Data Analytics Lab

Equipment List
  • Computer Systems with the Configuration Details: Hp280 G2 MT Intel, Core™ i5-6500, Cpu@3.20 GHz, 8GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, 19” LED Monitor, DVD Writer (36 Nos)
  • TCS iLEON for Campus Recruitment
  • Open Source Software like R, Python, RapidMiner,
  • Multimedia Lab software - Falsh, Photoshop, GIMP, Wavesurfer, Audacity, Animata, Tupi, Toon Boon, Toonz, Pencil 2D, Blender, Openshot Video Editor
  • Courses in analytics with the necessary infrastructure and connectivity to store, retrieve, analyze data and discover knowledge, with a focus on Data Analytics technologies such as in-memory Analytics, Deep Learning
  • Data analytics on different types of data like structured, semi-structured and unstructured data captured from diverse sources and varieties such as text, image, speech, audio and video, from sensors, and social media data from the web
  • Research to develop automatic, real-time and cost efficient solutions for societal problems using data analytics and its technologies
  • Consultancy projects in the domain of healthcare, education, governance, social media and so on
  • Patenting in the areas of Image Processing and Analytics
Target Users
  • UG/PG/Ph.D. Students and Faculty
Patents Filed/Published:
  • Title: Novel System and Method of Locality based Online Trading (App no: 202041057361, CBR No -44501, Docket No: 113094) Inventors: Sona S, Sabari Priya P, Suganya R, Nagulan S. Date filed: 26/12/2020 Status: Filed
  • Title: Automatic Saline Monitoring System (App no: 201941022631, CBR No-18241, Docket No: 47764) Inventors: R.Suganya, Fiaz Mohamed Ali, Date filed: 7/6/19, Status: Published
  • Title: Novel System and Design of an Optimistic Approach of Clustering Algorithm for Real Time Telecom System (App no: 201641028531, CBR No-21068, Docket No: 55103) Inventors: R.Suganya, S.Rajaram, S.Vijayaragavan, Date filed: 30/7/18,Status: Published
Work done
Student Development:
  • Industry Supported Courses like Watson Analytics (IBM), Regression Techniques (Datalore Labs), Big Data Technologies and Hadoop Tools (CDAC), Data Science and AI Applications (BUDDI.AI)
  • TCE – IT ACM Student Chapter, ACM-W Chapter Professional Society Activities and AI Working Group Meet ups and Activities
  • Awards and Recognition for participation in Hackathons, Toycathons and technical contests- TNSI.
  • Data Analytics Conference Publications in IIM Bangalore, IISc Bangalore, IIIT Kottayam, IIT Roorkee, CEG/MIT Anna University Chennai, etc
  • Promotion of opportunities for the Summer / Winter Internship for SIG Students in IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, IISc Bangalore, ACM Summer School and NIT Trichy
  • Mentorship for interdisciplinary projects and NPTEL courses.
  • Summer/ Winter in lab -Internship for Students in Data Analytics domain
National / International Collaborations:
  • Guest Lectures / Webinars in the Data Analytics domain by Professors from IITs, NITs, IMS and ACM Distinguished Speakers
  • Joint Teaching Programs with Professor from University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Parkside, USA
  • Research collaboration with IIT Delhi, IIM, Bangalore, California University, Irvine.
Faculty Development:
  • Faculty Internship at Chennai Mathematical Institute, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, IBM Gurucool Internz (Online)
  • DST and AICTE sponsored STTPs/FDPs/Workshop/Conference in R Programming, Python Programming, Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Outreach Programs:
  • Summer/Winter Certification Courses to School/Polytechnic/College Students on Basics of Python Programming and Python for Data Science
Sponsored / Consultancy Projects
S.NoAgencyTitleTotal CostStatusCoordinators
1.Madurai District CollectorateeGovernance projects-CompletedDr.A.Sheik Abdullah
2.alfaTKG Solutions, JapanImage Processing based Name Plate DigitalizationRs.9,04,000/-CompletedDr.R.Suganya
3.Jakstech Solutions, MaduraiEduScribe Mobile App for Visually Challenged studentsRs.75,000/-OngoingDr.A.M.Abirami
Papers Published (Scopus Indexed)
National /International Journals - 21
Books/Book Chapters - 26
International Conferences - 36
Industries Interfaced
  • IBM, Bengaluru
  • alfaTKG, Japan
  • CDAC,Chennai
  • Datalore Labs, Bengaluru
  • Buddi.AI, Bengaluru
  • Dr. R. Suganya
  • Dr. A.M.Abirami
  • Dr. A. Sheik Abdullah
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