Advanced Materials Lab

Thin Films Research Laboratory


  •     Box coater (BC 300) with Electron beam gun facility
  •     DC Magnetron Sputtering Unit (Hind Hivac 12”MSPT)
  •     Glove Box (MBraun Lab Master)
  •     UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Schimadzu UV-160A)
  •     Hall effect setup
  •     Four probe Setup
  •     Photo conductivity setup
  •     Particle size analyzer (Nanophox)
  •     Electrochemical Work station (Micro Autolab with FRA 2)
  •     Thermo gravimetry analyzer with Differential thermal analyzer (Exstar 6000)
  •     Electronic Balance (Shimadzu)
  •     Microwave furnace
  •     Atmospheric furnace
  •     Vacuum furnace


  •     Thin film deposition of semiconductors, metals and metal oxides
  •     Thermal analysis and compound formation kinetics determination through TG/DTA analyzer
  •     Optical properties investigation through UV spectrophotometer
  •     Determination of Electrical properties through Four probe and Hall effect measurements
  •     Assembly and testing of Li ion bulk and micro batteries using Argon filled Glove Box
  •     Determination of Particle size using particle size analyzer upto 1 nm
  •     Testing of electrochemical properties of the materials, Battery performance , efficiency of super
  •     capacitor and fuel cells through Electrochemical workstation
  •     Determination of corrosion behavior of materials through Electrochemical workstation

Work done

  •     Development of novel electrode and electrolyte materials for Li ion Batteries
  •     Synthesis and fabrication of high density targets of f LiCoO2, LiMn2O4, LiMn0.2Co0.8O2 and Li3PO4 for Micro battery development through RF sputtering
  •     Assembly and testing of Button type Li ion batteries
  •     Development and characterization of CdTe based Photovoltaic materials
  •     Development of materials for Electrochromic applications
  •     Design and development of materials for gas sensors
  •     Development of materials and coatings for high frequency electromagnetic applications
  •     Work ongoing
  •     Design and development of all solid state thin film micro batteries
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