Educational Qualification

B.E Computer Science and Engineering Raja College of Engineering and Technology 1999
M.E Computer Science and Engineering Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engineering 2000
Ph.D Computer Science and Engineering Anna University (Chennai) 2010


27-12-2000 to 26-11-2003 3 Lecturer IT DEPT, TCE
28-11-2008 to 27-11-2012 5 Assistant Professor CSE DEPT, TCE
27-11-2003 to 27-11-2008 5 Senior Grade Lecturer CSE DEPT, TCE
27-11-2012 to 27-11-2015 3 Associate Professor CSE Dept, TCE
28-11-2015 to 01-01-0001 7 Professor CSE Dept, TCE


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  1. A Survey on denial of service attack in wired infrastructure


FOSSEE Resource Center FOSSEE IIT Bombay 500000 Co-Investigator
IoT Smart Alarm Clock TEQIP 20000 Mentor
Social OutReach Programme FOSSEE IIT Bombay 200000 Co-Investigator
Iot Bus Tracking System TEQIP 20000 Mentor
3d panaromic view of college website TEQIP 7800 Mentor
Multi-Word Tagger Honeywell Technology Solution 100000 Co-Investigator
Automated Text Categorization Computer Society of India 30000 Principal Investigator


HP India Software, Bangalore Student Project 01-12-2008 to 31-03-2009

 Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. TCE Faculty Conclave 2023- Sharing of Best Practices in Teaching-Learning, 25-03-2023 to 25-03-2023
  2. FDP on Self Development and Leadership Skills , 20-12-2022 to 21-12-2022
  3. Dept of CSE,TCE, One Week Faculty Development Programme on High Performance Computing, 31-10-2022 to 05-11-2022
  4. Infosys, One Week Faculty Development Program on Artificial Intelligence and Primer Certification, , 11-10-2022 to 18-10-2022
  5. TCS and VCAIR, Faculty Development Programme on “AI and ML – Industry Practices , 12-09-2022 to 16-09-2022
  6. TEQIP III sponsored Five Days Faculty Development Programme on Robotics and Automation, TCE, 17-06-2019 to 21-06-2019
  7. Workshop on Moodle Learning Management System by (ICT)TLC,IIT Bombay, 15-03-2019 to 15-03-2019
  8. AICTE - QIP Sponsored Short Term Course on High Performance Computing for Science and Engineering at Dept of CSE,TCE, 04-02-2019 to 10-02-2019
  9. AICTE -QIP Sponsored One Week Short Term Course on Deep Learning for Visual Computing at Dept of CSE, TCE, 28-01-2019 to 03-02-2019
  10. International Conference on Python for Education and Scientific Computing -SciPy India 2018- IIT Bombay, 21-12-2018 to 22-12-2018
  11. TEQIP-III Sponsored Two day Workshop on Data Analytics using R Programming at Dept of EEE,TCE , 23-11-2018 to 24-11-2018
  12. AI and ML Conclave -IIT Madras , 08-08-2018 to 08-08-2018
  15. TEQIP sponsored One Day Workshop on Myths and Realities of R&D and IPR at EEIs: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities , 13-07-2018 to 13-07-2018
  16. Two-Week Faculty Development Programme on Mentoring Educators in Educational Technology (FDP301X) conducted by IITBombay , 17-05-2018 to 05-07-2018
  17. Infosys Limited, Bangalore "Train the Trainer Program on “Explore Machine Learning using R”, 27-12-2017 to 29-12-2017
  18. IIT Bombay AICTE approved Faculty Development Programme(FDP201X) on Pedagogy for online and blended Teaching-Learning Process,, 14-09-2017 to 12-10-2017
  19. TEQIP-III Sponsored One Week Workshop on Practical Python,TCE, 04-09-2017 to 09-09-2017
  20. IIT Bombay AICTE approved Faculty Development Programme(FDP101X) Foundation Program in ICT for education, , 27-07-2017 to 31-08-2017
  21. TEQIP II sponsored Three days Hands-on Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Tools, TCE, 23-01-2017 to 26-01-2017
  22. TEQIP-II sponsored workshop on Research Paper Writing , 15-09-2016 to 15-09-2016
  23. Faculty Development Programme on Network Security Tools, 02-09-2016 to 03-09-2016
  24. IEEE CIS Winter School on Computational Intelligence, 14-12-2015 to 17-12-2016
  25. IEEE Workshop on Computational Intelligence, 14-12-2015 to 17-12-2015
  26. Faculty Development Programme on Version Control System, 29-08-2015 to 29-08-2015
  27. FDP on IT infrastructure services-Data center management by TCS , 14-08-2015 to 14-08-2015
  28. Teqip Workshop on Network Simulation using NS3, 07-08-2015 to 08-08-2015
  29. One day Workshop on Network Performance and Vulnerability Analysis, 06-04-2015 to 06-04-2015
  30. One day Faculty Development Programme on Free and Open Source Software , 06-09-2014 to 06-09-2014
  31. Two week ISTE workshop on “Cyber Security”, IIT Bombay, Jul 10th to 20th,2014, 10-07-2014 to 20-07-2014
  32. Workshop on New Outcome based Accreditation by NBA at Thiagarajar college of Engineering, 07-06-2014 to 16-06-2014
  33. National Conference on Mining, Internetworking and Data Security-MINDS 2014, 27-03-2014 to 29-03-2014
  34. TEQIP Workshop on Cyber Security, 26-03-2014 to 26-03-2014
  35. Faculty Development Programme on " IBM System z Main Frame Computing" Nov 18th 2013 to Nov 23rd 2013, 18-11-2013 to 23-11-2013
  36. Workshop on Outcome Based Education by NBA at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, 22-10-2013 to 23-10-2013
  37. Workshop on self estimation of performance: unskilled-unaware syndrome, 17-07-2013 to 17-07-2013
  38. National Level One Day Workshop on Mobile Learning, 21-02-2013 to 21-02-2013
  39. Two day seminar on software technology & theoretical computer science, 08-02-2013 to 09-02-2013
  40. FDP Program on Data Mining , 31-07-2012 to 31-07-2012
  41. AICTE Sponsored Staff Development Programme on Research Methodologies and Issues in Engineering, 12-12-2011 to 24-12-2011
  42. Dale Carnegie Training- Wipro Mission10x Workshop on High Impact Teaching Skills, 22-08-2011 to 23-08-2011
  43. Wipro-Mission10x Workshop at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, 22-08-2011 to 26-08-2011
  44. Course On Internal Quality Auditor(ISO 9001:2000,Zandig TQM Solutions Private Limited, International,Jun 20th, 12-01-2011 to 11-07-2013
  45. Faculty Development Program On Engineering E-Business Applications,, Cognizant Technology Solutions,Chenai,, Jan 1st to 12th, 2002.
  46. Teachers Training Progam-II,, AU-KBC Research Centre, MIT,Chennai, Dec 2nd to 3rd,2005.
  47. Workshop On Mobile Computing & Formal Methods,, University Of Hyderabad,, Dec 15th to 19th, 2001.
  48. FOSS Teachers Training Programme-I,, AU-KBC Research Centre, MIT,Chennai,, Jun 6th to18th, 2005.
  49. Workshop On Image Processing: Concepts,Issues & Applications With Matlab,, School Of Computer Science And Engineering,, Jul 5th to 7th,2002.
  50. Seminar On Free/Open Source Software For Information Security,, Thiagarajar College Of Engineering,, Jan 7th to 12th, 2008.

 Seminar, Conference, Workshop Organised

  1. TEQIP-III sponsored One Week FDP on FOSS for AI and Cyber Security, TCE, 26.8.2019 to 31.8.2019, 26-08-2019 to 31-08-2019
  2. Training session on OFC Splicing and Linux Networking for supporting staff on 7-12-2018, 07-12-2018 to 07-12-2018
  3. TEQIP-III Sponsored One Week Workshop on Practical Python, TCE, 04-09-2017 to 09-09-2017
  4. TEQIP Sponsored Faculty Development Programme on Network Security Tools, 02-09-2016 to 03-09-2016
  5. Seminar On Free/Open Source Software Tools,Thiagarajar College Of Engineering, International xxxxxx, 08-01-2007 to 13-01-2007
  6. Workshop on Microsoft .Net, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, International, 14-07-2003 to 18-07-2003

 M.E./Ph.D. Scholars

T.Parvathy Ph.D Social Network Analysis Completed
Avelin Diana Ph.D Improving QoS in Mobile IPv6 Completed
S.Prabhavathy Ph.D IoT Security Completed
Raja Lavanya Ph.D Energy efficient Group key management for cloud Completed
J.Dharani Ph.D Hyper Ledger Block chain Ongoing
Felicia Ph.D Design of Question Answering Chatbot Completed
A.Malini Ph.D Software Testing in cloud Completed
R. Harine Rajashree Ph.D IoT Edge Security using Deep Learning Ongoing
D.Nagendra Kumar Ph.D Security and Privacy in Internet of Drones Ongoing
S. Santhana Hari Ph.D Usage of Deep Learning in Low Resource Languages Ongoing
J.Jane Rubel Angelina Ph.D Data Deduplication in cloud Completed

 Lectures Delivered

'sNatural Language Processing in Tamil" Faculty workshop in Writing Science, Engineering and Technolory in Tamil 10-02-2023 to 10-02-2023
Deep Learning Algorithms hands on training with GPUs One Week Fdp on High Performance Computing, TCE 03-11-2022 to 03-11-2022
R Programming Department of Maths, Lady Doak College 27-01-2022 to 28-01-2022
Demonstration in Deep Learning Algorithm Two Day International Workshop on Machine Learning in Manufacturing 16-12-2021 to 16-12-2021
Text Analytics One week workshop on AI and ML Techniques for Data Analytics, NIT Trichy 19-02-2021 to 19-02-2021
Linux System Administration One Day Hands on Training in Linux Administration, Sri Vidya College of Engineering and Technology 04-01-2019 to 04-01-2019
Natural Language Grammatica Inference for Machine Learning Research colloqium Talk 18-09-2017 to 18-09-2017
Network Security and Threat Modelling Anna University Sponsored FDTP on Cryptography and Network Security 12-06-2017 to 12-06-2017
IoT Security Tools CSIR Funded National Workshop on IoT Security Tools 07-04-2017 to 07-04-2017
Metasploit, Kali Linux and Contigi OS Two Day National Level Workshop on Cyber Security Issues in IoT 10-09-2016 to 10-09-2016
Accessing static shared and dynamic libraries in GLIBC Workshop on Free Open Source Software 30-07-2016 to 30-08-2016
Microprocessor Address Modes Faculty Development Programme on Computer Architecture 03-07-2014 to 03-07-2014

  Awards and Honours

  1. Artificial Intelligence Primer Certification, Infosys
  2. Two Week FDP on Mentoring Educators in Educational Technology(FDP 301X) IITBombay, May 7,2018 to July 5,2018, Top Performer Award, IIT Bombay for FDP 301X in July 2018
  3. Certified Test Center Administrator, Pearson VUE


Computer Society of India
IE 2020 Onwards

  Other Achievements

  1. Board of Studies- University Nominee,AU
  2. Reviewer with IEEE Access
  3. Reviewer in ICCI2017, IIT Kanpur
  4. Reviewer with Indian Journal of Science and Technology
  5. Reviewer with Indian Journal of Science and Technology
  6. Reviewer with Journal of Convergence Information Technology