Mathematics Modeling Lab

Equipment/ SoftwareCapabilities
MathematicaNumeric and Symbolic Calculations.
MapleMathematical Modeling of all problems
MathCadNumeric, symbolic calculations, plotting graphs
LindoSolving Optimization problems
LingoSolving Optimization problems
Aptitude LabTo Test mathematical aptitude

Simulation and Modeling Lab

Equipment/ SoftwareCapabilities
SystatPerform statistical testing and analyzing the data
MinitabPerform statistical modeling and analyzing the data
ExtendFor modeling discrete event, continuous, agent-based, and discrete rate processes.
Simul 8For simulation and modeling of discrete, continuous event systems

Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab

Equipment/ SoftwareCapabilities
FluentSolving Fluid flow problems
Star CDModeling and simulation of fluid flow
NISA 3D FluidSimulation of fluid flow using Finite Element Analysis
PhoenicsSimulation and modeling of Fluid flow problems
Comsol MultiPhysicsSimulation of fluid flow through microchannels

Language Lab

Equipment/ SoftwareCapabilities
Globe arena Language LabTo test the reading, listening skills
Globe arena Career LabTo improve the skills in Group Discussion, Interview techniques
Computers 20 nos.To run the software and train the students for placement activities
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