S.NoName of the Applicant(s) / Assignee NameName of the Inventor(s)TitleApplication No. & Patent Filed DateStatus
1.Thiagarajar College of Engineering  Dr.Karthick Seshadri
Dr.Vijayalakshmi Murugesan
Dr.Mercy Shalinie Selvaraj
System and Methods for on the Fly Intelligent Knowledge Acquisition and Context Aware Scribing Using IoT201841023572   Filing Date : 25-06-2018  Published and Awaiting Examination 21-01-2021
2.Thiagarajar College of Engineering  Rajesh [at] Harinarayan
T.Elshaddai Harris
R.Jai Shalini
Dr.S.Mercy Shalinie
Shredding Organic Waste Using Crowd Sourced Manual Power201941046061
  Filing Date: 13-09-2019
Granted 08-02-2022
3.Thiagarajar College of Engineering  Dr.N.Sivakumar
Mr.V.Vignaraj Ananth
A Novel Algorithm for Software Development Effort Estimation201941002630
  Filing Date: 26-01-2019
Published 24-07-2020
4.Thiagarajar College of EngineeringDr.R.Leena Sri
Personalized Learning Analysis System and Method Thereof202241001389
  Filing Date: 11-01-2022
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