Educational Qualification

B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering Madurai Kamaraj University 1990
M.E Microwave & Optical Engineering Madurai Kamaraj University 1993
PH.D Development of Fractal Antenna for Multiband wireless applications Anna University 2009


1993-1994 1 Teaching Assistant ACCET, Karaikudi.
1994-1997 3 Lecturer RVS college of Engg. & Tech.
1997-2004 12 Lecturer/ Assistant Professor TCE, Madurai.
Jan 1993 - Aug 1993 8M Project Associate ISRO, ISAc, Bangalore
27-8-2004 to 26-07-2009 5 Senior Grade Lecturer Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
27-08-2009 to 26-08-0012 3 Assistant Professor Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
27-08-2012 to 26-08-2015 3 Associate Professor Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
27-08-2015 to Till date 3.5 Professor Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai


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Sponsored Research

Design and development of a millimeter wave based Road condition detection radar for Automotive applications MeitY 42.74 Lakhs Co Investigator
Development of Conformal antenna array for Avionics applications DRDO 17.8 Lakhs Principal Investigator
Development of Fractal Antennas for multiband wireless applications DRDO 11.3 Lakhs Principal Investigator


Siemens, Bangalore RF Occupancy detection system -
Honeywell, Madurai Academic programme 22-01-2004 to 22-01-2004

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. Erudite Webinar series on Arise and Shine (Psychology series), 05-06-2021 to 16-06-2021
  2. M S CHELLAMUTHU INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH AND REHABILITATION Webinar on “Non Violent Communication to strengthen the FamilyWellbeing”, 22-05-2021 to 22-05-2021
  3. AICTE Sponsored Short Term Course“Principles and Advances in Electromagnetics” by Centre for Continuing Education Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 22-03-2021 to 27-03-2021
  4. International Virtual conference Antenna Test and Measurement society ATMS 2021., 18-02-2021 to 20-02-2021
  5. Virtual Conclave" Atmanirbhar Bharat for 5G," by Keysight technologies & IIT Madras in association with CNBC TV18, 27-08-2020 to 27-08-2020
  6. Webinar on "BEHAVIOUR BLIND SPOTS " by MS Chellamuthu Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation , Madurai, 25-07-2020 to 25-07-2020
  7. IETE Bangalore Centre & ATMS orgamized one week Webinar on "Advanced antenna design and development for RF communication", 20-07-2020 to 25-07-2020
  8. Webinar on " LOVE LANGUAGES " held on July 18, 2020 by MS Chellamuthu Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation , Madurai, 18-07-2020 to 18-07-2020
  9. MS Chellamuthu Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation , Madurai, Webinar on "Anger Management " held on July 11, 2020, 11-07-2020 to 11-07-2020
  10. MS Chellamuthu Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation , Madurai, "Self Development" , 01-07-2020 to 06-07-2020
  11. IEEE Bangalore Section Webinar- Learning series "Art and Challenges of Writing Papers for IEEE Transactions", 08-06-2020 to 08-06-2020
  12. Alumni association, College of Engineering, Guindy Health awareness webinar on Boost your Immunity Being at Home", 21-05-2020 to 21-05-2020
  13. ASM & ASMA’s Online Faculty Development Program Series titled ‘Online Learning Pedagogy and Effective Use of Case Methodology", 17-05-2020 to 21-05-2020
  14. QCFI webinar on , 14-05-2020 to 15-05-2020
  15. Keysight Technologies "Virtual 5G Boot Camp Webinar", 29-04-2020 to 29-04-2020
  16. SPIU, TN & CIT Workshop " Design, Develop and Deliver online courses through Moodle platform", 23-04-2020 to 24-04-2020
  17. International conference aptos 2019 - Asia Pacific Tele-Ophthalmology Society2019, 21-09-2019 to 22-09-2019
  18. International conference Antenna Test & Measurement Society (ATMS) , 25-07-2019 to 27-07-2019
  19. IEEE workshop on Recent trends in microwave electronics for defence aaplications, 22-03-2019 to 22-03-2019
  20. Mentoring skill, 02-11-2018 to 02-11-2018
  21. Conf., cum workshop on VLSI Design and Test, TCE, 28-06-2018 to 30-06-2018
  22. ATMS INDIA 2018, 05-05-2018 to 07-05-2018
  23. AICTE QIP sponsored workshop on Array signal processing in Radar and Wireless communication, TCE, 04-10-2017 to 10-12-2017
  24. Workshop on Standard operating procedures for TCE, 22-11-2016 to 01-01-0001
  25. IEEE Indian antenna week 2016, 05-06-2016 to 06-06-2016
  26. Tutorial Course Cum Conference ATMS 2016, Goa, 01-02-2016 to 03-02-2016
  27. TEQIP Workshop on Outcome Based Education, TCE, MDU23.09.2014 to 24.09.2014, 23-09-2014 to 24-09-2014
  28. ISTE - MHRD workshop Pedagogy for effective use of ICT in Education, TCE, 12-06-2014 to 02-08-2014
  29. TEQIP workshop on Wireless networks: Green communication, 31-03-2014 to 04-04-2014
  30. Antenna Testing and measurements ATMS 2014, Chennai, 11-02-2014 to 12-02-2014
  31. NBA COURSE on Outcome based education , 18-01-2014 to 21-01-2014
  32. International Conference and Workshop on "Fractals and Wavelets" held at Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Cochin, Kerala , 09-11-2013 to 16-11-2013
  33. TEQIP and TIFAC CORE sponsored National Workshop on "EMI and EMC measurents", held at TCE, Madirai, , 21-09-2013 to 22-09-2013
  34. Second International Conf. on Science, Engg and Tech., April 20-21, 2011, V.I.T, Chennai, 22-04-2011 to 23-04-2011
  35. nterNat. Conf. on Logic, Information, Control & Computation, ICLICC2011, Gandhgram University, 25-02-2011 to 27-02-2011
  36. International Seminar on Microwaves, ISM 2010, Bangalore, 24-12-2010 to 28-12-2010
  37. BangaloreNational Conference on Magnetic materials and applications,, TCE, Madurai, 01-02-2010
  38. International Conference on Active/Smart Materials, TCE, Madurai, 01-12-2008
  39. International Radar Symposium India , Bangalore., 25-12-2007 to28-12-2007
  40. International Conference on Microwave and Optical technology , Aurangabad, 24-12-2007 to26-12-2007
  41. National Conference on Smart Materials and Structures, RCI, Hyderabad., 14-12-2007 to 16-12-2007
  42. Hands On Training On “Design Of RF Components With Empire EM Simulator”, TCE, Madurai, 15.6.07
  43. Short Term Course On “Analog Integrated Circuits”, TCE, Madurai, 4.6.07 To 8.6.07
  44. International 2nd Empire User Conference, IMST, Maxsoft, Bangalore, 10.4.07
  45. National Conference on Computing and Mathematical Modeling, Gandhigram University, 18-03-2007 to 19-03-2007
  46. National Conference On Mathematics, Computing And Modeling , Gandhigram University, 3.3.07 To 4.3.07
  47. National Seminar On “Auto MEMS”, Kongu Engineering College, Erode, 19.01.07 to 20.01.07
  48. National Conference On “Smart Structures And MEMS Systems For Aerospace Applications”, RCI, Hyderabad, 1.12.06 To 2.12.06
  49. National Seminar On Embedded Systems- Theme-RFID, SASTRA, Tanjore, 26.10.06 to 28.10.06
  50. International Radar Symposium India, , Bangalore., 20-12-2005 to 22-12 -2005
  51. International Radar Symposium India, National Seminar Complex IISC, Bangalore, 19.12.05 to 22.12.05
  52. Workshop On Antennas, Maxsoft, Bangalore, 14.12.05
  53. Workshop On “Virtual Lab In Robotics & Telemetry”, Thiagarajar College Of Engg.,Madurai., 23-02-2005
  54. Workshop On “Simulation Using Mathematica”, Thiagarajar College Of Engg.,Madurai., 19-02-2005
  55. AICTE-ISTE Sponsored Short Term Training Programe On “Strategic Quality Improvement Methods For Achieving Zero Defect”, Thiagarajar College Of Engg.,Madurai, 06-12-2004 To 18-12-2004
  56. RF measurements, SAMEER, Chennai, 01-12-2004
  57. International Radar Symposium India, Bangalore.Agilent’s RF measurement, Chennai,
  58. Training On “ RF & Microwave Measurements”, SAMEER- Centre For Electromagnetics, Chennai, 26-05-2004 To 01-06-2004
  59. Asia Pacific Microwave Conference,, New Delhi, 25-12-2003 to 28-12-2003
  60. Short Term Training Programme On “Faculty Of Information And Communication Engineering” , Anna University, Chennai, 11-07-2003 & 12-07-2003
  61. Workshop On “Recent Trends In Wireless Technologies” By Agilent Technologies , Thiagarajar College Of Engg., Madurai, 18-04-2003
  62. Workshop On “Micro & Nano Technology” , Thiagarajar College Of Engg, Madurai, 07-12-2002 To 09-12-2002
  63. International Conference on Smart materials, Structures and systems, Bangalore, 01-12-2002
  64. International Conference On “Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility”, SAMEER, Society Of EMC Engineers(India), Chennai, 28-11-2000 To 29-11-2000

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Organised

  1. Interactive webinar, "MUDRAS FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS (PRE COVID, DURING COVID, POST COVID), 30-05-2021 to 30-05-2021
  2. An Interactive Webinar on " Sustainable Livelihood opportunities during Covid 19 pandemic" under Women Development Cell, TCE, 11-08-2020 to 11-08-2020
  3. An Interactive Webinar on " A New Journey Ahead" under Women Development Cell, TCE, 20-06-2020 to 20-06-2020
  4. Webinar on "Health Boundaries for Happy Living" under Facult Student Support Center, TCE, 19-06-2020 to 19-06-2020
  5. Webinar on "Design and EM simulation of RF modules, Antennas using CST studio suite", 26-05-2020 to 27-06-2020
  6. IEEE & TEQIP workshop on Recent trends in microwave electronics for defense applications, 22-03-2019 to 22-03-2019
  7. Workshop cum conference IEEE "Indian antenna week 2016", 06-06-2016 to 10-06-2016
  8. TEQIP sponsored Pre workshop on "Microstrip antennas", 05-06-2016 to 05-06-2016
  9. TEQIP sponsored National conference on " Wireless Communication Systems", 18-04-2014 to 19-04-2014
  10. TEQIP & IEEE Antennas & Propagation society madras chapter - Workshop " Computational electromagnetics & antennas", 05-03-2014 to 05-03-2014
  11. TEQIP Workshop on Emerging Antenna tech, TCE., 10-01-2014 to 11-01-2014
  12. TEQIP Sponsored two days national workshop on,"Emerging Antenna Tech",, 10-01-2014 to 11-01-2014
  13. EMI & EMC measurement, 21-09-2013 to 22-09-2013
  14. TEQIP Sponsored International Workshop on "RF Circuits and Systems" TCE, Madurai, 12-08-2013 to 13-08-2013
  15. DRDO sponsored National Seminar on Navigation System, TCE, Madurai, 14-07-2012 to 15-07-2012
  16. National Conference on Emerging trends on Wireless Technologies (ETWT2010) National Conference on Emerging trends on Wireless Technologies (ETWT2010) , TCE, Madurai, 23.07.2010 to 24.07.2010
  17. ISTE-NSTEDB-Faculty Awareness Camp on Entrepreneurship programme, TARC,TCE, Madurai, 02.07.2008 to 04.07.2008,
  18. AICTE-ISTE STTP Course material on RF systems for wireless applications, TARC,TCE, Madurai,
  19. Short term Course material on Design and simulation of RF devices using Empire software, TARC,TCE, Madurai, 20.07.2007 to 21.07.2007
  20. Design and simulation of RF systems using Agilent Advanced Design systems , TARC,TCE, Madurai, 07.05.2007 to 08.05.2007
  21. Introduction to RF systems and RF CAD, TARC,TCE, Madurai, 05.05.2007 to 06.05.2007
  22. one day workshop on RF System on Package (SoP), TCE, Madurai, 27.12.07
  23. TEQIP workshop on Computational Electromagnetics, 01-01-0001 to 05-03-2014
  24. TEQIP sponsored International workshop on RF Circuits and systems, TCE, MDU12.08.2013-13.08.2013, 01-01-0001 to 01-01-0001
  25. CICTT (Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers) by Dale Carnegie Training Center under Mission 10X Program, TCE, Madurai, 12.05.2011 to 18.05.2011 and 22.08.11 to 23.08.11, 01-01-0001 to 01-01-0001

Ph.D Guidance/Supervisorship

D. Helena Margret Ph.D EBG based antenna Completed
P. Gunapandian Ph.D RF, Antenna Ongoing
G. Krishnaveni Ph.D RF, Antenna Ongoing
A. Periyanan Ph.D Medical Image Processing Ongoing
N. Indra Ph.D Antenna for BAN Completed
Prutha Prashant Kulkarni Ph.D 5G antenna Ongoing

Lectures Delivered

training on “Microstrip Antennas-concepts and design” for the executives D&E, CRL & PDIC divisions of Bharat Electronics (BEL) Online 25-11-2020 to 25-11-2020
Compact Antennas and Numerical Modeling in IETE &ATMS Antenna Webinar IETE Bangalore & ATMS 20-07-2020 to 25-07-2020
Multiband Antennas in IEEE Workshop on Women in Antenna Engineering Pondichery University 07-03-2020 to 07-03-2020
Antennas and wave propagation Sethu Institute of Technology 11-04-2019 to 11-04-2019
Wireless sensor networks and applications KLN College of Engg, Madurai 15-09-2016 to 15-09-2016
Electromagnetism and Transmission lines Srividhya Engg College,Virudhunagar 16-12-2014 to 23-12-2014
Fundamentals and Recent Trends in Antenna PSY Engineering College, Sivagangai 11-03-2013 to 03-03-2013
Research methodology and implementation K.L.N.College of Engineering
Research Trends in Antennas and applications Sethu Institute of Technology, Madurai
Testing and measurement of antennas in anechoic chamber AICTE-ISTE STTP on RF systems for wireless applications
Antennas and wave propagation Velammal College of Engineering, Madurai 10-12-2010 to 10-12-2010
Fundamentals of antenna, recent trends and applications Vickram Engineering College
Short term course on Design and simulation RF devices using Empire simulatorAntennas for wireless applications 01-07-2008 to 01-07-2008
Wire Antenna design and applications /TARC/TCE/ Short term course on Antenna design, fabrication and testing for Sudan Engineers, RAM PLUS tech, Bangalore
Design and development of antennas using Empire simulator Short term course on Design and simulation RF devices using Empire simulator
Fundamentals Of Antenna And Application Sarthar Engineering College, Aalangulam July 2007
Antennas for Space applications, design using Empire simulator Empire II user conference, Bangalore
RFIDs and their applications/NSES-2007 SASTRA-TIFAC CORE on Embedded systems, Tanjore,
RF MEMS In Automobiles Kongu Engineering College, Erode January 2007
Antenna Design And Its Wireless Application K.L.N.College Of Engineering, Madurai November 2006
RFID Antennas SASTRA, Tanjore October 2006
Planar Antenna Design And Application Honeywell, Madurai October 2005
CAD Modeling Of Microwave Circuits National Engg. College, Kovilpatti May 2005
MEMS Technology And Its Application P.T.R. College Of Engg, Thankkankulam March 2005
Antennas For Wireless Application Honeywell, Madurai January 2005
MEMS And Applications Kamarajar College Of Engg., Virudhunagar July 2004
Trends In Antenna Technology St.Michel College Of Engg., Sivagangai January 2004
Arrivial Thuzhigal Internet And Application AIR, Madurai August 1996
Trends In Telecommunication RVSCET, Dindigul March 1995

Awards / Recognition Received

  1. Certified as International Certified Career Coach, Career Development Alliance (USA) & Mindler
  2. CICTT(Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers) , Cambridge University


IEEE Senior member -
ISTE Member -
ATMS Member -

Other Achievements

  1. Organised Conference IEEE Indian Antenna and published proceedings in IEEEXplore
  2. Developed prototype EMF models and antenna products to support teaching RF, antennas
  3. Developed prototype EMF models and antenna products to support teaching RF, antennas