Language lab

Objective: To provide learners a sustainable access to self-instructional, multimedia, language learning software as a complementary to classroom teaching.

Hardware: The language lab is equipped with a UPS for 20 computers + 1 (server), each provided with a headphone and is placed in a compact cubicle creating a user-friendly atmosphere. As the various software installed are self-explanatory and are of different variety each student has the liberty to choose a software of their choice and be benefitted.

Software : The following items of software are available at language lab.

1.English Mastery CD-ROM has been developed by American Language Academy. It contains lesson texts about two main characters, a brother and sister named Anna and Tom, who come to the United States from the fictional country of Alania to study English. The lessons cover the fundamentals of English grammar suitable for beginners, low intermediate and high intermediate levels. The following exercises types are used:

  • Audio Lab
  • Sound Sort
  • Audio Write
  • Word Lab
  • Cross Word
  • Text Lab
  • Test Lab
  • Grammar.

The module on Americana contains lesson texts dealing with American history, culture and folk songs.

2. TOEFL Mastery CD-ROM is interactive and gives hands-on practice with the following sections of computer based TOEFL tests:

  • Listening
  • Structure
  • Reading
  • Writing It is suitable for higher, intermediate and advanced learners.

3.Course in Listening and Speaking CD-ROM has accompanied the printed text by the same name published by Foundation books Pvt. Ltd. 

It aims to introduce learners, the sounds of English, their symbols, word stress and intonation. It attempts to neutralize learners’ accent by drawing their attention to common errors made by speakers of Indian languages with respect to sounds in English that are not found in their mother tongue. It helps to develop learners’ ability to use English accurately, fluently and appropriately both for face to face and telephone communication in academic, professional and social contexts.

4.Graduate Record Examination, Power Prep CD-ROM aims to provide practice in the principles of English and writing, needed for GRE preparation.

5.New International Business English CD-ROM developed by the University of Cambridge aims to provide practice in the Business English Certificate - Vantage exam in the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking 

6.Placement Point CD-ROM provides practice in the verbal aptitude test conducted by major IT companies in India. In contains sections such as:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Critical Reading
  • Synonyms

7. Cambridge Advance Learners’ CD-ROM has accompanied the printed version of the dictionary by the same name. It helps to hear how a word sounds when spoken by a native British or American English speaker. Some of the other important CDs available for access are:

8. Word Blazer CD developed by students of TCE. It provides exposure to difficult words and their meanings.

9.Reader’s Digest Word Power Challenge adopts a game method of enriching vocabulary.

10. Learn to Speak German and French CDs developed by the Learning Company help to learn German and French languages by focusing on the following sections:

  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Talking Dictionary
  • Grammar
  • Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Cultural Movies.


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