Educational Qualification

B.E Electrical & Electronic Engineering Thiagarajar College Of Engineering 1994
M.E Computer Science & Engineering MEPCO Schlenk Engineering College 2000
Ph.D. Data Mining Anna University 2010


05-01-2001 to 10-02-2013 12 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Thiagarajar College of Engg.
16-02-2013 to 12-12-2017 4 Associate Professor Thiagarajar College of Engineering
12-12-2017 to Till date 2 Professor Thiagarajar College of Engineering


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Industry Interactions

Microsoft Technical Services Lab Live demo and Tech talk sessions organised, One Credit Course Handled 16-12-2013 to 31-12-2014 Lab set up
Microsoft Dream Spark Premium Provided to all students 01-03-2013 to 31-12-2014 Microsoft Innovation Center
Microsoft Volume licence and Base license Purchased 30-03-2010 to 30-12-2016 Microsoft Volume Licence Renewal
Oracle 9i - 2008-2010 Handled Oracle 9i Certification courses for Oracle fundamental and DBA
Microsoft Conducted .Net classes, Organized Workshop and Hands on session .In 2010, 19 students were passed. In 2011- 26 students passed in Microsoft .net certification programme under prometric examination. 2006-till date MSDN-Academic Technical Higher education Alliance Programme
MADITSSIA Multimedia Presentation About Madurai 2006 Information about the resources of Madurai

Sponsored Research



Multimedia University,Malaysia Collaborative Project 20-06-2015 to 31-12-2016
Microsoft Environment set up for Virtual Machines 16-12-2013 to 31-12-2016

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. One week Faculty Development Program on Course Design in CDIO Curriculum, organized by TCE, 27th July and 31st July 2020, 27-07-2020 to 31-07-2020
  2. Five Days Faculty Development Programmes on AI and ITS Application, Organized by EDUX labs, 11/5/20 to 15/5/20, 11-05-2020 to 15-05-2020
  3. TEQIP-III Sponsored Two day Faculty Development Programme on Design, Develop and Deliver online courses through MOODLE platform, Organized by Department of Technical Education State Project Implementation Unit - Tamil Nadu &Coimbatore Institute of Technology, 23/4/20 t0 24/4/20, 23-04-2020 to 24-04-2020
  4. One day Workshop on "Standard Operating Procedures of TCE" ON 22.11.2016 Organized by Management Capacity Enhancement Programme Of TEQIP-TCE, 22-11-2016 to 22-11-2016
  5. DST-SERB sponsored Two Days Workshop on "Computational Intelligence for Big Data Analytics" organised by TCE 17.11.2016 TO 18.11.2016, 17-11-2016 to 18-11-2016
  6. Certificate Course on Advanced Business Analytics Using R conducted by Indian Institute of Technology, Hydrabad 21.12.2016 to 25.12.2016, 21-01-2016 to 25-01-2016
  7. TEQIP sponsored two days Residential Workshop on Basic Counseling and Psychotherapy Skills Organized by Women Cell TCE OCTOBER 16-17 ,2015, 16-10-2015 to 17-10-2015
  8. Faculty Development Workshop on "Personal Values" organized by Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai during3-4 March 2015, 03-03-2015 to 04-03-2015
  9. Faculty Development Programme from September 22-27,2014 organized by Microsoft India at Microsoft GTSL Bangalore., 22-09-2014 to 27-09-2014
  10. TEQIP Sponsored two days Training Programme on Life Skills Organized by Students Counseling Cell TCE during , 30-01-2014 to 31-01-2014
  11. 3rd International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving-SocPros 2013 December 26-28, 2013, IIT-Roorkee, Greater Noida Extension, New Delhi, , 26-12-2013 to 28-12-2013
  12. Faculty Development Programme on "Art of Teaching: Pedagogical Tools and Techniques", November 18th -22, 2013, Organized by National Institute of Technology, NIT Campus, Trichy,, 18-11-2013 to 22-11-2013
  13. One Day faculty Development Programme on "IT infrastructure Services-Data Center Management", Organised by CSE department of TCE and Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai, August 14th 2013. , 14-08-2013 to 14-08-2013
  14. Special Workshop on New Outcome Based Accreditation, Organised by NBA-Nodal Center, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, 9th May 2013 to 11 th May 2013., 09-05-2013 to 11-05-2013
  15. One Day faculty Development Programme on "Mobile Computing", Organised by CSE department of TCE and Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai, August 3 rd, 2012., 03-08-2012 to 03-08-2012
  16. Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education UGC sponsored Faculty Development Programme organized by Providence for Women, The Nilgiris, 6th February to 10th February 2012., 06-02-2012 to 10-02-2012
  17. 113th Executive Council Meeting Chamber of the Principal Secretary to Government ,Higher Education Department ,Secretariat,Chennai. , 04-10-2011 to 04-10-2011
  18. 112 TH Special Executive Council Meeting -Mother Teresa Women's University-Kodaikanal , 21-03-2011 to 21-03-2011
  19. One Day Faculty Development Programme on "Four Year Curricula-and How to raise the bar of Competency for students organized by CSE, TCE , 30-11-2007 to 01-01-0001
  20. One Day FDP On Four Year Curricula And How To Raise The Bar Of Competency For Students., TCE,Madurai, Nov.30, 2007
  21. AICTE Sponsored Staff Development Programme On Multimedia Data Types And Formats., Dept.Of CSE, TCE, Nov 12-24,2007
  22. IBM Sponsored 2-Day Workshop On Business Intelligence , TCE,Madurai, Sept.17-18,2007
  23. Microsoft Organized Techmela Programmefor Technical Higher Education , Microsoft-Mumbai, June14-16 ,2007
  24. Short Term Course On Application Of Evolutionary Computation To Engineering Optimization Problems, Dept.Of EEE, TCE ,Madurai, May-28 to June 1, 2007
  25. TCS Excellence In Computer Science (Tecs) Week 2007 On Data Intensive Computing , Tata Research In Design And Development Centre, Pune, January 3-7 2007
  26. Faculty Development Internship Program , IIT-Kanpur, 2 weeks on November 2006
  27. Motivating The Students For Higher Studies, TCE, Oct 2006
  28. Workshop On Recent Trends In Research Area., MKU, Madurai, 27 Jan.,2006
  29. Staff Development Programe On Application Of Remote Sensing And Gis In Civil Engineering., TCE,Madurai, 23-Dec.,2005
  30. Training On Microsoft Sql Server ,Windows 2003 Server,Conducted By Indicom Software &Services, TCE,Madurai, May30-31,2005
  31. Workshop On Analysis & Design Of Algorithm, IITM,Techno Park, Thiruvananthapuram ,Kerala, August 26-27,2004
  32. Content Development & Content Assessment On Operating Systems., IITM,Techno Park, Thiruvananthapuram ,Kerala, Jan 12-13 2004
  33. Data Mining And Data Warehousingaicte Sponsored Short-Term Course., PMCTW ,Tanjore, 2 weeks,2004
  34. AICTE Sponsored National Seminar On Xml & Its Applications, TCE,Madurai, April 7 - 8, 2003
  35. Data Warehousing And Data Mining., School Of CSE,Anna University, Chennai, Mar21-22,2003
  36. Faculty Development Program, Cognizant Technology Solutions ,Chennai, Jan1-12, 2002
  37. International Conference Onnano Computing Technology Trends., Sastra, Tanjore, 2001

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Organised

  1. TEQIP Sponsored Twinning Programme on "TCE-HBTU 36 Hours Hackathon" Organized by Thiagarajar college of engineering, Madurai, 27-01-2020 to 28-01-2020, 27-01-2020 to 28-01-2020
  2. “Honeywell Automation Challenge Hackathon 2019 – 36 Hours Hackathon”, Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai-625015,, 09-02-2019 to 10-02-2019, 09-02-2019 to 10-02-2019
  3. CREATRIX 2018 - A 24 Hrs Hackathon, Theme: Empowerment of Society through IT, Venue: Department of Information Technology, Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai-625015, 26-10-2018 to 27-10-2018, 26-10-2018 to 27-10-2018
  4. AICTE-QIP Sponsored Two Weeks STTP on Deep Learning with Applications in Language, Vision & Control 4.12.2017 TO 17.12.2017, 04-12-2017 to 17-12-2017
  5. TEQIP-II Sponsored Three Days Hands on Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Tools from 23rd January 2017 to 25th Jauary 2017, 23-01-2017 to 25-01-2017
  6. one day workshop “CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS” at CSE seminar hall, Thiagarajar College of Engineering ,Madurai , 29-08-2016 to 29-08-2016
  7. 2-Days TEQIP sponsored National Conference on Research Challenges in SMAC Organized at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, 29-01-2016 to 30-01-2016
  8. 3 days Soft Skill Training Programme organised for Final Year Students from , 14-06-2014 to 16-06-2014
  9. Microsoft Technical Lab Launch and Technical Contest Conducted by Microsoft GTSL, Bangalore on December 16TH 2013., 16-12-2013 to 16-12-2013
  10. WOWZAPP:2012- Worldwide Hackathon for Windows organized at Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai., 09-11-2012 to 09-11-2012
  11. 2-Days National Conference on Emerging Trends in Knowledge Engineering,Thiagarajar College Of Engineering , 26-11-2010 to 27-11-2010
  12. 3 -Day Inter Departmental Seminar On Data Structures And Algorithms., Thiagarajar College Of Engineering, 24.03.06 To26.03.06
  13. 3 -Day Inter Departmental Seminar On Analysis Of Algorithms., Thiagarajar College Of Engineering, 23.09.05 - 25.09.05
  14. One day Workshop on Emac Os and its applications conducted by Mr.Surendran,Apple Systems,Bangalore, 24.3.2005, 24-03-2005 to 24-03-2005
  15. Aicte Sponsored National Workshop On Data Warehousing And Data Mining, Thiagarajar College Of Engineering , 18th & 19th Nov 2004
  16. One day Worhshop for ME students on UML and its applications , Delivered by Dr. N.Sivaram, HR, Honeywell, Madurai, on 17.11.2004, 17-11-2004 to 17-11-2004
  17. It Opportunities In Western Countries, Thiagarajar College Of Engineering, 26.8.2004
  18. Special Lecture Organised for UG CSE students :" How to prepare Campus Interview " , Lecture delivered by C.Vinodh, Software Engineer, Hyderabad 10.8.2004, 10-08-2004 to 10-08-2004

Ph.D Guidance/Supervisorship

D.Anitha Ph.D Automatic Selection and Sequencing of Learning Objects in Adaptive Education Systems Based on Learner Traits Completed
K.Arul Deepa Ph.D A cascaded Framework for Detection , Characterization and Resolution of Tamil Pronominal References in Imbalanced datasets Completed
A.M.Rajeswari Ph.D Semi Supervised Associative Classifier for Outlier Detection in Skewed Databases Completed
K.Murugeswari Ph.D A Framework for Analyzing the text embedded images using Steganalysis Completed
M.Pradeepa Ph.D Enhanced Automatic Extraction of Target Based Multi word Expression with Clustering Technique for opinion Mining Completed
S.Illankumaran Ph.D Data mining Completed
B. Subbulakshmi Ph.D A Frame work for Mining of Frequent patterns and Class Association Rules from Incremental data Completed
Diana Moses Ph.D Real Time Cardio Vascular Disease Diagnosis on Mobile Devices using Novel Methods for ECG Compression , Extraction and Classification Completed
Merceline Fransis Ph.D Opinion Mining Ongoing
P.Pon Abisheka Ph.D Text Mining Ongoing
P. Sharmila Ph.D Web Mining Ongoing
R.Saraswathi Meena Ph.D MEDICAL DATA ANALYTICS Ongoing

Lectures Delivered

Data classification using Deep learning FDP-Harcourt Butler Technical University,Kanpur 12-03-2019 to 12-03-2019
CNN for Data classification Thiagarajar College of Engineering, FDP 22-11-2018 to 24-11-2018
Text Analytics using R AICTE-QIP Sponsored Two Weeks STTP on Deep Learning with Applications in Language, Vision & Control organized by TCE 05-12-2017 to 05-12-2017
Demonstration on Moodle Content Management Systems TEQIP Sponsored One day FDP on Content Management Systems, organised by CSE Department, TCE 29-08-2016 to 29-08-2016
TEXT Analytics for Business Intelligence TEQIP Sponsored six days Facuty Development Programme on Data Analytics for Business Intelligence 11-08-2016 to 13-08-2016
Internet of Things and Its Applications TEQIP sPONSORED Workshop on "Advances in Mobile And Web applications, AC Tech, Karaikudi 23-02-2016 to 23-02-2016
Demonstration on data mining weka tool Faculty development programme at KLNCE, Madurai 01-10-2015 to 01-10-2015
Key note speech on Big Data Sethu Institute of Technology, International Conference 09-04-2015 to 09-04-2015
Motivating the Young students on Chrysalis EVENT Vikasa Matriculation School,Madurai 30-01-2015 to 30-01-2015
Demonstration on data mining Classification Tools UGC Sponsored programme, Meenakshi College ,Madurai 20-01-2015 to 20-01-2015
Finding Near duplicates in Text Retrival Kamaraj College of Engineering 06-09-2014 to 06-09-2014
Memory Hierarchy Anna University sponsored seven days FDTP on Computer Architecture Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai08-07-2014 to 15-07-2014 08-07-2014 to 15-07-2014
Text Compression and finding near duplicates PSG Tech-Coimbatore 28-04-2014 to 28-04-2014
Women Empowerment Mother Teresa University-Kodaikanal 21.3.2011
Classification Clustering Techniques KLN College of Engineering-Madurai
Faculty development Programme on Recent Trends in Data Mining Thiagarajar College of Engineering
Interactive Algorithms for Feature Selection Cresant Engineering College -Chennai 18/9/10
Recent Reserach Issues in Data mining Faculty Development Programme - KLNCIT Engineering College March 2010
Data Mining Techniques Kamaraj College of Engineering Feburary 2010
Currency Recognition System By Svm Fdp On Multi Media Data Types And Formats,Dept.Of Cse,Thiagarajar College Of Engineering 20/11/2007
Ant Colony Optimization Short Term Course On Application Of Evolutionary Computation To Engineering Optimization Problems, Dept.Of Eee, Tce 30 th MAY 2007
Operating Sytems Memory Management Fdp , Kln College Of Information Technology Dec.7,2006
Operating Systems Rvs College Of Engineering,Dindigul Dec .2 ,2006
Cryptography and Network Security. Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
Application of Six Sigma Process Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
Data Mining Decision Tree Algorithm Faculty Development Programme - Kongu Engineering College November 2005
Emac Os and its applications Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
Data Mining For Classification Quality Improvement Programme In Computer Science,Fatima College ,Madurai 18/1/2005
Communication Skill Development Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
Data Mining Algorithms Faculty Development Programme - Kongu Engineering College November 2004

Awards / Recognition Received

  1. Out Standing Contribution in Reviewing, Applied Soft Computing, Elsevier, Amsterdam,The Netherlands
  2. Session chair for international Conference on soft computing, Noida Campus, New Delhi, IIT-Roorke
  3. Executive Council Member, Executive Council Member-Mother Tresa University
  4. Journal Reviewer , Elsevier Journal of Applied Soft Computing
  5. Received Cash Award For 100% Result, Thiagarajar College of Engineering

Visits Abroad

Monash University, Kulalumpur,Malaysia Collaboration 2 days
Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia MOU Collaboration 3 days


Computer Society of India Life Member 2006
Indian Society for Technical Education Life Member 2004

Other Achievements

  1. Reviewer in Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Elsevier
  2. Reviewer in IEEE access
  3. Received Silver Award for 5S implementation at TCE Ladies -FromQuality Cirle Forum of India
  4. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India, Springer
  5. Reviewer in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India, Springer
  6. Reviewer in Inderscience
  7. Reviewer in Elsevier Journal of Applied Soft Computing-2010