Sponsored Research

Sponsored Projects-On Going
S.No.Project TitleFunding Agency/ YearProject InvestigatorAmounts Rs. in lakhs
1Magnetic Nanostructured in ferromagnetic shape memory alloys: Martensite to/ From AusteniteDRDO 2007 -2010Dr.M. Mahendran8.58
2Electronic properties of Quantum dot structures in an external magnetic field modeled by the current & spin density functional theoryDST 2005-2009Dr.M.Mahendran9.50
3Acoustic Attenuation in Ni-Mn-Ga polymer compositesDRDO 2008-2010Dr.M.Mahendran14.946
4Acoustic assisted magnetic field induced actuation in Ni-Mn-Ga single crystalsCSIR 2008-2011Dr.M. Mahendran14.00
5Characterization, optimization & fabrication of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys smart composites for electromagnetic actuator applicationISRO 2008-2011Dr.M. Mahendran14.00
6Magneto thermo mechanical properties of Ni-Mn-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloysUGC-DAE 2009 - 2012Dr.M. Mahendran3.06
7Development of all solid state MicroBatteriesRCI,DRDO 2006 -2010Dr.N.Sankarasubramanian61.50
8Theoretical Investigation on ‘likely to be favorable factors’ of Helical carbon nanotubes for enhanced hydrogen adsorptionMNRE 2008-2010Dr.V.Gayathri24.00
9To augment teaching &research facilities in the departmentDSTFIST 2006-2011HOD60.00

Sponsored Projects-Completed

S.NoYearFunding AgengyPrincipal InvestigatorAmounts in Lakhs
12000-2003AICTEMODROBS, New DelhiHOD7.00
22003-2005AICTE-TAPTEC,New DelhiDr.D.Mutharasu5.00
32003-2005DRDO,New DelhiDr.D.Mutharasu5.00
42001-2006DMSRDE_DRDO,New DelhiDr.V.Gayathri5.00
52004-2007DST,New DelhiDr.M.Mahendran7.56
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