Educational Qualification

B.E Mechanical Engineering P.S.N.A.C.E.T 2000
M.E Production Engineering T.C.E 2004
Ph.D Industrial Engineering (supply Chain Management) Anna University


26-02-2001 to 25-08-2001 6 months Trainee TV Sundaram Iyengar
08-11-2001 to 06-11-2002 1 Graduate Apprentice Simplex Engineering
06-12-2004 to 13-07-2006 1.8 Assistant Professor G.K.M.C.E.T, Chennai
13-07-2006 to 12-05-2008 2.2 Assistant Proferssor V.S.C.E.T, Chennai
12-06-2008 to 30-04-2011 2.10 Assistant Professor P.S.V.P.E.C, Chennai
01-06-2011 to 02-06-2012 1 Assistant Professor F.M.C.E.T, Madurai
19-06-2012 to 31-05-2013 1 Assistant Professor M.I.E.T, Madurai
24-06-2013 to Till date 7 Assistant Professor Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai


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  2. "Establishment of Supply chain Resilience Framework for a Manufacturing sector",(16-18 April 2015),International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Technology & Management (ICETM-2015), organized by RVS college of Engineering & Technology & RVS Educational Trust's Group of Institutions, Dindigul.
  3. ,"Determination of supply chain risk Assessment Index to assess vulnerability in the Information flows of Manufacturing Sectors", National conference on Innovations & Advances in Mechanical Engineering (NCIAME-15), 13-03-2015 organized by Nadar Saraswathi College of Engineering and Technology,Theni
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Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. Short Term course under TEQIP-III on "Robotics & Automation" at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, 02-03-2020 to 14-03-2020
  2. Workshop on "CDIO Based Curriculum Design", Conducted by Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai, 21-08-2019 to 21-08-2019
  3. Workshop on "Advanced Knowledge Resources and IPR in Research" Conducted by Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai in association with Knimbus, GIST and Elsevier , 27-03-2019 to 27-03-2019
  4. Short Term course on "Smart supply Chain in Industry 4.0: Research Trends and Challenges " organised by Department of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, 18-03-2019 to 24-03-2019
  5. Short Term course on "Design, Manufacturing, Analysis of Implants with Bio Materials and its Characterization" organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, 11-03-2019 to 17-03-2019
  6. AICTE approved FDP201X on "Pedagogy for Online and Blender Teaching-Learning Process" conducted by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, 30-10-2018 to 13-12-2018
  7. AICTE approved FDP101X on "Foundation Program in ICT for Education" conducted by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, 13-09-2018 to 18-10-2018
  8. Workshop on "ICT tools and Active Learning Strategies for Education" Organized by the department of Mechanical Engineering, Thiagarajar College of Engineering on 12th July, 2018, 12-07-2018 to 12-07-2018
  9. Faculty Development Programme on "Models and Methods for Supply Chain Decisions" Organized by National Institute of Technology Calicut under Twinning with Government Engineering College Bharatpur, Rajasthan , 21-05-2018 to 26-05-2018
  10. Workshop on "Mentoring Skills" organized by the counselling cell of Thiagarajar College of Engineering in association with M.S.Chella Muthu Trust and Research Foundation, Madurai, 24-03-2018 to 24-03-2018
  11. Workshop on "Digital Manufacturing through 3D Printing" organized by Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai jointly with M/s Design Tech, Chennai, 21-03-2017 to 21-03-2017
  12. Faculty Development Program on "Outcome Based Education" organised by CENTRE FOR ENGINEERING EDUCATION, Thiagarajar college of Engineering,Madurai., 16-03-2017 to 18-03-2017
  13. National seminar on "Recent Trends in Manufacturing Technology",Anna University Chennai, 10-03-2017 to 11-03-2017
  14. Research Paper Writing organized by Academic Research section of TCE, Madurai under TEQIP II, 15-09-2016 to 15-09-2016
  15. Management of Quality Circles for Effectiveness of Educational Institutions organized by Quality Circle Forum of India Chennai chapter and TCE,Madurai , 03-08-2016 to 04-08-2016
  16. Supply Chain Engineering and Multi-criteria Decision Making,organized by Global Initiative of Academic Networks at IIT Madras, 27-06-2016 to 08-07-2016
  17. Recent Advances in Supply chain Network Management, organized by Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai sponsored by AICTE , 06-04-2015 to 18-04-2015
  18. Personal Values,(March 3-4, 2015), TCE,Madurai, 03-03-2015 to 04-03-2015
  19. Mission 10X,(15 December to 17th December 2014)), TCE,Madurai, 15-12-2014 to 17-12-2014
  20. Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education,(12th june -02 August August 2014).MHRD,IIT Bombay, 12-06-2014 to 02-08-2014
  21. Life Skills,organized by Students Counseling cell TEQIP,TCE,Madurai, 30-01-2014 to 31-01-2014
  22. "Contemporary Supply chain: Trends and Challenges", (27-28 January 2014),TEQIP sponsored FDP,TCE, Madurai, 27-01-2014 to 28-01-2014
  23. Risk Analysis & Disaster Management,(2-4 December 2013), National Institute of Industrial Engineering Mumbai, 02-12-2013 to 04-12-2013
  24. Outcome Based Education,(September 23-24,2013), TCE,Madurai, 23-09-2013 to 24-09-2013
  25. Engineering Graphics,organized by Centre for Faculty Development Anna University, Chennai under TEQIP II, 23-07-2013 to 27-07-2013
  26. Faculty Development Programme on ME2251 - Heat and Mass Transfer at K.L.N College of Engineering & Technology , Madurai. , 03-12-2012 to 10-12-2012
  27. Disaster Mitigation with particular reference to Nuclear Power Plant,31-08-2012,The Institution of Engineers, Madurai, 31-08-2012 to 31-08-2012
  28. KAIZEN-Stepping stones for innovations & inventions,(20-21) – 03-2009,Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai, 20-03-2009 to 21-03-2009
  29. Staff Development Programme – Application of Modern Management Techniques – TQM, Six Sigma, CRM, ERP Solutions ,24-03-2008 - 13-04-2008,Vael’s Institute of Business Administration, Chennai, 24-03-2008 to 13-04-2008
  30. Recent Trends in Nano Materials & Manufacturing.10-08-2007,St.Josephs College of Engineering, Chennai, 10-08-2007 to 10-08-2007
  31. Faculty Development Programme –Engineering Graphics,(11-23) –06- 2007,Anand Institute of Higher Technology, Chennai, 11-06-2007 to 23-06-2007
  32. Recent Developments in Mechanical Engineering Towards Research & Development, (01-03) – 02- 2007,Anna University, Tiruchirappalli, 01-02-2007 to 03-02-2007
  33. Foundations of Global Supply Chain Management,(27-09-2003)Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 27-09-2003 to 27-09-2003