Vision Systems Lab

Equipment List


  • 2/3” Progressive Scan Cameras
  • 1/3” Progressive Scan Cameras
  • 6mm Micro Camera


  • Standard Lens Kit
  • Distortion less Macro lens Kit    
  • Telecentric lens 55 mm
  • 2/3” Close focus Zoom lens 18-108 mm
  • Variable Magnification CCD Lens 12.5-75mm
  • Varifocal lens and Filters - Red/Green/Blue

Illumination Systems

  • Fiber Optic Illuminator
  • LED Ring Light

Frame Grabber

  • PC Vision Plus Frame Grabber with 4 MB onboard memory

Test equipment

  • Focal length Finder
  • Depth of Field Target
  • Grid Distortion target
  • IEEE Target
  • Resolution Target for Field &  Contrast
  • Star Target
  • Precision Ronchi Rulings Glass slides
  • Concentric Square Target
  • Image Analysis Micrometer
  • Opal Glass with cross line Target
  • Camera copy stands
  • XY Metric stage


  • Sherlock 32 Machine Vision Software
  • Runtime License for MV tools software
  • NI IMAQ Vision Software
  • OLIVE Software
  • Supporting students project for all branches of engineering in acquisition of images
  • Laboratory course on Machine Vision for M.E. Mechatronics Engineering
  • Building Machine Vision Systems for Industrial Applications.
  • Developing Indigenous Machine Vision software.
  • Handling vision based applied and academic research.
  • Handling Sponsored Projects for various agencies-DRDL, AICTE, & Industries.
  • Non-contact dimensional and form measurement of components
  • Camera Calibration
Target users
  • All disciplines of Under graduate and Post graduate engineering faculty and students
  • Industries and defence agencies
Work done
Academic Research
  • Ph.D work on Analysing the effect of operating parameters on the accuracy of camera calibration
  • PG Thesis works on
  1. Error analysis in camera calibration
  2. Evaluation of calibration methods
  3. GA for camera calibration
  4. Camera calibration applications
  5. Camera calibration accuracy studies with DOE
  • U.G. Project work on
  1. Machine Vision Systems
Research Projects
Sl.NoTitleSponsoring AgencyPeriod
1Developed a Machine Vision System to evaluate Shell misalignmentResearch Centre Imarat, Hyderabad1999-2002
2Vision Systems LaboratoryAICTE MODROB2002-2004
3Develop a Machine Vision System to evaluate Shell misalignment--
4Developed a Machine Vision System to acquire the images of remnant sheetsAmada Soft, Chennai-
Sponsored Projects
  • Developing a set of Machine Vision experiments for European Union Cross Cultural Programme on “Virtual Instrumentation on Robotics and Telematics”.
  • Repeatability Analysis of Robot using Vision
  • Wall following robot
Workshop Organised
  • Workshop on Machine Vision during 19 & 20 Oct. 2001 @ TCE., Sponsored by M/s. National  Instruments, Bangalore and M/s. Online Solutions Chennai
  • Workshop on World Class Manufacturing during 16 & 17 Aug.2002 @ TCE Key Resource : Dr.Sheik Meeran University of  Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • First National Workshop on Computer Vision, Graphics & Image Processing - WVGIP 2002 during 15-16 Feb.2002 @ TCE, Jointly with IUPRAI, IIT Delhi, ISI Kolkatta and ECE Dept., of TCE.
  • Second National Workshop on Computer Vision Graphics & Image Processing - WCVGIP 2004    during 14-15 Feb 2004 @ MITS Gwalior, M.P,  Jointly with IUPRAI, IIT Delhi and ECE Dept., of TCE.
  • Summer school on Advances in visual object recognition and retrieval jointly with ECE department & IUPRAI, 4-8, July, 2011.
  • 5th Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP – 2006) during 13th -16 Dec,2006 @ TCE, Jointly with IUPRAI, IIT Delhi and ECE Dept., of TCE
Interface with Industries
  • Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad (DRDL)
  • National Instruments, Bangalore.
  • TVS Motor Company, Hosur
  • Siemens, Bangalore
  • APNA Technology Solutions, Bangalore
  • Sundaram Fasteners, Madurai.
  • AMADA Soft India, Chennai

Industrial Engineering Lab

Equipment List
  • SPC IV
  • Arena
  • Computers
  • Industrial Lab provides the tools and equipment necessary to introduce students into the field of methods, standards, work design, and productivity improvement.
  • The laboratory has the capability to perform detailed analysis of workstations and the processes performed at them, based on ergonomic principles as well as time studies and motion economy.
  • Quality principles look for improvement relevant to organizations by helping to reduce waste and variation by using SPC IV software
  • The Operations Research and Production Systems contains specialized mathematical, optimization, and mathematical typesetting software including LINGO 8.0 and Minitab 16.0
  • The laboratory is intended to serve to undergraduate and postgraduate students performing assigned activities or laboratory sessions, projects or research in these areas.
Target users
Under Graduate & Post Graduate Students and Industries
Work done
No. of Papers:20
No. of Ph.D Registered:01
Sponsored Projects
Sl.NoPrincipal of InvestigaterSponsoring agency
1Dr. S. Karthikeyan( UGC-MRP)


Foundry and Smithy Shop

Equipment List

Foundry Shop:

  • Universal Sand Strength Machine
  • Test Sieve
  • Cupola Furnace
  • Baby Cupola
  • Sand Separatoro
  • Motorised Air Blower
  • Motorised Air Blower
  • Hand Blower
  • Oil Furnace
  • Squeeze Moulding Machine
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Machine
  • Moulding Boxes
  • Sand Muller

Smithy Shop:

  • Kirloskar Diesel Engine
  • Mechanical Forging Hammer
  • High Level Forge
  • Air blower
  • Steel Hearth Furnace
  • Cast Steel Anvil


  • To conduct Practical Classes (G37-Manufacturing Processes and Metallurgy Lab)  for III Semester B.E Mechanical Engineering Students
  • To support students project for all branches of engineering in preparation of moulds and fabrication of metal castings.
Target users

B.E Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Students (Practical Classes)
Faculty and students of all disciplines of U.G and P.G Engineering (Projects)


Fitting, Carpentry, Sheet Metal and Welding Shop

Equipment List

Carpentry Shop


  • Watts circular saw machine
  • Wood turning lathes
  • Band saw machine
  • Universal wood working machine
  • Portable electric sander
  • Jig saw machine
  • Belt and disc sander
  • Thickness planers
  • Bench drilling machine

Fitting,Sheet metal and Welding Shop

  • Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • Spot Welding Machine
  • MIG Welding Machine
  • 5 ton standard hydraulic Power press.
  • Portable welding machine
  • Diesel engine with blower
  • Motorized Cutting machine
  • Welding generator.(Arc Welding)
  • Bending roller
  • Gas Welding
  • Conical roller
  • Sheet Metal work benches along with tools
  • Fitting work benches along with tools
  • Marking bench

Carpentry Shop

  • Capable to conduct class  for 35 number of students in a single  batch
  • Fabrication of pattern for various castings
  • Fabrication of tubular desk for class room
  • Reconditioning of  furniture  in the college

Fitting,Sheet metal and Welding Shop

  • Conduction of Non-Destructing Testing on Welding and Casting
  • Fabrication of all kinds of sheet metal works such as steel bureau and furniture etc
  • Fabrication of all kinds of structures such as chairs, tables , gates etc
  • General repair and maintenance works of buildings , water line and air conditioning unit
Target users
B.E Mechanical Engineering Students
Work done

Carpentry Shop

  • Academic research
  • Fabrication of wooden pattern for parabolic solar collector
  • Fabrication of trolley for RF lab

Fitting,Sheet metal and Welding Shop

  • Fabrication of  dish antenna for men’s hostel
  • Fabrication of MOTOROLA trolley for RF lab
  • Design and fabrication of check post and gates for college entrance
  • Fabrication of stair case (step way) for solar lab at IC Engine lab
  • Fencing work for gardening.

Composite Materials Lab

Equipment List
  • Computer Interfaced Universal Testing Machine
  • Computer Interfaced Impact Testing Machine
  • Image analysis system for  Metallographical studies
  • Electric Muffle furnace
  • Able to analyze surface conditions of materials
  • Able to identify the mechanical properties of all type of FRP composite materials
  • To estimate the resilience of all metals and FRP composites up to 25J capacity
  • Able to analyze surface conditions of materials
  • Supporting Ph.D, PG and UG project work for all branch of engineering students
  • Laboratory course on 14ME280 Material Science lab for 2nd semester Mechanical Engineering students
Target users
  • All disciplines of Under graduate, Post graduate engineering and Ph.D students
  • Material testing Industries and Rubber Industries
Work done

Workshops Organized

  • One day Workshop on Polymer Composites Manufacturing and Processing -Principles, Techniques & Applications on 5th March 2013.
  • TEQIP sponsored Two Days Workshop on Fiber Reinforced Plastics,25-26 oct 2013.

Conference organized

  • National Conference on Micro and Nano Composites-Principle, Manufacturing and Applications,20 - 21 Mar,2014.

Heat Transfer Lab

Equipment List

Research Equipment

  • Ultra-Sonicator for nano fluid preparation (Capacity 5.7 lit, Frequency 40 kHz)
  • Workstation  for Numerical Simulation : 1.86 GHz 16 GB RAM
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter ( 0-10 bar)
  • Weighing Machine (minimum: 5 g; accuracy: 0.1 g)

Lab Equipments

  • Lagged pipe  apparatus
  • Heat Transfer in Natural Convection
  • Heat Transfer in Forced Convection
  • Heat Transfer in Thin Fin
  • Stephen Boltzmann Constant apparatus
  • Thermoelectric Heat Pump
  • Emissivity Apparatus
  • Specific Heat Capacity of Air apparatus
  • Fluidized Bed Heat Transfer apparatus
  • Parallel Flow, Counter Flow Heat Exchanger
  • Heat Transfer in Metal Rod apparatus
  • Transient Heat Transfer apparatus


  • Lab for V Semester Mechanical Engineering& III Semester MechatronicsStudents
  • Heat transfer analysis in Macro/Micro systems
  • Supporting the Mechanical Engineering Students project related to Heat Transfer


  • Energy auditing for Companies namely

1) TVS Rubber
2) Dhathatreya Textile Mills
3) TVS Textile mills

  • Compressor Performance study, VT Mills, Virudhunagar,
  • Training program on energy conservation, Fenner India Madurai
Target users
  • UG and PG Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Students
  • Industry Heat transfer related project analysis
  • Researcher related to Microelectronic MEMS Cooling Application Projects
Work done
Academic Research
PG & UG thesis works on
1) Micro/Mini channel Heat Sinks
2) Miniature Microchannel Condensers & Evaporators
3) Miniature Linear Compressor
4) Microelectronic Cooling System
5) Micro pulse setting heat pipes
Sponsored Projects
Design and Developed heat sink for cooling High Voltage Direct Current Thyristor switch
Design and Developed heat sink for cooling High Voltage Direct Current Thyristor  switch
Industry Interfaces
TVS Rubber, Madurai
DatatreyaTextile Mills
TVS Textile mills, Nanguneri
VT Mills, Virudunagar
Fenner India, Madurai


IC Engines Lab

Equipment List
  • Computerized Kirloskar Single Cylinder Constant Speed Diesel Engine
  • Uni-Insta Twin cylinder Diesel Engine with Exhaust gas calorimeter
  • Variable Compression Ratio Single cylinder petrol engine
  • Ruston Vertical Diesel Engine with electrical loading.
  • Single cylinder Computerized Kirloskar Diesel Engine with Data acquisition.
  • Slow speed single cylinder Diesel Engine
  • Digital Bomb calorimeter
  • Crypton 5 gas analyzer for Petrol Engine
  • Crypton 5 gas analyzer for Diesel Engine
  • AVL Smoke meter
  • Two Wheeler chassis dynamometer with 100cc Hero Honda Bike.
  • Single cylinder (Bajaj Pulsar)
  • Computerized turbo charged diesel engine with Eddy current Dynamometer
  • Computerized MPFI petrol engine with Eddy current Dynamometer
  • Sound level meter
  • Vane type anemometer
  • Digital Tachometer
  • Refrigeration Test Rig
  • Air conditioning Test Rig
  • Two stage reciprocating air compressor
  • Pensky Martin Flash point and fire point apparatus
  • Magnetic stirrer with heater
  • Digital Weighing Machine
Academic purposes  
  1. Conducting experiments for testing performance and emission characteristics of various engines.
  2. Conducting experiments for testing performance Air compressor, Refrigeration and Air conditioning systems.
  3. Doing student projects and doctoral research projects on fuel modification, engine modification and exhaust gas treatment on various engines.
  4. Design modifications in two wheelers to study the performance and emissions.


  1. Solar Desalination.
  2. Development of Bio-Diesel from various vegetable oils.


  1. Emission measurement from diesel engine exhaust and petrol engine exhaust.
  2. Fuel Property testing.
Target users
  • 4th semester B.E  Mechanical Engineering students
  • 3rd Semester B.E Mechatronics students
  • 7th and 8th semester B.E students
  • Internal and external part-time/ full-  time PhD research scholars
Work done
Academic Research
  • Solar Desalination.    
  • Experimental Investigations on alternate fuels in Diesel and Gasoline engines.
  • Experimental Studies on Cold Start Emission control using various alternate and fossil fuels.
  • No of Publications in International Journals : 72
  • No of Ph.D Registered :  7 [5-Completed  2-ongoing]
  • Students Projects : 45 (Last Three Years)
Sponsored Projects
  • Reduction of CO2 using Brown gas – VALEO India Ltd.
  • Solar Desalination –KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
  • Waste Heat Recovery from Vapour compression Refrigeration system – ISHRAE.
  • Development of All Terrain Vehicle for SAE BAJA and MEGA ATV student Contests.
Industry Interface
  • TVS Motors Hosur - Development of Curriculum Design.
  • TAFE Ltd, Madurai -Training on Assembly and Dismantling of Tractor.



Equipment List
  • High–end latest configuration PCs
  • Licensed software –Ansys Fluent 14 and Ansys Fluent 6.3 Research version
Academic purposes
  • Doing software aided exercises on fluid flow to study pressure, velocity and temperature distribution.
  • Doing student projects and doctoral research projects on design/geometry modification, operating variable change and boundary conditions change to study the performance of systems involving fluid and heat flow.
Target users
  • 3rd semester B.E students
  • 7th and 8th semester B.E students
  • Internal and external part- time/ full-time research scholars
Work done
No. of Papers:02
Student Projects: 15 ( Last three years)



Equipment List
  • Siemens PLC Trainer Kit
  • Hydraulic Trainer Kit
  • Janatics PneumaticTrainer Kit
  • Janatics Electro pneumatic Trainer Kit with PLC
  • Real Time Control System
     - Servo motor speed control system
     - Level control system
  • National Instrumentation FPGA based servo control system
     - MyRio embedded system
     - PXI Mechatronics Platform bundle.
  • PLC based Pneumatic circuit & hardware design.
  • Real time control System.
  • MyRio based Interfacing Hardwares using NI LabVIEW software.
  • Real-world engineering systems
Target users
  • B.E. Mechanical
  • B.E. Mechatronics
  • M.E. Mechatronics
  • M.E. Manufacturing Engineering


Production Systems Support Lab

Equipment List


  • Pro-Engineer creo 2.0 – 50 users License version
  • Ansys 14.5 – 50 users License version
  • Solid works 2007-10 users License version
  • Catia V5R10-5 users License version
  • Autodesk inventor professionals – 25 users License version
  • I-Deas master series – 5 users License version
  • I-Log optimization suite
  • Adams
  • Vensim
  • Adobe Page Maker
  • Adobe Frame Maker
  • Macromedia Studio


  • Undergraduate and Post graduate students


  • Design and analysis and simulation
Target users
 Mechanical Students, Industry related to design optimization
Work done
  • Consultancy work to TVS group of companies
  • Fenner India Limited
No. of Papers: 5
  • Design and Developed of multi axis spring analysis
  • Design and vibration analysis and validation for windmill station





Equipment List
  • Micro Scribe 3D scanner
  • Linear slide 1500m
  • CIM Host control software
  • CNC Milling machine ICP3020,IMC4 with Accessories
  • TRIAC CNC 3 AXIS Bench Milling machine
  • IR 52C Robot System
  • Xlturn CNC slant bed lathe with Accessories
  • ECOCUT Machines & Accessories
To Conduct class work, research work and industrial consultancy work.
Target users
  • B.E. Mechanical
  • B.E. Mechatronics
  • M.E. Mechatronics
  • M.E. Manufacturing Engineering
  • M.E., Industrial  Engineering
  • Ph.D Scholars
  • Small and Medium scale industry

Metrology Lab

Equipment List
  • Profile Projector
  • Surface roughness meter
  • Autocollimator
  • Tool makers’ microscope
  • Linear measurement setup
  • Comparators  
  • Able to do angular and linear measurement with high accuracy.
  • Measure the surface roughness of components
  • Able to measure straightness and flatness using Autocollimator
  • Conducting laboratory courses for B.E Mechanical, Mechatronics Engg and ME Manufacturing Engineering students  
  • Supporting the final year B.E/ M.E project and Ph.D  in measure and validate the product quality metrics
Project Done
  • Completion of  the Auto align project
  • Die design for leaf spring project



Metallurgy Laboratory

Metallurgy Laboratory
Equipment List
  • Metallurgy Microscope

  • Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness tester

  • Metallurgical muffle furnace

  • Single Disc & Double Disc Polishing machine

  • Jominy End Quench Apparatus

  • Universal Sand Strength Testing machine

  • Micro structural analysis of metals and alloys and testing of metals and alloys for hardness and hardenability
Target users
  • B.E. Mechanical Engg
  • M.E. Manufacturing Engg
  • Ph.D. Scholars
  • M.Sc. Physics
Work done

Testing of spring steel for grain size and inclusion rating for Madras Suspensions Ltd., Madurai


Instrumentation and Dynamics Laboratory

Equipment List
  • Computerised Temperature control Trainer

  • Computerised Flow control Trainer

  • Computerised Level control Trainer

  • Computerised Pressure control Trainer

  • Force Transducer

  • LVDT

  • Torque measurement System

  • Speed measurement System

  • Strain measurement System

  • Vibrometer

  • Universal vibration apparatus

  • Measurement of Displacement, Force, Strain, Torque, Speed and vibration

  • Analysis of Temperature, Flow, Level and Pressure of the process

Target users
  • B.E. Mechanical Engg
  • B.E. Mechatronics Engg
  • M.E. Manufacturing Engg
  • Ph.D. Scholars


Nanotechnology Laboratory

Equipment List
  • Thermal Property Analyzer KD2 Pro
  • Viscometer
  • Melting point apparatus
  • Ultrasonic bath
  • Sonicator (Probe Type)
  • Homogenizer
  • High precision Weighing balance
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Hot Plate
  • Magnetic Stirrer
  • Centrifuge
  • Hot air oven
  • Heat Exchanger Experimental Set-Up
  • Synthesis of mono and composite nanoparticles.
  • Synthesis of nanofluids and nanoPCM.
  • Measurement of thermophysical property of nanofluids, and nanoPCM.
  • Investigation of thermal performance enhancement of heat transfer and storage systems.
  • Investigation of performance enhancement with nanoparticles as additives in engine oil, lubricating oil etc.
Target users
  • UG Students
  • PG Students
  • Ph.D. Scholars
  • Industry
Work done
AICTE sponsored project title: Performance Enhancement Investigation of  shell and Tube Heat exchanger for Thermal Energy Storage Applications.
File no: 8-172/RIFD/RPS/POLICY-1/2014-15 & Dated: 19-03-2015.
No of papers published International Journals: 07
Consultancy Work
  • Preparation of Nanofluid and NanoPCM
  • Measurement of Thermo-physical Properties of Nanofluid and NanoPCM for external and internal students and for Industry.
Workshop / Seminar organized
  • TEQIP sponsored two days workshop FDP on Nanofluids on 5th & 6th December 2013.
  • National Seminar on "Nanomaterials and its Applications" on 31st March 2017.


Steam Power Laboratory

Equipment List
  • Thermax Non-IBR Water Tube Boiler(400 kg/hr)
  • Single Stage Impulse Turbine(1 kW)
  • Shell and Tube Surface Condenser
  • Cochran Boiler
  • Boiler Models(Lancashire, babcock-wilcox  and Locomotive)
  • Performance and Energy balance test on boiler
  • Steam Quality Test
  • Performance and Energy balance test on Turbine
  • Performance test on condenser.
Target users
  • UG Students
  • PG Students


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