoustics.
  • To measure distances and amount of light inside a space.
Target users
  • UG and PG students of Architecture and Civil departments
  • Faculty
Work done
Number of publications- 10
Number of PhD produced- 4
Faculty -Research Area
Dr. R. ShanthipriyaBuilding Physics for Vernacular buildingsPhD
Dr. A. M. MadhumathiThermal performance of buildingsPhD
Dr. I. ChandramathyStudy of Urban heat islandPhD
Dr. S. SubhashiniPassive design solutions for InstitutionsPhD

Students- Dissertation

R. RanjithaTraditional building performance2012
J. VishnupriyaPDEC efficiency2014
VigneshThermal performance of Traditional Vs.Contemporary building2014
Nirmal RajPerformance of Vernacular building2011
VijayalakshmiPerformance of Vernacular building2011
MonishaPerformance of Vernacular building2012
  • Dr. Siva Jaganathan ( Lab in-charge)
  • Dr. R. Shanthipriya
  • Dr. A. M. Madhumathi
  • Dr. I. Chandramathy
  • Dr. S. Subhashini
  • Ar. J. Vishnupriya
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