Sponsored Research

Sl.NoTitlePrincipal InvestigatorFunding agency / organization and schemeGrant in Lakhs
1A study on the construction of low Cost hygienic rural Toilets using Pre Fabricated structure made up of waste Plastics stone block (PLASTONEDr. R. VasudevanMDWS17.00
2Recovery of waste plastics from e-waste component and waste rubber from used tiresDr. R. VasudevanDepartment of Science and Technology49.00
3Use of  Agro residual and industrial wastes in the development of ultra high performance concreteDr. Arunachalam  and
Dr. M.Kottaisamy
4Development of Encapsulated phosphor materials for phosphor converted white light emitting diodes (pcWLEDs) for energy saving lighting systemsDr. M.KottaisamyUGC12.0
5Development of electrochemical machining process for Ti6Al4V diaphragmDr.S.BalajiCombat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment, DRDO20.54
6Synthesis and characterization of magneto dielectric substrates for microwave antenna applicationsDr.S.BalajiDepartment of Science and Technology20.6
7Development Of LiFePO4/C, Li2FeSiO4/C Based Composite Positive Electrodes and Li4Ti5O12 Based Negative Electrode For High Power Lithium ion Battery ApplicationDr.S.BalajiDepartment of Science and Technology7.25
8Development of Nano composite absorbers for excess EM radiation suppressionDr. V.Abhai kumar and Dr.S.BalajiDepartment of Science and Technology55.0


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