Educational Qualification

B.SC Physics Vivekananda Colege-Chennai 1997
M.E Materials Science NIT-Trichy 2003
M.SC Solid State Physics Hyderabad Central University 1999
Ph.D Nanoscience &Nanotechnology Alagappa University-Karaikudi 2016


04-01-1 to 04-06-0002 2 Lecturer Vignan Group Of Institutes,Guntur,Andhra Pradesh
07-01-0003 to 13-06-0007 4 Assistant Professor Madanapalle Institute Of Science
18-06-0007 to 01-01-0001 13 Assistant Professor TCE,Madurai


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  9. presented a paper on Investigation on convective heat transfer coefficient of copper nanofluid at APMD2013 @Madurai Kamaraj University,Authors:A.L.Subramaniyan,Kumaraguruparan,Venkatesh,Vignesh,Kottaisamy,R.Ilangovan
  10. presented a paper on Comparison of various stratgies to achieve good ductility in strong and nanocrystalline and nanocomposites conducted at Alagappa University (ICNN-2010) A.L.Subramaniyan and R.Ilangovan
  11. 1.presented a paper on Hot corrosion of Superalloy with ternary eutectic coating at TCE conducted by NCCI
  12. presented a paper at IEEE conference2013 by DRDO-Sathyabama on Investigation of thermal performance of copper heat pipe with TiO2 nanoparticles.authors: A.L.Subramaniyan,M.S Govardhan,Muthu Rakappan,Lokesh,Sundarakannan,Kottaisamy,R.Ilangovan


  1. Lab experiments for Engineering Physics - Engineering Physics as per AICTE-By wiley publications-September 2020
  2. Chapter 20 Non-Dispersive Waves and Introduction to Dispersion -Engineering Physics as per AICTE by Wiley publications-September 2020
  3. Chapter 19 Simple Harmonic Motion: Damped and Forced Vibrations -Engineering Physics as per AICTE by Wiley publications .Sept 2020
  4. Chapter 22 Wave Optics Engineering Physics as per AICTE-By wiley publications-September 2020
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  6. Chapter 13 -Oxide nano materials for efficient water treatment -A.L.Subramaniyan ,pg287-297, Advance research in nano science for water technologies.2019 Springer Chem

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. TEQIP III sponsored Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “VLSI and Nanotechnology in Energy, Environment, and NeuromorphicComputationµ in the Centre for Advanced Electronics (CAE) at IIT Indore, 21-12-2020 to 23-12-2020
  2. online work shop on Nanostructured Materials and their Applications in Nanotechnology (NAMAAN-2020) conducted by IIT Guwahati, 26-10-2020 to 30-10-2020
  3. Kimbus online research webinar on successful research papers-Concepts to Submission, 05-09-2020 to 05-09-2020
  4. completed IUCEE course on online teaching with distinction , 26-07-2020 to 06-09-2020
  5. one week online FDP on "Emerging Trends inEnergy, Environment and Nanomaterials (EEN 2020)" organised by Department of Applied Chemistry ,SVCE, Chennai,held from , 24-07-2020 to 30-07-2020
  6. Introduction to Quantum computing by Cloud X Lab-Online webinar, 18-07-2020 to 18-07-2020
  7. International Webinar on differentiated instruction and flexible assessment organised By Alagappa University,College Of Education, 15-07-2020 to 15-07-2020
  8. ‘Course Design in CDIO Curriculum’ Batch 2 conducted by TCE Academic process Team Online mode, 15-07-2020 to 21-07-2020
  9. National Webinar on Technology adoption in Mathamatics-A welcome change organised by Alagappa University college of education, 08-07-2020 to 08-07-2020
  10. “Effective Use of Lockdown Time to Enhance Your Scientific Writing and Networking Skills”Organized by Department of Chemistry, SSN College ofEngineering , 02-07-2020 to 02-07-2020
  11. TEQIP IIT BOMBAY-SWAYAM 2 weeks course on Digital transformations in Teaching Learning Process -Online mode, 06-04-2020 to 22-04-2020
  12. AICTE QIP Energy storage applications at TCE Madurai EEE Department, 11-04-2019 to 24-04-2019
  13. Advance knowledge resources and IPR in research conducted by TCE,Knimbus,GIST,Elsevier, 27-03-2019 to 27-04-2019
  14. Smart supply chain industry 4.0-Research trends and challenges at TCE Madurai, 18-03-2019 to 24-03-2019
  15. blended mode workshop on ‘Moodle Learning Management System’ held at TCE ,conducted by IIT Bombay, 15-03-2019 to 15-03-2019
  16. Smart multifunctional materials for sensors and actuators at TCE Madurai,Physics department, 07-03-2019 to 13-03-2019
  17. One day workshop on Sucessful NACC Accredition with A A conducted by Aassan educare foundation , 02-02-2019 to 02-02-2019
  18. One week Short term course on smart materials and structures conducted by Department of PhysicsTCE , 03-12-2018 to 08-12-2018
  19. Two day workshop on data analysis using R programing conducted by EEE Department,TCE Madurai, 23-11-2018 to 24-11-2018
  20. One day workshop on mentoring skills at TCE,madurai , 04-08-2018 to 04-08-2018
  21. One day workshop on Basic Life skill support Training conducted by Apollo Hospital , 03-08-2018 to 03-08-2018
  22. One day workshop on Deliberations in AICTE Curriculum 2018 at CIT Coimbatore, 27-06-2018 to 27-06-2018
  23. Three day TEQIP III Sponsored ACM Faculty Development Training Programme on Research based Statistical Analysis and Data modelling Tools., 26-04-2018 to 28-04-2018
  24. One week AICTE Sponsored workshop on design thinking for academic excellence through language ,TCE,Department of English and Physics, 31-01-2018 to 06-02-2018
  25. Two day workshop on molecular organic devices and application conducted by department of chemistry TCE , 27-03-2017 to 28-03-2017
  26. workshop on effective teaching methodologies by IUCEE International Engineering Educator Pre-Certification Workshop conducted at TARC,TCE Madurai , 08-08-2016 to 10-08-2016
  27. workshop on seventy-eight refresher course in experimental physics ,Indian academy of science, Thiagarajar college of Engineering, 05-07-2016 to 20-07-2016
  28. Workshop on how to get A grade inNAAC @ Bangalore, 27-11-2015 to 27-11-2015
  29. Workshop on state of art analytical instruments conducted by Anna University,Chennai ,, 26-10-2015 to 30-10-2015
  30. Workshop on implementing choice based credit system conducted by CFD,Anna University, 11-06-2015 to 13-06-2015
  31. Workshop on good learning,N.J Rao at TCE,Madurai, 02-06-2015 to 05-06-2015
  32. TEQIP Sponsored one day workshop on " Functional coatings- Current Trends", Organized by Department of Chemistry, Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai, 06-03-2015 to 06-03-2015
  33. Workshop on personal Values by Life skill Group -(Vedanta Maharishi) @TCE,Madurai, 03-03-2015 to 04-03-2015
  34. TEQIP Sponsored popular lectures on "Multifuctional Materials:From the Home Appliances to the Space Application", Organized by Department of Physics, Thiagarajar college of Engineering,Madurai., 09-01-2015 to 09-01-2015
  35. DAE SOLID STATE PHYSICS SYMPOSIUM @VIT,Vellore, 16-12-2014 to 20-12-2014
  36. TEQIP Sponsored One Day workshop on Fundamental of Real Analysis for Mathematicians and Engineers, 10-10-2014 to 10-10-2014
  37. TEQIP Sponsored workshop on Designing Engineering Education Research studies conducted by Centre for engineering Education @TCE,Madurai, 20-08-2014 to 22-08-2014
  40. National conference on micro and Nanocomposites -Principles Manufacturing and Application@TCE,Madurai, 20-03-2014 to 21-03-2014
  42. TEQIP sponsored Training program on Life skills @TCE Madurai, 30-01-2014 to 31-01-2014
  43. TEQIP Sponsored work shop on "Outcome Based Education", Organized by Pedagogy group, Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai, 27-01-2014 to 28-01-2014
  44. Workshop on SCILAB conducted by IIT Bombay @TCE,Madurai through talk to teacher project, 06-01-2014 to 06-01-2014
  45. TEQIP Sponsored two day workshop on Effective teaching methodologies in fluid Mechanics @TCE,Madurai, 20-12-2013 to 21-12-2013
  46. IEEE Conference conducted by Sathyabama University and DRDO (ICANMEET-2013), 24-07-2013 to 26-07-2013
  47. Advanced Material Processing and Devices@MKU,Madurai, 15-07-2013 to 16-07-2013
  48. Two day ISTE Workshop on Research Methodologies in Education Technologies@TCE,Madurai conducted by IIT-Bombay, 02-02-2013 to 09-02-2013
  49. Two day ISTE Workshop on Aakash for education@TCE Madurai conducted by IIT-Bombay, 10-11-2012 to 11-11-2012
  50. Advanced Mission 10X Workshop Leading to International Cambridge Certification for Teachers-Successfully completed with Certification , 07-01-2012 to 10-01-2012
  51. Wipro workshop on Mission 10X for Effective teaching, 22-08-2011 to 26-08-2011
  52. ICOANN 2010-Alagappa University (Department of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology), 01-03-2010 to 03-03-2010
  53. National conference on corrosion assessment and its control by CECRI Karaikudi@TCE,Madurai, 21-12-2009 to 22-12-2009
  54. National conference on Nanomaterials for energy harvesting@TCE,Madurai, 02-12-2009 to 04-12-2009
  55. National workshop on crystal growth and characterisation-Alagappa University,Karaikudi, 16-03-2009 to 16-03-2009
  56. International conference on Smart materials @TCE,Madurai, 07-01-2009 to 09-01-2009
  57. National workshop on recent trends in computational research@TCE,Madurai, 08-04-2008 to 12-04-2008
  58. National workshop on Smart materials and Structures@TCE Madurai, 10-09-2007 to 14-09-2007
  59. One week short term course on Robotics , 19-02-0018 to 25-02-0018

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Organised

  1. organised DST-SERB,BRNS Sponsored 3 Days National Level Workshop on “Understanding Failures in Engineering Materials”-Coordinator , 07-11-2019 to 09-11-2019
  2. organised National Science day Event for engineering college students , 20-03-2019 to 20-03-2019
  3. organised one day national seminar on nanomaterials and its applications -sponsored by Department of Mechanical engineering,TCE, 31-03-2017 to 31-03-2017
  4. organised teqip-ii sponsored THREE DAY WORKSHOP ON INTEGRATING SCIENCE WITH ENGINEERING for faculty members and research scholars, 21-03-2017 to 23-03-2017

Lectures Delivered

Engineering Physics-Motivation Anna University Madurai 06-08-2019 to 06-08-2019
Induction programme for applied physics-Anna University madurai Anna University Madurai 10-09-2018 to 11-09-2018
the science and engineering of nanofluids TCE Physics department 21-03-2017 to 23-04-2017
Nanofluids -synthesis and characterisation FDP in nanofluids @ TCE,Madurai 05-12-2013 to 06-12-2013
propeties of nanofluid FDP on nanofluids@TCE,Madurai 05-12-2013 to 06-12-2013

Awards / Recognition Received

  1. Summer research fellowship, Indian Academy of Science

Other Achievements

  1. Reviwer for Journal of Environmental Engineering
  2. IUCEE Online teaching -Certified with distinction
  3. Coursera Certificate from Great Learning academy-Excel for beginners
  4. Coursera Certificate from University of Copanhagen in Diabetes-The Essentials
  5. Digital Transformation in Teaching Learning Process -2 week course offered by IITB-Swayam
  6. Reviwer for Applied Physics B Springer,Bentham Science and Wiley journals
  7. International Cambridge teachers certification conducted by wipro@TCE
  8. GATE Qualified AIR-69,95.92 PERCENTILE
  9. C.S.I .R NET Qualified