Thiagarajar Research Fellowship (TRF)


  • To increase the number of full-time research scholars
  • To enhance number of quality publications

Eligibility for the TRF:

  • The TRF will be granted to the full-time research scholars of TCE admitted under Anna University, Chennai
  • Applicants must possess First Class in the bachelor and master degrees
  • Applicants must not receive any other Research Fellowship

Duration of the Fellowship:

  • Maximum of 3 years

Amount of Fellowship:

  • The fellowship amount will be Rs.15,000/month

Expected Outcome during the TRF period:

  • At the end of first year, the scholar should have at least one publication in reputed conference (Scopus) and a paper communicated to refereed national/international Journal (SCI/Scopus)
  • At the end of second year, the scholar should have at least one new publication in reputed conference (Scopus), one new publication in refereed national/international Journal (SCI/Scopus)
  • At the end of third year, the scholar should have at least one new publication in reputed conference (Scopus), one new publication in refereed national/international Journal (SCI/Scopus)

Cancellation of Fellowship:

  • Unsatisfactory progress of research work or failure in a course work.
  • Any false information furnished by the scholar or any fraudulent activity by the Scholar shall lead to Penal action against him/her
  • The fellowship may be terminated at any time during the tenure and the decision of TCE will be final and binding
  • Violation of TRF Guidelines

Guidelines for TRF Scholars:

  • The scholar shall devote full time to research during the tenure of fellowship and will not be permitted to take any part-time/full-time assignment. The scholar will not be permitted to accept any salary, fellowship or any type of financial assistance offered during the tenure of fellowship through any other source otherwise the entire amount of fellowship will have to be refunded. However if the candidate is interested to apply fellowship to other agencies, they need to get prior permission from the Dean (R&D) and head of the institution.
  • The scholar shall give a declaration that if the results of research are such that can be exploited commercially by taking a patent or otherwise, commercial exploitation and patent rights should be with the Institute, candidate and supervisor. However, the rules of TCE, if any, in this regards will be applicable.
  • If the progress of research scholar is reported as unsatisfactory by the supervisor/ Head of the Department/ Head of the Institution, the fellowship of the scholar will be terminated with immediate effect. This will not be revoked under any circumstances.
  • The Ph.D. rules and regulations of the TCE and Anna University, Chennai will be applicable to all the scholars.
  • No separate medical assistance will be provided. However, the scholar may avail the medical facilities available in TCE.
  • Accommodation, contingencies and other expenses will not be given separately.
  • Leave details are as per TCE norms.
  • Teaching assistantship of not more than 8 hours/week will be given to the scholars under TRF scheme and may include assistance in lab classes, tutorial support etc.
  •  If the scholar is leaving the institute/program before completion, he/she will be liable to refund the entire fellowship amount received by him/her till the date of his/her leaving the scheme.
  • Progress of the research work should be monitored by the review committee. Based on the expected outcomes attainment, fellowship of the next year will be granted.
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