TCE receives Motorola Solutions Foundation International Grant, 27 Jan, 2014


  • To have a world class Enterprise Mobility Lab with necessary Equipments and software that can train students directly on Enterprise Mobility, Embedded OS, Mobile devices, RFID readers, barcode scanners and WLAN access points and switches.
  • To conduct industrial training programs to students with the help of this Enterprise Mobility Lab setup.
  • To make students exposed to Enterprise Mobility with an industry supported infrastructure can in turn take technologies to the society through their projects.
  • This training in turn supports the students to do Socially Relevant Projects in the areas of Mobile Computing, Mobile Communication and RFIDs.
  • To have the Mobility demonstrated in the suburbs of Madurai through the Lab setup.
  • To develop and deploy projects that will solve problems related to Rural Education, Health care and Energy in the society.
  • To make students improve competitiveness in the development and usage of technology like Enterprise Mobility.
  • To make students to do projects with the provided Equipments in an Enterprise Mobility Lab in a smaller or larger way that will be of great importance to society problems.
  • To target all sorts of students during this industrial training both of who are academically good and poor students.
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