Educational Qualification

B.E EEE Thiagarajar College of Engineering 1999
M.E CSE Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engineering, Krishnankoil 2002
Ph.D CSE Anna University, Chennai 2011


June-1999 to June 2000 1 Lecturer GCE, Thirunelveli
01-06-2000 to 01-06-2001 1 Lecturer Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engineering, Srivilliputhur
13-12-2002 to 13-12-2007 5 Senior Lecturer TCE
05-01-2010 to 01-06-2013 3 Assistant Professor TCE
03-06-2013 to 11-12-2017 4.5 Associate Professor TCE
12-12-2017 to Till date 1.3 Professor TCE


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Industry Interactions

CDAC, Chennai Framing the Syllabus and conducting Industry Supported Courses 05-01-2021 to 09-03-2022 Virtualization Management
Sequoia Framing the syllabus and conducting one credit course 05-03-2019 to 23-02-2020 Building Scalable applications with Microservices
IBM Faculty visit to IBM Green datacenter and mainframe systems in IBM Bangalore 12-09-2016 to 13-09-2016 Green Datacenter and Mainframe systems
IBM Framing the syllabus and Conducting One Credit Course 12-04-2013 to 30-07-2015 Green Datacenter
Yahoo Map Reduce Scheduler 02-10-2009 to 09-09-2014 Developed MR Scheduler

Sponsored Research

An Agent Based Cloud Revenue Model for Women Empowerment in Rural areas AICTE Rs.6,51,556 Principal Inverstigator
Designing a Resource Aware Map Reduce Scheduler Yahoo, Bangalore - Member
Design of Parallel Scheduling Algorithm for Cluster Computing Environment Computer Society of India Principal Investigator

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. Participated in Technical Session of the 35th Indian Engineering Congress held in virtual mode, 18-12-2020 to 18-12-2020
  2. An Interactive Webinar on "Healthy Boundaries for Happy Living", Organized by Faculty & Student support centre, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai., 19-07-2020 to 19-07-2020
  3. Participated in all the sessions of Skycampus Digital Knowledge Series 2020 Organized by ICTAcademy for Faculties in the Month of May,2020, 05-05-2020 to 30-05-2020
  4. TEQIP-III Sponsored Two day Online Virtual FDP on “Design, Develop and Deliver online courses through MOODLE platform” organized by Department of Technical Education State Project Implementation Unit - Tamil Nadu & Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore - 14., 23-04-2020 to 24-04-2020
  5. Attended AICTE-Experts Training Programme for the Approval Process 2020-21 at Chennai by AICTE, 24-02-2020 to 24-02-2020
  6. Attended FDP on Mind Power Unlimited:Science of achieving peak performance, holistic success&stress-free living sponsored by TEQIP-III in TCE, 13-12-2019 to 13-12-2019
  7. Participated TEQIP-III Sponsored workshop on "CDIO Based Curriculum Design" by TCE., 21-08-2019 to 21-08-2019
  8. Participated AICTE-QIP Sponsored One Week Short Term Course on "Pedagogical Innovations and Research Directions in STEM Education", by Department of Computer Applications and Information Technology, TCE, 25-02-2019 to 02-03-2019
  9. Participated AICTE-QIP Sponsored One Week Short Term Course on "Data Science for Internet of Things", by Department of Computer Applications, TCE, 04-02-2019 to 09-02-2019
  10. Participated TEQIP III sponsored One Day National Workshop on "Medical Informatics" by Department of Mathematics, TCE, 17-12-2018 to 17-12-2018
  11. Participated in TEQIP Sponsored Two Day "Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Cyber Security Solutions",Organized by IT & MCA Department in TCE., 18-09-2018 to 19-09-2018
  12. Participated in ACM Distinguished Speaker Programme (DSP) on "Privacy and Security in Online Social Media (PSOSM)", organized by Department of Information Technology,TCE, Madurai-15, 27-07-2018 to 01-01-0001
  13. Participated Preconference Workshop of Fifth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education, ICTIEE 2018 at TCE, Madurai, 07-01-2018 to 09-01-2018
  14. Participated One day Workshop on "Outcome Based Education(OBE):National& International Accreditation" organized by TCE in association with IUCEE., 07-01-2018 to 07-01-2018
  15. Participated in AICTE-QIP Sponsored Two Week Short Term Course on "Deep Learning with Applications in Language,Vision & Control",organized by Department of CSE,TCE,Madurai-15, 04-12-2017 to 17-12-2017
  16. Participated in TEQIP-III Sponsored One day workshop on " Awareness on UG Self Assessment Report(SAR) of NBA", organized by Planning and Development Division,TCE,Madurai-15, 13-10-2017 to 01-01-0001
  17. Attended TEQIP-III Sponsored One Week Workshop on "Practical Python", Department of Computer Science and Engineering, TCE, Madurai, 04-09-2017 to 09-09-2017
  18. Participated in One day workshop for the stakeholders of Unnat Bharat, Margdarshan and Research Promotion Scheme of AICTE-"DISHA" in AICTE Head Office,New Delhi, 21-07-2017 to 21-07-2017
  19. Attended AICTE Sponsored Quality Improvement Programme - One Week Short Term Course on "Business Analytics and Intelligence"Organized by Dept.of Computer Applications, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore., 24-04-2017 to 30-04-2017
  20. Participated in 2nd International Conference for Convergence in Technology ,I2CT 2017,IEEE,Pune, 07-04-2017 to 09-04-2017
  21. Attended TEQIP II Sponsored A Two Day National Seminar on "Discrete Mathematics and its Applications to Engineers",organized by Dept. of Mathematics, TCE., 09-02-2017 to 10-02-2017
  22. Attended TEQIP-II Sponsored Three days Hands-on "Workshop on AI tools",Dept.of CSE,TCE., 23-01-2017 to 25-01-2017
  23. Attended TEQIP-II Sponsored Two days workshop on "International Accreditation and Program Assessment" organized by Planning and Development Division, TCE. , 04-11-2016 to 05-11-2016
  24. Participated in TEQIP Sponsored Fauclty Development Programme on "Network Security Tools ",Dept.of CSE,TCE. , 02-09-2016 to 03-09-2016
  25. Participated in TEQIP Sponsored Workshop on "Design of Effective Learning Environments", 01-06-2016 to 03-06-2016
  26. Participated in Five Days Training on "Think Parallel: Parallel Programming for Engineers and Scientists",CDAC Bangalore, 18-04-2016 to 22-04-2016
  27. Attended Two Days Residential Training Programme on"Basic Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills" held at CESCI,Madurai, 16-10-2015 to 17-10-2015
  28. Attended Faculty Development Programme on "Version Control Systems", Dept. of CSE, TCE., 29-08-2015 to 29-08-2015
  29. Attended two days Workshop on,"Engineering By Design Course" by Dr.D.K.Subramaniam in TCE, 25-08-2015 to 26-08-2015
  30. Three Days TEQIP Sponsored Worshop on "Good Learning" by N.J.Rao in TCE, 02-06-2015 to 04-06-2015
  31. Attended TEQIP Sponsored One Day Workshop on "Network Performance and Vulnerability Analysis", 06-04-2015 to 06-04-2015
  32. Attended Short Term Training Programme on "Pedagogy for the 21st Century" sponsored by ISTE., 08-12-2014 to 12-12-2014
  33. One Day Workshop on "Free Open Source Software", TCE,, 06-09-2014 to 06-09-2014
  34. Attended QEEE Workshop by IIT Bombay –“ Pedagogy for Effective Use of ICT in Engineering Education” through Remote Center, 24-07-2014 to 26-07-2014
  35. Attended National Seminar on E-Resources(Awareness talk on E-Resources for teaching, learning and research)in KCE., 31-12-2013 to 31-12-2013
  36. Participated in Two Days Workshop on "Art of Counselling" in Kings College of Engineering, 27-12-2013 to 28-12-2013
  37. TCS Sponsored One Day FDP on Mobile ComputingDepartment of CSE,TCENational,, 03-08-2012 to 03-08-2012
  39. Teacher Training Programme on "FOSS" for course-I, Anna University Campus from FOSSEE Project at IIT Bombay., 30-11-2009 to 04-12-2009
  40. IUCEE Faculty Leadership Institute, Infosys Campus,Mysore, 30-06-08 to 4-07-2008
  41. International RedHat certification Training Program, CSE Dept. TCE., 04-02-2008 to 10-02-2008
  42. Attended Six Days Seminar on "FOSS for Information Security",Dept.of CSE, TCE., 07-01-2008 to 12-01-2008
  43. Participated TCS Sponsored One-Day FDP on "Four Year Curricula-and how to raise the bar of Competency for Students",Dept.of CSE, TCE., 30-11-2007 to 30-11-2007
  44. Participated Three Days "Workshop on Soft Computing",Dept. of Mathematics, NIT, Trichy., 15-11-2007 to 17-11-2007
  45. Participated Six Days Seminar on "Free and Open Source Tools", Dept.Of.CSE, TCE, Madurai. , 08-01-2007 to 13-01-2007
  46. FDP on "Computer Organisation & Architecture", IIT-Madras, 14th to 15th October-2006
  47. Teacher Training Programme -II on "FOSS" for course-I, Anna University Campus from FOSSEE Project at IIT Bombay., 02-12-2005 to 03-12-2005
  48. Evolutionary Computation Techniques, Dept.Of.EEE,AKCE,Srivilliputhur, 22-10-2005
  49. Analysis & Design Of Algorithms-Ii, IITM-Kerala,Trivandram, 26th to 27th August-2005
  50. First TTP On Free/Open Source Software, AU-KBC Research Center,Mit,Chennai, 6th to 18 th June-2005
  51. Instruction Design & Delivery By Nitttr, Thaigarajar College Of Engg.,, 1-11-2004 TO 6-11-2004
  52. GA For Power System Optimization Problems, Dept.Of.EEE,AKCE,Srivilliputhur, 7th to 8th May-2004
  53. Human Centered Vision Of Ubiquitous Computing, CIT 2003 Center For Information Technology, 22nd December 2003
  54. Recent Trends In Wireless Technologies-Agilent Technology, Thaigarajar College Of Engg.,, 18-04-2003
  55. TEQIP sponsored Three Days Faculty Development Program on "Designing Engineering Education Research Studies” in TCE, 20-08-0014 to 22-08-0014
  56. One day Seminar on “Open Discussion on Research Orientation” in TCE, 08-08-0014 to 08-08-0014
  57. Attended QEEE Workshop by IIT Bombay –“ Pedagogy for Effective Use of ICT in Engineering Education” , 12-06-0014 to 14-06-0014
  58. One day workshop, “TCS Leadership Workshop on A Class Apart” in TCS, Chennai, 05-03-0014 to 05-03-0014
  59. TEQIP Sponsored 6 days FDP on “IBM System z Main Frame Computing”,2013, 18-11-0013 to 23-11-0013
  60. Two days -TEQIP Sponsored “Workshop on Outcome Based Education”,in TCE, 23-09-0013 to 24-09-0013
  61. TCS Sponsored One day Faculty Development programme on “IT Infrastructure Services – Data Center Management”, 2013, 14-08-0013 to 14-08-0013
  62. Attended Workshop on “Self estimation of Performance: Unskilled-unaware syndrome” in TCE,, 17-07-0013 to 17-07-0013

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Organised

  1. Two Days students Workshop on "Fog Computing and Explainable AI - Insights and Usecases" in Department of Information Technology, TCE, Madurai, , 20-09-2019 to 21-09-2019
  2. TEQIP-III Sponsored Two Days "Workshop on Block Chain Technology" in Department of Information Technology,TCE, 23-11-2018 to 24-11-2018
  3. AICTE -QIP Sponsored Two Week Short Term Course on "Deep Learning with Applications in Vision, Language and Control", in CSE Department,TCE, 04-12-2017 to 17-12-2017
  4. TEQIP-II Sponsored "Three Days Hands-On Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Tools",Dept.of CSE, TCE, 23-01-2017 to 25-01-2017
  5. Alan Turing Centenary Year Celebrations Two Day Seminar On Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science, CSE Department, DST and CSIR Sponsored, Feb 8th and 9th 2013
  6. DRDO and ACCS Sponsored One Day Seminar on Energy Aware Computing Approaches for Green System Design, CSE Department, 01-02-2013
  7. Five Days Faculty Development Program on Free and Open Source Software, Department of Computer Science and Engg, 30th Nov to 4 th Dec 2009
  8. TEQIP III Sponsored Two Days Students workshop on “Fog Computing and Explainable AI – Insights and Usecases" in Department of Information Technology,TCE, 21-09-2018 to 22-09-2018, 01-01-0001 to 01-01-0001

Ph.D Guidance/Supervisorship

E.Ramanujam Ph.D Data Mining Ongoing
C.Santhiya Ph.D Cloud Computing Ongoing
T.Manju Ph.D Virtual Reality Ongoing
G.Jeyashree Ph.D Fog Computing Ongoing
D.Malarvizhi M.E/M.S Industrial IoT Automation system Ongoing
S.Thiruchadai Pandeeswari Ph.D Software Defined Networking Ongoing

Lectures Delivered

Challenges of using ICT in TLP E-Faculty Development Programme on Modern Psychological Training Approaches to Enhance E-Learning, Organized by IQAC, DSEC, Perambalur 06-06-2020 to 06-06-2020
Outcome Based Accreditation Webinar on OBA, Organized by IQAC of Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College,Perambalur 27-05-2020 to 27-05-2020
Role of Cloud Computing in Academics IEEE Madras Section-Societies of Cluster - 3 ITS, MTT and COMSOC, Madurai 09-03-2019 to 09-03-2019
KerasR package for Deep Learning Models AICTE-QIP Sponsored one week Short Term Course on Deep Learning for Visual Computing,TCE,Madurai 28-01-2019 to 30-01-2019
Cloud IoT Architectures TEQIP Sponsored Two days Workshop on "Festival of Learning Iot & Cloud", TCE 15-11-2018 to 16-11-2018
Intended Learning Outcome to enhance competencies among Engineering Graduates through Thinking Maps AICTE-ISTE Sponsored One Week Training in Creative Learning and Innovative Teaching Methodologies, Department of CSE, K.L.N College of Engineering 24-04-2018 to 24-04-2018
Deep Learning using Keras AICTE-QIP Sponsored Two Week Short Term Course on Deep Learning with Applications in Language, Vision and Control,Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai-15 06-12-2017 to 06-12-2017
Guest Lecture on Shared Memory Programming with OpenMP IIPC Sponsored Two Days Faculty Development Programme on Multi-core Architecture and Programming in Department of CSE, K.L.N.College of Engineering, Madurai 06-01-2017 to 06-01-2017
Content Generation in Activity Based Learning - Flipped Classroom TEQIP II Sponsored One Day Workshop on Content Management Systems 29-08-2016 to 29-08-2016
ComPipelining and its Hazards Guest Lecture on Pipelining and its Hazards in Department of CSE, Kamaraj College of Engg.,Virudhunagar 26-08-2016 to 26-08-2016
Virtualization, Cloud Computing & Cloud Sim - Hands on TEQIP -II Sponsored Four Days Hands on Workshop,Department of Information Technology, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai 15-10-2015 to 15-10-2015
Pipelining and Data Hazards and Handled Tutorial session Anna University sponsored seven days FDTP on Computer Architecture Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai 08-07-2014 to 15-07-2014
Challenges in Cloud Computing PSR Engineering College, Sivakasi National Level Technical Projectmania,15th March 2013
Guest Lecture on Energy Efficient Data Center DRDO and ACCS Sponsored One Day Seminar on Energy Aware Computing Feb 1st 2013
Guest Lecture on Security and Privacy in Cloud Storage KLN College of Information Technology,Madurai DRDO Sponsored Workshop on Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing, 11th August 2012
Keynote Address on Scheduling in C luster Computing National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Distributed Computing, Kalasalingam University, Srivilliputhur October 14th,2011
Parallel Computing Fatima College,Madurai 19-01-2005

Awards / Recognition Received

  1. Received Elite Grade with Topper 1% for NPTEL Course on "Big Data Computing", IIT Madras
  2. 8 Weeks Course on "Introduction to Machine Learning", NPTEL Certification with Elite Grade from IIT Kharagpur
  3. QEEE-IITB, Recognition for the contributions to Educational Repository Wiki


The Institution of Engineers and Technology Membership No:1100888163
The Institution of Engineers (India) Membership M-163397-4
Indian Society for Technical Education Membership No:LM122634
Computer Society of India Membership No:00137539 -

Other Achievements

  1. Reviewer for Elsevier Sustainable Computing Journal
  2. Expert Member for Faculty Selection Committee for Ramco Institute of Technology
  3. Subject Expert Member for Board of Studies in Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College
  4. Expert Member for Competency Committee,NEC,Kovilpatti
  5. Anna University Nominee for Board of Studies for KLN College of Engineering
  6. Member for Board of Studies Meeting in Fathima College
  7. Anna University Nominee for Board of Studies Meeting- RMK College of Engineering
  8. External Expert for DRC Meeting,Kasalingam University
  9. Anna University Nominee for Board of Studies Meeting for Francis Xavier College of Engineering,Thirunlveli
  10. Reviewer in Computer and Information Sciences-Elsevier
  11. Reviewer in Journal of Experimental Algorithmics
  12. Reviewer in Elsevier Sustainable Computing
  13. Board of Studies Member in IT Department, KLU, Krishnankoil
  14. Reviewer in IEEE ICCCA
  15. Reviewer in IEEE ICCCA
  16. Reviewer in International Journal of Fuzzy Systems
  17. Department Advisory Board Member in IT Department, Sethu Institute of Technology, Virudhunagar
  18. Reviewer in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Physical Sciences (NASA)
  19. Reviewer in KSII Transaction on Internet and Information Technology
  20. Reviewer in Journal of Engineering Science and Technology