Sponsored Research

Sl.No. Principal InvestigatorTitle of the ProjectAgencyPeriodAmount
(Rs.in Lakhs)
1Dr.G.KumaraguruparanMajor research project entitled “Investigation of Flow Mal-distribution in Silicon Based Microchannel Heat Sinks”UGC, New Delhi201515.30
2Dr.G.KumaraguruparanInstrumentation Development Programme (IDP) project entitled “Development of Micro-channels based personal cooling system for fire fighter”Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi201631.13
3Dr. G.KanagarajTrajectory Optimization for Robotic ManipulatorUGC, New Delhi201620
4Dr. M. PalaninatharajaElectro Machining of Titianium AlloysCVRDE 19.5
5Dr. M. PalaninatharajaDevelopment of Value Engineering LaboratoryAICTE 3.0
6Dr. M. PalaninatharajaMeasurement of e-healthcare service qualityAICTE 10.5
7Dr. M. PalaninatharajaComputer Controlled InstrumentationAICTE 6.4
8Dr. M. PalaninatharajaProducibility StudiesDRDL 2.45
9Dr. L. R. Karl MarxVibration control of piezoelectric actuated smart structure with changing temperature environmentUGC, New Delhi 12.1
10Dr. L. R. Karl MarxIntel – atom processor in the curriculumIntel 5.0
11Dr. L. R. Karl MarxEmbedded networking based on CAN(Controller area network) BusAICTE 9.9
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