Educational Qualification

BE Electronics and Communications Engineering Mepco Schlenk Engineering College 2004
M.E Multimedia Technology College of Engineering ,Anna University 2006
Ph.D Information and Communication Engineering Anna University 2015


06-07-2006 to 24-08-2011 5 Years 1 month Lecturer TCE
25-08-2011 to 11-12-2017 6 years 3 months Assistant Professor TCE
12-12-2017 to 17-03-2020 2 Years 3 Months Associate Professor TCE


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Industry Interactions

Wissen InfoTech Machine Learning Algorithms in Big Data Analytics for Engineering Applications 11-09-2020 to 12-09-2020 Two day workshop on Machine Learning Algorithms in Big Data Analytics for Engineering Applications
Oracle, Bangalore Applications of RDBMS in the Industry 22-08-2020 to 22-08-2020 Webinar on Applications of RDBMS in the Industry
TICF Data Warehouse Creation for Real Time Projects 24-01-2020 to 25-01-2020 Coordinator for two days workshop on Data Warehouse Creation for Real Time Projects
CDAC Guest Lecture on "Text and Descriptive Analytics" 09-03-2017 to 15-03-2017 Organizing One week workshop on "Real Time Data Analytics
IBM Guest Lecture on "Real Time Data Analytics" and "Streaming Data" 09-03-2017 to 15-03-2017 Organizing one week workshop on "Real Time Data Analytics"
Khosla Labs Guest Lecture on "Precictive Data Analytics" 09-03-2017 to 15-03-2017 Organizing One week workshop on "Real Time Data Analytics
Honeywell Guest Lecture on "Big Data Analytics" 09-03-2017 to 15-03-2017 Organizing One week workshop on "Real Time Data Analytics
Adobe Organized One credit course - Rich Internet Applications 22-01-2011 to 23-01-2011 Framing the syllabus and conducting One credit Course
Amadasoft 3D Modeling, Avatar Creation and Animation using Opensim and SecondLife 01-01-2008 to 25-04-2010 Coordinator for multimedia project


AerX Lab Inc, Bangalore Piolt Proficiency Measurement System 01-09-2015 to 30-06-2016

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. AICTE sponsored Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) short-term course on "Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing and Internet of Things" organized via online mode by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, 22-01-2021 to 26-01-2021
  2. TEQIP III sponsored Short-term course on “Research Methodology in Science and Engineering” organized BY IIT Indore during , 26-12-2020 to 30-12-2020
  3. International Webinar titled ​“ ​Recent Trends in Brain Computer Interface with Machine Learning Techniques ​”​, ​on 9th & 10th October 2020, ​Organised BY SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, 09-10-2020 to 10-10-2020
  4. TEQIP-III Sponsored One Week Short Term Course on Data Analytics Tools and Techniques (DATT-2020) , Dr B R AmbedkarNational Institute of Technology Jalandhar, 22-09-2020 to 26-09-2020
  5. Online FDP on "Developing learner-centric online courses: Resilient teaching approach", TCE, 10-08-2020 to 11-08-2020
  6. One day Webinar on "Building and Deploying Machine Learning Pipelines in the Cloud" , SSN Chennai, 19-07-2020 to 19-07-2020
  7. Online FDP on "Design, Develop and Deliver online courses through MOODLE platform" organized by Department of Technical Education .State Project Implementation Unit - Tamil Nadu & Coimbatore Institute of Technology, 23-04-2020 to 24-04-2020
  8. One Day Workshop on C and C organised by the Teaching Learning Centre (ICT) at IIT Bombay, held at TCE, 29-02-2020 to 29-02-2020
  9. NPTEL Certification and FDP Course on "Python for Data Science", IIT Cennai, 01-02-2020 to 30-04-2020
  10. NPTEL Certification and FDP Course on "Data Analytics with Python - 12 Weeks online" IIT Roorkee, 01-01-2020 to 30-04-2020
  11. MHRD Sponsored TEQIP FDP ON "A case Based Short Term Course on Advanced Data Analytics with Python Programming", IIT Roorkee, 20-05-2019 to 24-05-2019
  12. AICTE Sponsored Three day National Seminar on "Research Issues and Opportunities in VLSI Nanoelectronic device", TCE., 12-04-2019 to 14-04-2019
  13. TEQIP Sponsored One week Workshop on "DataScience for Internet of Things", MCA, TCE, 04-02-2019 to 09-02-2019
  14. AICTE -QIP Sponsored One week Short Term Course on "Deep Learning for Visual Computing", CSE, TCE., 28-01-2019 to 03-02-2019
  15. TEQIP Sponsored Two days workshop on "BlockChain Technology", IT,TCE, 23-11-2018 to 24-11-2018
  16. ACM DSP on "Privacy and Security in Online Social Media", 27-07-2018 to 27-07-2018
  17. Attended AICTE Two weeks workshop on "Context Aware Recommender Systems" held at TCE, 20-11-2017 to 03-12-2017
  18. TEQIP Sponsored One week Workshop on "Practical Python", CSE, TCE, 04-09-2017 to 09-09-2017
  19. Attended 10 weeks IUCEEE (Indo Universal Collaborations for Engineering Education) – EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Services) design thinking Programme, 01-09-2017 to 11-01-2018
  20. Attended 8 Weeks NPTEL Certificate Programme for the Course “Cloud Computing” during August - October 2017 and received the certification with “Elite” Grade., 15-08-2017 to 21-10-2017
  21. TEQIP Sponsored One week workshop on "Real Time Data Analytics" held at TCE., 09-03-2017 to 15-03-2017
  22. GIAN course on "Social Network Analysis" held at IIT, Hyderabad, 17-12-2016 to 23-12-2016
  23. TEQIP - II sponsored One day workshop on “Standard Operating Procedures for TCE”, held at TCE, 22-11-2016 to 22-11-2016
  24. DST-SERB Sponsored Two day workshop on "Computational Intelligence for Big Data Analytics" held at TCE, Madurai, 17-11-2016 to 18-11-2016
  25. TEQIP - II sponsored one day workshop on “R Software for Statistical Computing in Research", held at TCE, 11-11-2016 to 11-11-2017
  26. TEQIP - II sponsored one day workshop on “ICT Tools for Engineering Education", held at TCE, 09-11-2016 to 09-11-2016
  27. DST – SERB Sponsored 3 – day seminar on “Current Research Trends in Computational Techniques in Bioinformatics” held at TCE., 21-09-2016 to 23-09-2016
  28. 3 days workshop on IUCEE International Engineering Educator Pre- Certification Workshop conducted by Dr.Claire Komives, Professor, San Jose State University, US., 09-08-2016 to 11-08-2016
  29. Two days residential training programme on " Basic Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills" held at CESCI, Madurai, 16-10-2015 to 17-10-2015
  30. Two days Technical Seminar on " Video Analytics" conducted by Mepco Schlenk Engg College, 18-09-2015 to 19-09-2015
  31. TEQIP sponsored one day workshop on “Network Performance and Vulnerability Analysis", held at TCE., 06-04-2015 to 06-04-2015
  32. One day workshop on "Formal Methods" conducted by TCE, 05-03-2015 to 05-03-2015
  33. One day workshop on SciLab Certification conducted by IIT, Bombay, 07-07-2014 to 07-07-2014
  34. One week workshop on "Databases: Learning through activity", TCE, 23-06-2014 to 27-06-2014
  35. TEQIP sponsored one day workshop on “Cyber Security", held at TCE., 26-03-2014 to 26-03-2014
  36. One day workshop on “Research trends and application of Heuristic algorithms in design and Manufacturing”,TCE, 23-12-2013 to 23-12-2013
  37. TEQIP Sponsored one week FDP on “IBM System Z Main Frame Computing", TCE., 18-11-2013 to 23-11-2013
  38. TEQIP Sponsored workshop on "Outcome based Education", TCE, 04-11-2013 to 05-11-2013
  39. TEQIP Sponsored one day workshop on "Recent Trends and Research Challenges in Business Analytics and Optimization", held ON August 13, 2013, at TCE., 13-08-2013 to 13-08-2013
  40. One day Workshop on “ Applications of Soft Computing Techniques in Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery” , TCE,, 10-04-2013 to 10-04-2013
  41. 3 days workshop on “Big Data Analytics”, CEG Campus, Anna University, Chennai, 18-01-2013 to 20-01-2013
  42. One day FDP on “ Mobile Computing” , TCE, 03-08-2012 to 03-08-2012
  43. One day FDP on “ Data Mining” , Honeywell, Madurai, 31-07-2012 to 31-07-2012
  44. 2 days workshop on “System Integration Challenges and solutions for mixed signal design”, TCE, 04-07-2011 to 05-07-2011
  45. 2 day workshop on Data mining tools, VIT, Vellore, January 7-8,2010
  46. 3 day workshop on Digital Image and Video Processing, NIT,Trichy, November 7 -9,2009
  47. Data Mining Workshop on “PASW MODELER”, NIT,Trichy, August 24,2009
  48. National Conference on “free open source Software – FOSS’09, TCE, 27-02-2009 to 01-03-2009
  49. SDP On Web Services And Applications, Sri Sairam Engg College And Tcs, May 5- May 17,2008
  50. FDP On Four Year Curricula And How To Raise The Bar Of Competency For Students, TCE, 30th November,2007.
  51. SDP On Multimedia Data Types And Formats, CSE, TCE, 12th November to 24 November,2007
  52. FDP On SDLC And Project Management-Best Practices, CSE, TCE, July 27- July 28,2007
  53. Applications Of Evolutionary Computations To Engineering Optimization Problems, EEE, TCE, May 28- June 1 , 2007
  54. International Conference on Signal Processing, Communications and Networking (ICSCN-2007, MIT,Anna University), 22-02-2007 to 24-02-2007
  55. NCDMA, Annamalai University, 2006

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Organised

  1. Organized TEQIP -III Sponsored One day Webinar on "Machine Learning for Data Science Applications”, Experts: Prof. Mohd Fauzi Zanil, UCSI University ,Malaysia , 23-01-2021 to 23-01-2021
  2. Organized Webinar on "Applications of RDBMS in the Industry", Experts: Mrs.Keerthana, Senior Application Developer, Oracle, 22-08-2020 to 22-08-2020
  3. Organized Webinar on " Block Chain Technology", Experts : Dr. Kunwar Singh, NIT-Trichy, 30-05-2020 to 30-05-2020
  4. Organized Webinar on "“Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning – Discussion with Case Studies” , 29-05-2020 to 29-05-2020
  5. TEQIP Sponsored Two-day Workshop on " Data Warehouse Creation for Real Time Projects",, 24-01-2020 to 25-01-2020
  6. TEQIP Sponsored Two-day Workshop on "Machine Learning Algorithms in Big Data Analytics for Engineering Applications” , 11-09-2019 to 12-09-2019
  7. TEQIP III SPONSOREDTwo Day Workshop on “Big Data Analytics for Cyber Security Solutions, 18-09-2018 to 19-09-2018
  8. TEQIP Sponsored One Week Workshop on "Real Time Data Analytics" held at TCE., 09-03-2017 to 15-06-2017
  9. One day workshop on "Flight Simulator" conducted by Aerx Lab, Bangalore, 09-12-2015 to 09-12-2015
  10. Seminar on "Rich Internet Applications" by Adobe,, 01-01-2011 to 02-01-2011
  11. Seminar on "Computer Vision on Navigation Approach" by Ibrahim, Senior Software Engineer, Honeywell, Bangalore , 08-01-2010 to 08-01-2010
  12. Two Day Hands-On Workshop on “Data Warehouse Creation for Real Time Projects”, Department of Information Technology, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai. , 24-01-2020 to 25-01-2020, 01-01-0001 to 01-01-0001

Lectures Delivered

"Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Applications", in Phase-II AICTE-ISTE sponsored Induction/Refresher programme on "Data science in Engineering applications Anurag University, Hyderabad 18-03-2021 to 18-03-2021
AICTE –QIP Sponsored two week short term course on “Research Perspectives in Data Management Schemes in Engineering Applications Alagappa Chettiar Government College of Engineering and Technology . Karaikudi 10-12-2019 to 10-12-2019
Temporal Data Analytics for Business Intelligence NIT, Trichy 11-08-2016 to 11-08-2016
Multimedia Fundamentals Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Madurai 07-04-2010 to 07-04-2010
Computer knowledge and Microsoft Office for School Headmasters TCE,Madurai 08-01-2010 to 08-01-2010
Preplacement talk in “C Programming” for TCE Third Year Mechanical Students TCE,Madurai 23-04-2009 to 23-04-2009
Microsoft Office for TCE Office Assistants TCE,Madurai 18-07-2008 to 18-07-2008
Image, Video ,Audio Formats And Its Compression Techniques in SDP On Multimedia TCE,Madurai 14-11-2007 to 16-11-2007

Awards / Recognition Received

  1. VIT Vellore, Expert Member for Ph.D Viva Voce Examination, VIT -Vellore, MK University- Madurai, KLU- Krishnan Kovil
  2. Anna University, Expert Member for Ph.D Viva Voce Examination, Anna University
  3. Received Elite Grade with Silver Medal for the NPTEL Course on "Data Science for Engineers", IIT Chennai
  4. IEEE, Session Chair for IEEE International Conference on Computational Research and Computing Research, 2018
  5. Certificate of Distinction for IUCEE -EPICS Design thinking Course by securing 100% mark, IUCEE
  6. Received Honour Code Certificate for the course" Basic 3D animation using Blender " , IIT Bombay
  7. IBM Certified Web sphere Studio Application Developer, IBM


IAENG Membership No: 125032
IET Membership No: 1100869693
Internet Society Membership No:2186803
CSI Membership No: l1501771
ACM Membership No: 5480839
IACSIT Membership No:80333694

Other Achievements

  1. Courseera online Certification course on Datascientist's Toolbox,Johns Hopkins University,USA
  2. Reviewer in IGI Global Publishers
  3. Reviewer in Inderscience
  4. Reviewer in Emerald
  5. Reviewer in ICTIEEJ 2017(CMT) , Fourth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education, Jaipur Section, IUCEE
  6. Reviewer in Computers in Biology and Medicine, Elsevier
  7. Reviewer in International Journal of Industrial Engineering: Theory, Applications and Practice
  8. Reviewer in Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Elsevier
  9. Reviewer in . Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Physical Sciences (NASA) , Springer