Dr. D.Nelson Jayakumar


Educational Qualification

B.E Electrical and Electronics National Engg College,Kovilpatti 2001
M.TECH Energy Systems Engineering Vellore Insititute of Technology 2004
Ph.D Power system optimization Anna university,Chennai 2014


11-08-2004 to 10-09-2007 3.1 Lecturer P.S.N.A. College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul
11-09-2007 to 30-11-2009 2.2 Lecturer Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
01-12-2009 to 23-06-2013 3.5 Assistant Professor Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
24-06-2013 to 01-01-0001 6.0 Assistant Professor (Aided) Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai


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  1. D. N. Jeyakumar, P. Venkatesh, Kwang. Y. Lee, Application Of Multi Objective Evolutionary Programming To Combined Economic Emission Dispatch Problem, International Joint Conference On Neural Networks, IJCNN,Page(s): 1162-1167, Date: 12-17 Aug. 2007


St. Mary’s College, Tuticorin Energy Audit 20-08-2018 to 21-08-2018
Dattatreya Textiles P Ltd Electrical Saftey Audit 16-01-2015 to 14-02-2015

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. TEQIP-III TWO DAY FDP ON "DESIGN, Develop and Deliver online courses through MOODLE platform" THROUGH ONLINE MODE Organised by DOTE State Project Implementation Unit - Tamilnadu & CIT Coimbatore - 14, 23-04-2020 to 24-04-2020
  2. Workshop on IUCEE International Engineering Educator's Program - Phase I at TCE, Madurai, 01-04-2019 to 03-04-2019
  3. AICTE-QIP-ONE WEEK short term course on "ENERGY STORAGE APPLICATIONS" organized by Dept. of EEE, TCE, Madurai, 18-02-2019 to 24-02-2019
  4. AICTE-QIP-TWO WEEK-Short term Course on "Application of soft computing Techniques to Electrical Engineering" organized by Dept. of EEE, TCE, Madurai, 24-01-2019 to 06-02-2019
  5. AICTE approved FDP (FDP201x) on "Pedagogy for Online and Blender Teaching-Learning Process" conducted by IIT, Bombay held under PMMMNMTT, MHRD, GoI, 30-10-2018 to 13-12-2018
  6. AICTE approved FDP (FDP101x) on "Foundation Programm in ICT for Education" conducted by IIT, Bombay held under PMMMNMTT, MHRD, GoI, 13-09-2018 to 18-10-2018
  7. NPTEL -AICTE-FDP on "Design of Photovoltaic Systems" through 12 week course thought by Prof L Umanand, IISc Banglore, 01-07-2018 to 30-10-2018
  8. Short term course under TEQIP-III on "Rural industries Establishment Sustainability & Challenges" at IIT Delhi's Sonepat campus, organised by Center for Rural Development and Technology, IIT Delhi, 27-06-2018 to 29-06-2018
  9. AICTE-QIP Sponsored ONE WEEK Short Term Course on "Frontiers in Materials Research for Energy Applications" organised by Dept. of EEE & Chemistry, TCE, Madurai, 11-12-2017 to 17-12-2017
  10. Two Day Training Programme on "Power Quality and Harmonics" conducted by NATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY COUNCIL and DANFOSS Industries Private Limited, Chennai, 27-04-2017 to 28-04-2017
  11. Two day FDP on "Induction and Orientation" organised by Centre for Engineering Education, TCE, Madurai, 15-02-2017 to 16-02-2017
  12. One day Workshop on "psychological First Aid" Organized by Counseling cell, TCE, Madurai, in association with M.S.Chella Muthu Trust and Research Foundation, Madurai, 06-02-2017 to 06-02-2017
  13. One day workshop on "understanding human behaviour" organized by the counseling cell of TCE, Madurai in association with M.S. Chella Muthu Trust and Research Foundation, Madurai, 20-10-2016 to 20-10-2016
  14. TEQIP sponsored two day workshop on "Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms and Applications" organised by Dept. of EEE, TCE, Madurai, 04-03-2016 to 05-03-2016
  15. TEQIP Sponsored, Management Development Programme on 'Acadamic Leadership Programme for TEQIP institutions' Orgainsed by IIM Kozhikode, Kerala, 24-08-2015 to 29-08-2015
  16. AICTE Sponsored FDP on "Harmonics and Power Quality-Contemporary Issues and Solutions" organised by Dept. of EEE, TCE, Madurai., 22-04-2015 to 05-05-2015
  17. AICTE Sponsored FDP on " Applications of FACTS controllers in power system problems" organised by Dept. of EEE, TCE, Madurai, 06-04-2015 to 19-04-2015
  18. Workshop on "Personal Values" conducted by pedagogy group, TCE, Madurai, 03-03-2015 to 04-03-2015
  19. ISTE workshop on "Control Systems" conducted by IIT, Kharagpur -UNDER Nation Mission on Education through ICT(MHRD), 02-12-2014 to 12-12-2014
  20. AICTE recognized ONE WEEK- Short Term Course on "Soft Computing using SCI-LAB through ICT", Conducted by NITTTR, Chandigarh & Organized at TCE, Madurai, 21-07-2014 to 25-07-2014
  21. TEQIP sponsored ONE WEEK workshop on "Wireless Networks - A Step towards Green Communication" organized by Dept. of ECE, TCE, Madurai, 31-03-2014 to 05-04-2014
  22. TEQIP sponsored TWO DAY FDP on "Research Issues and Emerging Trends in Control Systems Engineering" organized by Dept. of EEE, TCE, Madurai, 14-02-2014 to 15-02-2014
  23. TEQIP Sponsored two days - Intensive training programme on "LIFE SKILLS" organized by Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, 30-01-2014 to 31-01-2014
  24. TEQIP sponsored ONE WEEK FDP on " Power Quality Issues in Contemporary and Future Power Networks" organised by Dept. of EEE, TCE, Madurai, 27-11-2013 to 03-12-2013
  25. TEQIP sponsored Pedagogy workshop on "Outcome Based Education" by Pedagogy group, TCE, Madurai, 22-10-2013 to 23-10-2013
  26. WIPRO Engineering Faculty Workshop "MISSION 10X" Conducted at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, 11-09-2013 to 13-09-2013
  27. National workshop on "Recent Trends in Optimization and Control" by Robotics and control division of the SELECT, VIT University, Vellore. , 30-08-2012 to 31-08-2012
  28. National workshop on "Optimization Techniques for Multi Criteria Decision Making Models" Organised by Dept of Mech, TCE, Madurai , 10-08-2012 to 11-08-2012
  29. National Seminar on "Power Crisis and Renewable Energy" organised by The Institution of Engineers (India) and TCE, Madurai during 3rd march 2012, 03-03-2012 to 03-03-2012
  30. Staff Development Programme on "Intelligent Optimization and Control for Power Systems" conducted by Department of Electrical and Electronics, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai., 07-12-2009 to 18-12-2009
  31. Faculty Development Programme on "Power System Analysis" Organized by Anna University, Chennai., 03-12-2007 to 15-12-2007
  32. National Power Engineering Conference (NPEC) on "Research Topics in Power System Restructuring Environment" organized by Department of Electrical and Electronics, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai. ,14th , 14-12-2005 to 15-12-2005
  33. 8th Annual convention of ISTE Tamilnadu & Pondicherry Section on "Innovations in Engineering Education Trends and Focus" Organised by P.S.N.A. College of Engineering and Technology, Dindicul., 27-10-2005 to 28-10-2005

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Organised

  1. A-view Coordinator for College to corporate program-Workplace communication conducted by IIT Bombay, 14-10-2017 to 28-10-2017
  2. Course coordinator for College to corporate program-Workplace communication conducted by IIT Bombay, 07-09-2017 to 12-11-2017
  3. Coordinated TEQIP Sponsored Two Day Workshop On Functional Nano Materials for Energy Applications , 01-04-2016 to 02-04-2016
  4. Coordinated One day workshop on role of thermal imagers in research operation and maintenance in association with FLIR , 24-03-2016 to 24-03-2016

Ph.D Guidance/Supervisorship

R.M.Sekar Ph.D Modelling, Control and Analysis of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems Ongoing
J.Josalin Jemima Ph.D Optimal Control of Hybrid Renewable Energy System Using Evolutionary Algorithm Ongoing

Lectures Delivered

Swarm intelligence for optimization Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai 17-04-2015 to 18-04-2015

Awards / Recognition Received

  2. Career Award for Young Teachers, AICTE


IEEE Annual / 93839351
Indian Society of Technical Education Life member/ LM 43539 ---

Other Achievements

  1. Completed "STUDENT COUNSELLING" through Informal Learning Programme -Six months distance mode, in Coimbatore Psychology Foundation, Coimbatore - 641 025