Access to E-Journals & E-Books

Access to Free Open Online courses, e-Books, e-Thesis, e-Journals etc.
Research projects in India
Vidwan database -  Profile management by Individual Faculty
e-PG Pathsala (free materials for PG course)
Vidya-mitra  -  an online learning portal
Shodhganga - A reservoir of Indian Theses
ShodhGangotri: Repository of Indian Research in Progress
National Digital library  (for accessing E-Books, E-journals )
Access to manual
NITTTR, Chandigarh Technology Enabled Learning (NCTEL)
Free open online courses – Coursera
MIT open course
Free online course on SWAYAM
Digital India newsletters
Free online courses from Harvard, Barkeley, and University of TEXAS etc…
Betech Guru (Free Videos for exam preparations)
For more subscribed Online journals access to TCE Digital library :


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