Educational Qualification

BE Electronics and Communication Engineering Mepco Schlenk Engineering College 1993
ME Communication Systems Thiagarajar college of Engineering 1998
PGDMIT Medical Instrumentation Coimbatore Institute of Technology 1994
Ph.D. RF MEMS/NEMS,Microwaves Anna University 2009


16-10-2009 to 22-02-2013 4 years 5 months Assistant Professor Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai
2005- 2009 4 years Senior Lecturer Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai
2000-2005 5 years Lecturer Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai
1999-2000 10 months Lecturer SRM College of Engineering
1998-1999 1 years 6 months Lecturer MEPCO Schlenk Engineering College,Sivakasi
1994-1998 3 years 6 months Lecturer Mohamed Sathak Engineering College,kilakarai
22-02-2013 to Till date 3 years Associate Professor Thiagarajar college of Engineering


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Industry Interactions

Elmack engineering Services,Chennai 14hrs of class 17-09-2021 to 08-10-2021 1Credit course on Field Test for 5G near future
Solid state Physics Laboratory B.E Final year Project guidance 26-12-2020 to 29-04-2021 Student Projects
Solid State Physics Laboratory, New Delhi - 15-11-2014 to 15-11-2014 Interaction regarding Fabrication
Big Soft Consulting Private Limited,Bangalore, - 11.05.2004 to 17.05.2004 Training in Intellisuite MEMS CAD

Sponsored Research

Radio Frequency Modelling and Testing of a Two terminal Bistable RF MEMS Switch SERB ,New Delhi 18.30 lakhs Principal Investigator
Analysis and Development of Design data for RF MEMS Phase Shifters for Phased Arrays AICTE - RPS 16.9 Lakhs Co-Ordinator
Nano transmission line analysis for interconnect applications UGC, Delhi 14.27 Lakhs Principal Investigator
Design and Development of Capacitive RF MEMS Shunt Switch as high speed digital interconnects for Space applications DST, Delhi 23.20 Lakhs Principal Investigator
Varactor based RF MEMS phase shifter for Ku band Applications ADA-NPMASS Cell, Bangalore 135 Lakhs Co- Coordinator
Establishment of New National MEMS Design Centre NPMASS-ADA 12.83 Lakhs Co-Ordinator


Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Tested Electro thermal actuator fabricated using SOI- MUMPS process 20-06-2012 to 20-06-2012
Bharat Electronics Limited, Bangalore Discussion about the projects ,facilities available 01-08-2008 to 06-08-2008
SPIC, Tutocorin One of the co-Worker/ helped in measurement 08-06-2008 to 10-06-2008

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. S.Kanthamani,"6G Wireless Communication Theory and Practice" Conducted By IEEE Signal Processing Society and Dept. Of ECE, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Oct 29-31 2021, 29-10-2021 to 31-10-2021
  2. Taylor & Francis Group,"How to Publish Scholarly Books in Science and Technology"September 22.9.2021, 22-09-2021 to 22-09-2021
  3. IEEE MTT-S Women in Microwave Virtual Colloquium on "Recent Trends, Techniques and Carrier opportunities on Millimetre and Microwave Technologies , Antennas and Applications",conducted by IEEE MTT-S Kerala Chapter, 17-07-2021 to 18-07-2021
  4. SPARC sponsored Two weeks workshop on "Recent Trends on Metamaterial based Antennas for Wireless applications and Deep Learning Techniques"15.2.2021 to 26.2.2021,conducted by NIT, Tiruchirappalli, 15-02-2021 to 26-02-2021
  5. Grant writing under Nano Sciences domain, Ministry of Education-STARS office, 08-12-2020 to 08-12-2020
  6. Role of MTT-S in volunteer in shaping the role of engineering students post COVID-19, IIST , Trivandrum, 17-09-2020 to 17-09-2020
  7. Si-RF Technology, Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur, 29-08-2020 to 29-08-2020
  8. Demystifying 5G RF ASICs, by Electronics and ICT Academies, 24-08-2020 to 04-09-2020
  9. Transceiver Architectures for Beyond-5G: Challenges and R&D Opportunities , PDH, IEEE Continuing Education, 07-08-2020 to 07-08-2020
  10. W-3 course outcomes and Domains of learning, National institute on Technical teachers training and Research, Bhopal, 14-07-2020 to 14-07-2020
  11. Healthy Boundaries for Happy Living, Faculty and Student support centre of Thiagarajar College of engineering, 19-06-2020 to 19-06-2020
  12. Potentiality of RF MEMS for future Wireless Communication, IEEE MTT-S Kerala section and IEEE MTT-S and APS student branch, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, 23-05-2020 to 23-05-2020
  13. Design, Develop and Deliver online courses through MOODLE platform, Department of Technical Education State Project Implementation Unit - Tamil Nadu & Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore – 14, 23-04-2020 to 24-04-2020
  14. ”Training on Problem Solving Tools and Techniques”, Quality Circle Forum of India, 20-04-2020 to 25-05-2020
  15. One day Seminar on 5S practices by ABK- AOTS ,Chennai, 23-01-2020 to 23-01-2020
  16. ISSS 2019, 10th National Conference on Micro and Smart Systems,ISSS Bangalore and NMAM Institute of Technology, 21-10-2019 to 23-10-2019
  17. " TEQIP - III sponsored CDIO based Curriculum Design" Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai , 29.8.2019, 29-08-2019 to 29-08-2019
  18. 5G wireless communications,Thiagarajar College of Engineering, 28-01-2019 to 10-02-2019
  19. One day workshop on Mentoring skills,Thiagarajar College of Engineering,, 02-11-2018 to 02-11-2018
  20. 22nd International Symposium on VLSI Design and Test (VDAT 2018),held at TCE , 28-06-2018 to 30-06-2018
  21. Seminar on 5S Practices , conducted by 16th ABK- AOTS Cumi at Hotel Heblis, Chennai , 29-01-2018 to 29-01-2018
  22. AICTE sponsored Two-week Faculty Development Programme on "Reseach Perspectives on Robotics and Vision" in Thigarajar college of Engineering, Madurai , 27-12-2017 to 10-12-2017
  23. TEQIP Sponsored One Day Workshop on Awareness on SAR of NBA at TCE, 13-10-2017 to 13-10-2017
  24. Oneday Workshop on PG Assessment at TCE, 17-08-2017 to 17-08-2017
  25. Oneday TN Govt.Consultative Workshop on Swatch Bharath at Hotel Royal Meridian, Chennai, 10-08-2017 to 10-08-2017
  26. Eighth ISSS International Conference on Smart Materials, Structures and Systems, IISc, Bangalore, 05-07-2017 to 07-07-2017
  27. Department Advisory Committee Meeting at ECE Dept. ,TCE,Madurai, 14-03-2017 to 14-03-2017
  28. 8th ISSS National Conference on MEMS, Smart materials, Structures and System at IIT, Kanpur , 28-09-2016 to 30-09-2016
  29. Quality Circle Forum Of India, Hosur Sub Chapter, CCQC-2016, 5S Presentation at Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur, , 21-08-2016 to 21-08-2016
  30. Industrial Visit to Elgi Electricals, Pollachi, 21-08-2016 to 21-08-2017
  31. National symposium on Nano Science and Technology at IISc, Bangalore, 29-06-2016 to 30-06-2016
  32. Dr. V. K. Aatre, Co-Founder of ISSS, Falicitation - Award of Padma Vibhushan at BEL Circle,Bangalore, 11-03-2016 to 11-03-2016
  33. 7th ISSS National Conference on MEMS, Smart materials, Structures and System, CUSAT, kochi, 23-09-2015 to 25-09-2015
  34. ICMAT 2015 (International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies) held at Suntech City, Singapore, 28-06-2015 to 03-07-2015
  35. Seminar and Poster Session on Emerging Antenna Technologies and Applications,organised by IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society , Madras chapter and TEQIP, TCE, Madurai, 04-04-2015 to 04-04-2015
  36. NPMASS Review meeting at IISc, Bangalore - MEMS design center , 11-01-2015 to 13-01-2015
  37. DST-Fast Track project Review meeting at Hyderabad, 13-12-2014 to 13-12-2014
  38. Workshop on MEMS capabilities at SCL, Chandigargh, 21-11-2014 to 22-11-2014
  39. Seventh International conference on MEMS, Smart materials, Structures and Systems , IISc, Bangalore,, 08-07-2014 to 11-07-2014
  40. ISSS 2014 Pre conference workshop on "Micro and Nano Fabrication", at Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, Bangalore, 08-07-2014 to 08-07-2014
  41. TEQIP Sponsored National Workshop on "Emerging Antenna Technologies" at TCE, Madurai, 10-01-2014 to 11-01-2014
  42. TEQIP Sponsored workshop on "Outcome Based Education" at TCE, Madurai, 12-11-2013 to 13-11-2013
  43. Sixth ISSS National conference on MEMS, Smart materials, Structures and Systems, R&DE(Engrs),Pune, 06-09-2013 to 07-09-2013
  44. Fifth National conference on MEMS, Smart materials, Structures and Systems, Karpagam University, Ciombatore, 21-09-2012 to 22-09-2012
  45. Expert judge for TNSTSC Project – SPS project Evaluation, Kamaraj college of Engineering and Technology, , 10-08-2012 to 11-08-2012
  46. NPMASS/NMDC Annual Review Meeting, 2012 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,National,-, 29-02-2012 to 01-03-2012
  47. Sixth International conference on MEMS, Smart materials, Structures and Systems (ISSS -12), IISc, Bangalore,, 04-01-2012 to 07-01-2012
  48. Hands on SOI-MUMPs Training in the Computational Nano Engineering(CoNE) lab, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,National,-, 17-06-2011 to 18-06-2011
  49. LTCC Fabrication and Applications Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), PUNE.National,-, 13-05-2011 to 14-05-2011
  50. 2010 Indo- U.S Engineering Faculty Leadership Institute on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore (IUCEE), National,-, 12-07-2010 to 16-07-2010
  51. MEMS Software Training Programme,, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore,, ,24.05.2010 to 28.05.2010
  52. 12th International Symposium on Microwave and Optical Technology,, New Delhi,, ,16.12.2009 to 19.12.2009
  53. International Conference on Recent Advances in Microwave Theory and Applications-MIcrowave 08,, University of Rajasthan,Jaipur,, ,21.11.2008 to 24.11.2008
  54. Fifth International Conference on Smart Materials,Structures and Systems,, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore,, ,24.07.2008 to 26.07.2008
  55. AICTE- ISTE Sponsored Short Term Training Programme,, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai,, ,25.06.2008 to 4.07.2008
  56. RF Systems for Wireless Applications and Faculty Awareness Camp on Entrepreneurship Programme Thiagarajar Collage of Engineering, Madurai, TAMILNADUNational,-, 25-06-2008 to 04-07-2008
  57. Quality Improvement program of AICTE on MEMS, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. , 10-03-2008 to 14-03-2008
  58. Interanational Conference on Multiscale Modelling and Simulation-ICMMS -2008,, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore,, ,02,01.2008 to 04.01.2008
  59. MEMS Innovation Fest 2007,, Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore,, ,9.12.2007 to 10.12.2007
  60. 4Th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT 2007)Materials Research Society of Singapore ,Singapore, 01-07-2007 to 06-07-2007
  61. Young Scientist Fellowship to avail the facilities present at NMDCDepartment of Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, INDIA National,-, 23-04-2007 to 23-06-2007
  62. Trends in Industrial Measurements and Automation on MEMS,NEMS and Neurosurgery,, National Institute of Technology,Trichy,, ,4.01.2007
  63. TENCON 2006,, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,Hong Kong, ,14.11.2006 to 17.11.2006
  64. Recent Advancements in Microwave Technique and Applications( Microwave -2006),, University of Rajasthan,Jaipur,, ,06.10.2006 to 08.10.2006
  65. International Conference on Smart Materials ,Structures and Systems,ISSS,, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore,, ,28.07.2005 to 30.07.2005
  66. MEMS and Microfluidics using Coventoreware 2005,, Future Techno Design Solutions,Bangalore,, ,20.06.2005 to 22.06.2005
  67. Creativity and Problem Solving (ISO),, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai,, 2005
  68. Quality Management Programme on Instructional Design and Delivery,, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research,, ,25.10.2004 to 30.10.2004
  69. MEMS Workshop-2004,, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore,, ,26.07.2004 to 31.07.2004
  70. Training in Intellisuite, CAD for MEMS Software Bigsoft Consulting Private Limited, Bangalore. National,-, 11-05-2004 to 17-05-2004
  71. 5S House Keeping Training, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai, National ,2004, 09-04-2004 to 09-04-2004
  72. Teaching and Learning Process (ISO),, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai,, 2004
  73. Recent Trends in Wireless Technologies Thiagarajar Collage of Engineering National,-, 18-04-2003 to 18-04-2003
  74. Intensive Tutorial on Micro and Nano TechnologyIntensive Tutorial on Micro and NanoNational,-, 07-12-2002 to 09-12-2002
  75. ISSS conférence 2002Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, INDIA.National,-, 17-07-2002 to 19-07-2002
  76. Educators Seminar Cum Training Programme on Analog, Digital and RF Measurements Thiagarajar Collage of Engineering, Madurai, TAMILNADU.National,-, 06-03-2002 to 06-03-2002
  77. Advanced Numerical Electromagnetic Modelling of Antennas,, Research and Training Unit for Navigational Electronics,Osmania university,, ,27.12.2001 to 28.12.2001
  78. Emerging Technology Programme on Networking and Internet,, Technical Teachers Training Institute,Chennai,, ,18.06.2001 to 22.06.2001
  79. Induction of Technical Teachers,ISTE,, Mohamed Sathak Engineering College ,Kilakarai,, ,23.02.1995 to 25.02.1995
  80. Induction of Technical Teachers,ISTE,, Mohamed Sathak Engineering College ,Kilakarai,, ,27.01.1995 to 29.01.1995

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Organised

  1. IEEE MTT-S Madras Section and TCE Student chapter- IInd Lecture series on " MIMO and millimeter wave phased array systems for 5G test bed",08-09-on 08-10-2021, 08-10-2021 to 08-10-2021
  2. " FDP on 5G microwave perspective "Thiagarajar College of Engineering, September 10th - 11th 2021, 10-09-2021 to 11-09-2021
  3. IEEE MTT-S Madras Section and TCE Student chapter- Ist Lecture series on " Engineering temper", 08-09-2021 to 08-09-2021
  4. One day webinar on " Best 5S practices " Thiagarajar College of Engineering, 02.04.2021, 02-04-2021 to 02-04-2021
  5. AICTE- QIP sponsored workshop on MEMS,Thiagarajar College of Engineering, 18-02-2019 to 24-02-2019
  6. Nineth ISSS National Conference on MEMS ,Smart Materials and Structures and Systems,Thiagarajar College of Engineering, October 4th -6th 2018, 04-10-2018 to 06-10-2018
  7. Two days awareness program on 5S in the Department of Civil, Mechanical and B.Arch., Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, 15-03-2018 to 16-03-2018
  8. Two days Workshop on "Problem solving using Smith Chart", Thiagarajar college of Engineering , Madurai, 09-09-2017 to 10-09-2017
  9. One day Workshop on "Intellisense MEMS", Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai, 03-04-2017 to 03-04-2017
  10. Skill Development Program on 5S for ECE students, at TCE, Madurai, 09-01-2017 to 09-01-2017
  11. IEEE Indian Antenna Week-2016,Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai, 06-06-2016 to 10-06-2016
  12. Awareness workshop on 5S, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai, 24-02-2016 to 24-02-2016
  13. RF Probe station training at TCE, Madurai, 25-08-2014 to 26-08-2014
  14. TEQIP sponsored Hands on Training on design, modeling and simulation using PSIM, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai, 27-06-2014 to 28-06-2014
  15. Core Faculty in Conducting National Conference on " Wireless Technologies ", at TCE Madurai, 18-06-2014 to 19-06-2014
  16. National Work shop on , "MEMS Initiatives at TCE", Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai, 01-11-2012 to 02-11-2012
  17. MEMS Design using COMSOL Multi physics CAD Tools, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai, 19-08-2011 to 20-08-2011
  18. Short Term Course on ,"MEMS CAD Tools ", Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai, 18-03-2011 to 20-03-2011
  19. Vacation course on ‘RF Fundamentals, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai, 01-12-2009 to 05-12-2009
  20. MEMS Design using Intellisuite Software, at TCE Madurai, 07-09-2006 to 08-09-2006
  21. One Day Course on, "Electronics and Communication Equipment using Agilent Integrated Measurement Bench" at TCE Madurai, 22-09-2004 to 22-09-2004
  22. Laboratory course on “Computer Aided Design on RF Circuits, ECE department, TCE, Madurai, 24-07-2004 to 25-07-2004
  23. One Day Training program on, " Intellisuite MEMS CAD Software", at TCE Madurai, 10-07-2004 to 10-07-2004
  24. Intensive Tutorial on MEMS and Nano Technology,, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai,, ,07.12.2002 to 9.12.2002

Ph.D Guidance/Supervisorship

N.M.Mary Sindhuja Ph.D RF MEMS Completed
K.Bindhu Ph.D RF MEMS Ongoing
S.Bhuvaneswari Ph.D Rf MEMS Ongoing
Joslin Percy Ph.D RF MEMS Ongoing

Lectures Delivered

Recent Trends on Metamaterial Antennas for Wireless Applications and Deep Learning Techniques NIT Tiruchirappalli. 17-02-2021 to 17-02-2021
Recent Trends in Innovative CMOS-MEMS Technologies and Applications: Hands on Learning during 11-15 September, 2020 organized by Dept. of ECE, NIT Silchar, Assam 11-09-2020 to 15-09-2020
Transmission Line theory PSG IT, Coimbatore 07-12-2019 to 07-12-2019
Act as Mentor ISSS 2019,IISc and NITTE 21-10-2019 to 23-10-2019
2nd ISSS Researcher's Forum IISc, Bangalore 26-04-2019 to 27-04-2019
Smith Chart TRP Engineering College, Trichy 21-07-2017 to 21-07-2017
RF & Microwave Engineering Ramco Institute of Technology, Rajapalayam 12-06-2017 to 12-06-2017
IEEE Conference on Electrical, Instrumentation and Communication Engineering M.Kumarasamy college of Engineering, Karur 27-04-2017 to 28-04-2017
National convention on 5S Reliance Energy Management Institute 25-11-2016 to 26-11-2016
Quality forum of India-Madurai chapter Madurai 24-09-2016 to 25-09-2016
RF amplifiers and matching network design Ramakrishna college of Engineering and Technology,Trichy 16-09-2016 to 16-09-2016
Quality forum of india conducted by Hosur chapter Hosur 21-08-2016 to 21-08-2016
National Symposium on Nano Science and Technology (NSNST-2016) Centre for Nanoscience and Engineering, IISc, Bangalore 29-06-2016 to 30-06-2016
Electromagnetic fields and antennas Kamaraj college of Engineering 07-05-2016 to 07-05-2016
Optical MEMS technology Mount Zion college of engineering and technology 28-08-2015 to 28-08-2015
National conference on Modern Embedded and communication systems Mahendra Engineering college 17-04-2015 to 17-04-2015
Inaugral and Keynote Address - MECS 2015 Mahendra Institute of Technology 17-04-2015 to 17-04-2015
RF MEMS MEPCO Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi 21-03-2015 to 21-03-2015
Electromagnetic Fields Kamaraj College of Engineering, Virudhunagar 17-02-2015 to 17-02-2015
RF and MEMS Kings College of Engineering 22-09-2014 to 22-09-2014
Antennas and Wave Propagation Kumarasamy College of Engineering, Karur 25-01-2014 to 25-01-2014
RF MEMS and Switches Coimbatore Institute of Technology 03-12-2013 to 03-12-2013
TEQIP Phase II sponsored FDP on RF systems Coimbatore Institute of Technology 02-12-2013 to 02-12-2013
Applications of Transmission lines and Waveguides Kumarasamy College of Engineering 25-09-2013 to 25-09-2013
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Anna University Thirunelveli 25-02-2013 to 25-02-2013
Research Methodologies Kalasingam University 08-05-2012 to 08-05-2012
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems SACS MAVMM College of Engineering MEMS
Electromagnetic Fields Kamaraj College of Engineering RF
Research issues in RF MEMS Muthayammal College of Engg. MEMS
MEMS and its applications Kalasingam University MEMS
RF MEMS and its application Kamaraj College of Engineering MEMS
MEMS And Its Applications Kamaraj College Of Engineering 2006
Microwave Amplifiers Honey Well Technology Solutions 2005
Microwave Amplifiers Honey Well Technology Solutions 2004
MEMS Technology St.Micheal College Of Engineering,Sivagangai 2004

Awards / Recognition Received

  2. COMPACT SPACE FILLING,CURVE BASED RF MEMS PHASE SHIFTERS FOR 5G APPLICATIONSPublication Date : 31/12/2021,Application No:202141046662 A, Indian Patent
  3. Gold award in Large Scale category, ABK- AOTS CUMI 5S award for College
  4. Certificate of Appreciation, AICTE - Annual Swatchatha Ranking award 2019
  5. TARE-(Teachers Associate ship for Research Excellence, Science and Engineering Research Board
  6. Student Paper Contest - IIIrd Prize, IEEE Madras section
  7. 5S CII Award, CII
  8. Silver Award in medium Scale Category, ABK-AOTS CUMI 5S Award
  9. Par excellent award, National convention on 5S
  10. 5S case study presentation, Quality circlr forum of india-Madurai chapter
  11. 5S case study presentation, Quality circle forum of india-Hosur chapter
  12. Young Scientist Fellowship , Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology

Visits Abroad

Singapore To attend an international conference 5 days
Singapore To attend an international conference- 6 days
Hongkong To attend an international conference 4 days


IEEE Senior Member (Electron Devices Society)
IEEE Senior Member(Microwave Theory and Techniques) -
ISSS Life Member -
ISTE Life Member -

Other Achievements

  1. Reviewer - International conference -IEEE STRC-2021
  2. IET Journal reviewer ,Journal of Circuits, Devices & Systems
  3. PIER ,Journal Reviewer ,Progress In Electromagnetics Research,Reviewer
  4. IET Journal Reviewer, Micro and Nano Letters
  5. Anna university Inspection Committee member
  6. DC member for PhD
  7. Session Chair in VLSI design and Test Conference
  8. Member of UG and PG Board, Anna University
  9. Session Chair in International Conference on electrical, Instrumentation and Communication Engineering, M.Kumarasamy College of Engg., Karur
  10. ICEDSS 2017 - Programme Committee Member
  11. DC MEMBER for PhD
  12. DC MEMBER for PhD
  13. Member of UG and PG Board, Anna University
  14. Technical Committee Member, ICETETS 2016
  15. ICEDSS16 Conference Reviewer
  16. INUP, Nanoscience Lab - Regarding Fabrication - Meeting Prof. K.N. Bhatt
  17. IET Journal Reviewer
  18. Expert judge for TNSTSC Project – SPS project Evaluation, Kamaraj college of Engineering and Technology, ,