Industry Interface

Industrial Visits

Academic YearName of the industryNo. of StudentsDate of visit
2016 - 17Kerala Solvants Extractions Ltd, Kerala5410.03.2017
Kerala Electricals & Allied Engg. Co Ltd, Kerala5006.04.2017
ISRO, Trivandrum6013.04.2017
2017 - 18Festo India Pvt. Ltd. and Ace Designer, Bangalore5807.09.2017, 08.09.2017
NATRIP, Sriperumbudur5207.10.2017
Parker Hannafin India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai4809.03.2018
2018 - 19Bimetal Bearings, Coimbatore4622.03.2019
Keltron Lighting Division, Kozhikode5105.04.2019
2019 - 20TaeguTec India Pvt. Ltd. and Festo India Pvt. Ltd.5030.09. 2019, 01.10.2019
Bimetal Bearings Limited, CoimbatoreFesto, BangaloreKELTRON, KeralaTaegu Tec India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

Industry Supported Courses

Academic YearName of the CourseName of the Industry expert with designationNo. of Students attended
2016 - 17Mobile HydraulicsMr. T.S. Bharath,Training and development department,Rexroth Bosch
Integrated building Management systemMr. A. Ferno Susai and Mr. Krishna Raj,
HVAC Consultant,Inception Training Academy (INTRAC), Chennai
2017 - 18Electromagnetic Interference and CompatibilityMr. Deepak Ram Prasath,Vice president, Thiagarajar Telekom Solution Ltd, Madurai23
Reliability forMechatronics SystemMr. N. Parameswran,Director, Ingersoll Rand Pvt Ltd58
2018 - 19Reliability forMechatronics SystemMr. N. Parameswran,Director, Ingersoll Rand Pvt Ltd72
BiomechatronicsDr. M. Kumar,Former Principal Engineer, GE Health Care, Bangalore116
2019 - 20Environmental Compatibility DesignMr. N. Parameswran,Director, Ingersoll Rand Pvt Ltd40
Integrated building Management systemMr.C. Subramanian,SSS Consultants, Bangalore 37
2020-21Design for Environmental CompatibilityMr. N. Parameswran,Senior Director, Trane Technologies, Bangalore39


Mr. Prithvisaran S
B.E. Mechatronics (2015 – 2019 Batch)
Design Engineer,
Reliability & Testing
Trane Technologies, Bangalore

“I joined the Industry supported course on Reliability for Mechatronics System offered by Mechatronics Department. Our Department always pick leading industrial experts on the related field to teach the course. The reliability course was handled by the Director of Reliability stream in Trane Technologies Bangalore, the world’s largest HVAC manufacturer. During the course I was inspired by his teachings. I explained my Cold Storage Project what I did in college to him. After few months, he offered me an internship during my final semesters and then I got converted as an on role Engineer in the same company. Joining this course is like a good thing fall apart moment in my career. Now in the industry I am seeing some bigger picture of the course what I have learned in the college”.

A course on Environmental Compatibility Design, by Mr.N. Parameswaran, Senior Director, Trane Technologies, BangaloreA course on Biomechatronics by Dr. M. Kumar, Former Engineer, GE Healthcare, BangaloreA course on Reliability for Mechatronics by Mr. N. Parameswaran, Senior Director, Trane Technologies, Bangalore

Visionary Learning Community of India(VLCI)

VLCI is a part of Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing (VLFM) Programme launched in 2006 is a path breaking Programme  jointly associated by:

  • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Govt. of Japan

  • National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC) Govt. of India

  • IIT-Kanpur, IITM-Chennai

  • Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata

The Objective of this programme is “CREATING NEXT GENERATION OF MANUFACTURING CHANGE LEADERS” by transforming the Engineering graduates in to “Role Ready Engineers”.This Programme consists of six modules where students are given with skill oriented training on observation,problem solving, presentation,commuinication,Team work,Time Management and leadershipTestimonials from participants:

Kamali N U Final year, B.E. Mechatronics 2017-2021 Batch

I got an opportunity to be a part of wipro technologies during my campus placements.Companies not only value our technical knowledge but also our non-technical skills like teamwork, leadership traits, proper communication, observation skills,adaptability etc.I have undergone four modules of VLCI training. There we were assigned to do our works in a team and present them in a very precise format. We were allowed to visit few industries to know the step by step process of manufacturing and industries working culture. In the training modules, we were taught to behave and show ourselves professional. These trainings made us to be fit for a professional culture, which was very helpful to me to successfully overcome the expectations of placement companies.

Shreya G. Final year, B.E. Mechatronics2017-21 Batch

 During the Campus placements, I got selected in Wipro Technologies which offered 6.5 lakhs per annum. Apart from technical knowledge, the interview process of many companies tests our communication skill, teamwork, leadership quality, patience, adaptability and many such non-technical abilities. This is where the training modules of VLCI helped me satisfy the expectations of the company. In the training modules, we do a lot of team activities, we were trained to communicate in a very precise manner, every student was given chances to lead a team, we were taken to a few industries to understand a professional workplace which gave us an overall insight of how a company operates. All these trainings made us ready to enter a Professional Company. This is how the VLCI training modules has helped me pass through the interview processes of Wipro Technologies. 

Prithankumar D (17F033) Final year B.E Mechatronics 2017-21 Batch

In campus placements , I got placed in WIPRO technologies . Before I got selected in this company I have attended 4 to 5 interviews which gave me an experience to learn the skills that are needed by the company. Prior to this placement preparation i was also suggested to improve my soft skills apart from technical knowledge. Where VLCI(Visionary Learning Community of India) helped me a lot. The activities we indulge in VLCI helped me to increase my leadership skill , communication skill , team adaptibility ,etc.Moreover we have direct contact to industry, Nearly we have visited 3 industries during these modules , which helped me to learn the industrial behaviour.In addition to these soft skills technical knowledge is also a part to succeed.

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