Title  Patent AgencyFacultyYearRemarks
Seat Ring Clearance Provider Maintenance Tool for Gate ValveDr. B. Deepa
Reg. No. IN/PA 1477
Dr.M.Elango30-06-2016Indian patent Applied
Efficiency Enhanced LPG StoveDr. B. Deepa
Reg. No. IN/PA 1477
Dr.A.Valan Arasu26-02-2015Indian patent Applied
A remote controlled multi crop seeding machineDirectly Filed Dr.S.Muralidharan10-7-2015Indian patent Applied
Application No.3210/CHE/2015
Visual Control Approach for Detection of Fuel Level in Gas Cylinder Incorporated with GSM TechnologyDirectly Filed Dr.S.Muralidharan12-9-2014Indian patent Applied
Application No.3577/CHE/2014
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