Multicore Lab

Multicore Lab
Equipment List
1HP ProLiant DL180 G6 SERVER
2HP P-IV 3GHz / 512MB RAM / 80GB HDD / 1.44MMB FDD / 52xcdd / 17” TFT Monitor / KB / MOUSE 
3Hp proslimline core I-5 4Gb Ram / 500GB HDD /  DVD / 17”TFT Monitor / KB / MOUSE
4Hp Compaq core duo 4Gb Ram/500Gb Hdd /17” TFT Monitor / Key board /Mouse
6ML-1710P Samsung laser printer
  • Writing parallel code using OpenMP and compare the performance with MPI
  • Development of projects / mini projects using Shared Memory programming models
  • Perform experiments using Java programming language
  • Perform time analysis for real time applications on Multicore processors
  • Promoting students work for national/International conferences/Journal publications
Target users
UG/PG/Ph.D. students and Faculty
Work done
No. of Journals:10
No. of Conferences:14
No. of Ph.D Produced:01 
No. of Ph.D Registered:03
Sponsored Projects
Sl.NoTitleSponsoring Agency
1Multiobjective Evolutionary algorithms for detecting Earthquakes in Coastal regionsTANSCST
2Parallel framework for solving Cryptographic Algorithms on Multicore ProcessorInstitution of Engineers
3Multiobjective Evolutionary algorithm for Cancer ClassificationInstitution of Engineers
4Parallel decision supporting software for agricultural decision makingTANSCST
5Worst Case Execution time analysis of Multicore processorsHoneywell Technology Solutions
6Determinstic execution time analysis of Real time applications on Multicore ProcessorsAICTE sponsored RPS
7Scheduling algorithm to minimize the Worst Case Execution time of safety critical applications on Multicore ProcessorsUGC sponsored MRP
Industry Interface
  • HoneyWell
  • Intel
Dr. M. Vijayalakshmi
Mr. S.Prasanna
Mr. V. Vignaraj Ananth
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