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21TOCIT07 : Modern Testing Practices and Tools


Testing is an indispensable part of quality software development and deployment. Demand for QA professionals is always persistent in the software Industry. Good analytical skills and proper training on the testing tools and practices would open a sea of opportunities for fresh graduates in the QA domain. Hence,this course on modern testing practices and tools has been designed with the following objectives:

  • To expose the learners to the skills required to pursue a career in the field of software quality assurance
  • To acquire the necessary skills to successfully pursue and complete standard ISTQB and CSTE certifications.
  • To bridge the industry-academia gap by imparting knowledge on the contemporary software development and testing practices.
  • After the completion of the course, the Students will be able to Demonstrate the traditional and agile software development approaches and testing
  • practices.
  • Identify Test conditions for the given application and design test cases by employing suitable techniques
  • Develop test scripts and execute them using appropriate tools
  • Automate the test execution using Junit framework, Selenium IDE and Selenium Webdriver
  • Implement behavior driven development and user story based testing using cucumber.

Week 1: Traditional and Agile approach to software development
SDLC Models - Traditional Testing - Testing types - Testing levels - Agile Testing- Continuous Integration -Behavior Driven Development - Test Process
Week 2: Test cases design and Authoring
Test Design Techniques : Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary value analysis, Decision Tables,State Transition Charts - User story based Testing - Regression Testing - Test Plan Authoring
Week 3: Test Automation for Unit and Functional testing
White box testing Junit Framework - Functional testing with Selenium - User story based testing with Cucumber
Week 4: Testing tools: JIRA, Selenium and Cucumber
Test Management with JIRA - Integration of github and zephyr with JIRA - Testing with Selenium IDE - Testing with Selenium Webdriver - Feature based testing with cucumber - Integration of Selenium framework and cucumber.


Mrs. S. Pudumalar
Mrs. S. Thiruchadai Pandeeswari