AICTE Projects

Project titlePeriodAmount(in lakhs)Principal InvestigatorDepartmentStatus
Modernization of Hydraulics laboratory2008-200910.00Dr.K.ArunachalamCivilCompleted

Numerical Modeling of Contaminant Transport in Soils





Modenization of Cement and Concrete lab2009-1013Dr.K.ArunachalamCivilCompleted
Analyzing the complexity and quality of parallel algorithms-6



Design of   Multi-Hypothesis target  tracking with HPTC and   Evolutionary Tech                                                 -10

Dr.G.Andal  Jayalaksmi                                      Ms.D.Tamildelvi

Design and Development of DSP based facts controllers2008-094.85Dr.P.VenkateshEEECompleted
Large scale integration and power quality assessment of distributed wind generation2007-1010.5Dr.V.Suresh KumarEEECompleted
Risk Based Security Assessment2007-103.32Dr.C.K.BabulalEEECompleted
Development of design and analysis package for power system analysis2007-095Dr.S.Mary Raja SlochanalEEECompleted
Development and design of position control for brushless DC motor2008-097Ms.P.RenukaEEECompleted
Non-destructive Quality Assuarance of Brushless DC Motor2009-105.18Dr.V.PrakashEEECompleted
Modernization of instrumentation and control lab2006-078Dr.PS. KannanEEECompleted
Modernization of Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory2008-096Dr.PS. KannanEEECompleted
Field oriented control of induction motor drive2007-096Dr.M.SaravananEEECompleted
DSP Based A/C Drives2006-078Dr.M.SaravananEEECompleted
CAD of MMIC Components-8Dr.V.AbhaiKumarECECompleted
Modernization of Signal Processing Lab(Co-simulation of DSP, RF and Analog)-8Dr.V.AbhaiKumarECECompleted
Database for integrated watershed Management in vadipatti micro watershed in Madurai District using GIS & Remote Sensing-9Dr.R.A.AlagurajaECECompleted
CAD of MMIC Components-8Dr.V.AbhaiKumar Dr.S.RajuECECompleted
Embeddded Networking Based on CAN BUS-9.9A.Joseph DhayalanECECompleted
Modernization of Communication Lab19985Dr.V.AbhaiKumar Dr.SJ.ThiruvenkadamECECompleted
Setting up of EDA tools Laboratory for ASIC Design20027Dr.S.RajaramECECompleted
Automotive emission2008-0910.00Dr.N.Jawahar  Dr.A.Valan Arasu Mr.A.Samuel RajaMechCompleted
Integration of CAD, CAM and CNC Systems using STEP NC2007-098Dr.V.DhanaLakshmi Mr.S.SivakumariMechCompleted
Development of Fast, Accurate and Efficient Algorithm for Reverse Engineering2007-099Dr.K.Chockalingam Dr.V.DhanalakshmiMechCompleted
Teaching Systems for Mechatronics Automation20039.8Dr.N.Jawahar Dr.SP.NachiappanMechCompleted
Exploration and development of decision supprot models for logistics and supply chain20037.5Dr.N.Jawahar Dr.SP.NachiappanMechCompleted
Modernization of Mechanical Engineering Lab2002-054Prof.S.KrishnanMechCompleted
Visions Systems Lab2002-058Prof.S.KrishnanMechCompleted
Mathematical Modeling Lab, electro osmotic flow-4.3



Computational Fluid Dynamics lab-10Dr.V.MohanMathsCompleted
Numerical Methods & Mathematical Modeling Lab-6Dr.V.MohanMathsCompleted
Modeling and Optimizing Solar Evaporation for disposing Industrial Effluent2003-055Dr.D.MuthuarasuPhyCompleted
MODROBS2000-037Dr.K.Ramanathan Completed
Characterization of Conducting Polymer Laboratory20029Dr,R.VasudevanChemCompleted
Risk based system security assessment2009-20112.30Dr.P.VenkateshEEEOngoing
Comprehensive Instrumentation System for Diagnosis and root cause analysis of reduced operational efficiency of infield motors2011-20138.00Dr.V.PrakashEEEOngoing
Development of value Engineering Laboratory20103.00Dr.M.Palani Natha Raja Dr.PL.K.PalaniappanMechOngoing
Development of Process Models for Quantization of Process Parameter to Achieve Desired Performance Characteristics in Wire EDM Process02-21-201120.00Dr.K.Chockalingam Dr.N.JawaharMechOngoing
Modernization of Machine Shop20119.00Dr.N.Jawahar Dr.PL.K.PalaniappanMechOngoing
A novel Approach to Numerical Analysis of Electro Osmotic Micro Flows20084.60Dr.V.Mohan Mr.V.GnanarajMathsOngoing
Use of Agro residual and industrial wastes in the development of ultra
high performance concrete
2013-16-Dr.K Arunachalam,
Co- investigator
Remote interactive smart training room2013-14-Dr. N ShivaramanITOngoing
Performance analysis of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Security2013-14-Dr. MSK. ManikandanECEOngoing
Mobile based Cardiovascular Disease diagnosis system for Rural India2013-14-Dr.C.DeisyCSEOngoing
Deterministic execution time analysis of real time applications on
Multicore architectures
Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Gate Nanowire Transistors for Low
Power CMOS Applications
2013-14-Dr. N. B.BalamuruganECEOngoing
Design and Development of Stego Intrusion Detection System
(StegoIDS) for Image Covers using Multicore Environment
2013-14-Dr. S.GeethaITOngoing
AICTE (RPS) – Investigation of photometric characterization of LED and OLED using integrating
201323.33Dr P S ManoharanEEEOngoing


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