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Publications in Teaching and Learning

1 Publications in Teaching and Learning


Sl. NoInnovation Detail (Videos, Animations, Tool, Publications)Faculty NameMediumRemarks
1Quiz Marks - Assignment



M. Thangavel

SAFE Mobile Application – (IIT Bombay)C and Java - Quiz –Consider for Assignment marks for relevant Courses
2Continuous Assessment Tests - Mobile Application





SAFE Mobile Application – (IIT Bombay)Capstone Project - Test
3Data Structures -
Circular Queue
A.M.AbiramiYoutube public -
1195 views, 17 likes
4Data Structures - External Sorting


Student - Kowsalya Devi (2016-20)
7562 views, 43likes. Kowsalya did this during her second year (ODD semester)
5Information Retrieval

A.Sheik Abdullah,

Student - M.Divya views, 27 likes
6Introduction to Ethical HackingM. Thangavel Views, 12 Likes
7Round Robin Scheduling algorithm in Operating System


Student - Siva Pradeep Views, 97 Likes
8Reader Writer Problem Demonstration : Operating System 


Student - Siva Pradeep Views, 58 Likes
9FOSS - SpreadsheetA.M.Abirami views, 8 likes
10OOP - Encapsulation PPT VideoP.KarthikeyanYoutube public - views, 2 likes
11Software Engineering - Python Framework Django


Student - Ajay Aravindh (2016-20) Ajay did this during his second year (ODD semester)
12Social Network Analysis-GitHub Blog


Student - GokulKarthik, claps from 45 people, as an outcome of this blog GokulKarthik got winter and summer internship at IIT Ropar.
13System Administration - User and File ManagementM. Thangavel Views, 5 Likes
14Video Memes - Simple Algorithms in CM. Thangavel& Students Team to learn algorithms logic in simple manner.
15Discussion Forum through PadletP.Karthikeyan response
16Cascading Style SheetsC.Santhiya views19 downloads
17AjaxC.Santhiya views9 downloads
18Software Quality MetricsC.Santhiya views9 downloads
19Software Quality AssuranceC.Santhiya views4 downloads
20Java Script EventsC.Santhiya views2 downloads
21Internet of ThingsP.Karthikeyan views
22Android Activity & ServicesP.Karthikeyan views
23Mobile Application with DatabaseP.Karthikeyan views
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