Educational Qualification

M.Phil Physics M.S University 2004
M.Sc Space Physics Andhra University 1993
Ph.D Physics Gandhigram rural University 2016


2004-2005 1 Lecturer PTR College of Engineering
2005-2007 2 Lecturer RVS College of Engineering&Technology


  1. Mechanical properties of nano titanium oxide particles - hybrid jute-glass FRP composites
  2. Ionic conductivity studies on nano CuO dispersed phase-separated polymer electrolytes
  3. Conductivity studies on nano CdO dispersed PVC-PVdF polymer nano composite electrolytes, International Journal of ChemTech Research, Vol.7, No.3, pp 1318-1322,
  4. Influence of porous structure on the ionic conductivity of nano ZnOincorporated PVC-PEG polymer nanocomposite electrolytes
  5. Effect of nano TiO2 and Al2O3 filler on the mechanical andthermal properties of PVC-PEG polymer blend nanocomposites
  6. Conductivity studies on nano CdO dispersed PVC-PVdFpolymer nano composite electrolytes
  7. Development of Rice Husk and Wood Dust Filler based PolyesterResin Based Composites
  8. Conductivity Studies on nano ZnO Incorporated PVC-PVdF GelElectrolytes for Li ion Battery Application
  9. Studies on Effect of Nano TiO2 Ceramic Fillers of PolymerMatrix Composites
  10. Development of Hybrid Coconut Shell Powder-Wood Dust Polyester Resin Based Composites
  11. Ionic conductivity studies on nano CuO dispersed phase separated Polymer elelctrolytes
  12. Conductivity, thermal and morphological properties of nano MgOdispersed PVC-PEG polymer composite electrolytes
  13. Ionic Conductivity Studies on Nano ZnO Incorporated PVC-PEG Blend Based Polymer Composite Electrolytes-Asian Journal of Chemistry-Volume:25,Page:S117-S119
  14. Investigation on compositional effect of (PEG:BaTiO3) in plasticized PVC-LiBETI composite polymer electrolytes,Ionics ,17,565


  1. Preparation and Characterization of Nano SnO2Dispersed Plasticized PVC-PEG Polymer Electrolytes
  2. Influence of Poly (ethylene glycol) PEG on the Conductivity of PVC Polymer membranes-Micro and nano composites-priciple,manufacturing and application-Dec 27-28,2013
  3. Investigation on effect of weight ratios of PEG to BaTiO3 on PVdF-HFP nano composites for Li-ion batteries-P.Vickraman and D.Ravindran, AIP Conf. Proc.1536,19(2013)
  4. Effect of nano CuO on the ionic conductivity of PVC-PEG blend polymer electrolytes- AIP Conf. Proc.D.Ravindran and P.Vickraman,1536,153(2013)

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. 1st World Conference on Solid Electrolytes for Advanced Applications: Garnets and Competitors, 6-9, Sep. 2017, 06-09-2017 to 09-09-2017
  2. Symposium on environmental Science&Engineering, RVS college of Engg.,&Tech, March 5,2006
  3. Short term Course on Recent Trends in Crystal Growth,Charaterization&Device Fabricatio, KLN College of Engineering, March 23&24,2006
  4. Workshop on 1D&2D NMR , M.K University, Feb 22&23,2007
  5. Workshop on Theory ..X-Ray Crystallography, Gandhigram rural University, 14 &15,March,2008
  6. Short term Corse on Smart Materials, TCE, 10-14,September,2007
  7. National Workshop on Recent trends in Computational Research on Nanostuctures, TCE, 8-12,April,2008
  8. Workshop on current trends in advanced Polymer composites, Kamaraj College of Engineering, December 4&5,2008
  9. National Conference on Nanomaterials for Energy conversion and Conservation, Bishop Heber College,Trichy, March 26th 2009
  10. National conference on nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting, TCE, December 2-4,2009
  11. Inernational conference on NanoScience and Nanotechnology, SRM University, 24-26 th Feb., 2010
  12. International Conference on Advancement of NanoScience and Nanotechnology, Alagappa University, March,1-3rd,2010