Training Programs

Become a CERTIFIED METROLOGIST which gives immense advantage in getting placements in in public/private sectors in Automobile, Health Care Centre, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Textile and Information Technology.

  • Offers technical training program to young passionate
  • Students to become a successful Professional.
  • Conducts an unique tailor-made training program to empower students with skill sets and make them employable and more productive in their work environment.
  • Enhances Learning with advanced equipment to gain unique experience and knowledge.
  • Offers course that act as a technological bridge between your study and profession.
  • Helps to adapt quickly to the job and helps in swift career growth.
  • Offers certification courses, recognised by Leading Industries
  • Conducts courses either in TCE Campus or at required college.
Courses Offered:
  • Certified Basic Metrology
  • Certified Intermediate Metrology
  • Certified Advanced Metrology and many more
Student Internship Program:

WE MOULD, EQUIP and HELP STUDENTS TO ACHIEVE THEIR DREAM PLACEMENT. Our program offers high quality metrology training  with real time experience on high end Master equipments. It also allows students to collaborate with subject matter experts in metrology.
TCE-AVM provides real time project experience with continuous feedback to Interns.
The internship offers benefits to the students:

  • Learning from industry leaders, sharing their knowledge and experience
  • Gaining valuable technical experience in real time projects.
  • Gaining real time experience in handling the advanced equipment’s in state-of-the-art lab in TCE-AVM
  • Certification by TCE-AVM will open doors for suitable carrier in your dream job.

LEVEL 1 - BASIC METROLOGY & ITS APPLICATIONS  (1 week Internship programme)
LEVEL 2 - CERTIFIED QUALITY ENGINEER (2 weeks Internship programme)
LEVEL 3 - CERTIFIED QUALITY MANAGER (3 weeks Internship programme)
LEVEL 4 - INTERNSHIP TRAINING FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 (4 weeks Internship programme)

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