Sponsored Research

Sl.NoProject TitleName of the InvestigatorAmount (in lakhs)Sponsored Agency
1Design and Development of Stego Intrusion Detection System(STEGOIDS) for Image Convers using Multicore EnvironmentDr.S.Geetha4.00AICTE
2Motorola Enterprise Mobility LabDr.S.Muthuramalingam10.00Motorola Solutions
3SMART AND SECURE EDIFICE - A secure monitoring system for Home & LaboratoriesMr. M. Thangavel0.10TEQIP - II
4SMART AND SECURE e-HEALTHCARE FOR DIABETES - An Personnel Healthcare AssistantshipMr. M. Thangavel0.15TEQIP - II
5Smart energy Management and AnalyticsMr. M. Arun Fera0.10TEQIP - II
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