L.Jessi Sahaya Shanthi


Educational Qualification

B.E EEE Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai 1995
M.E Power Electronics & Drives College of Engg., Anna University 1997
Ph.D Electrical-Power Electronics and Drives College of Engineering,Anna University,Chennai 2010


04-08-1997 to 02-12-1997 4months Lecturer Teaching Crescent Engineering College , Chennai.
05-08-1998 to 20-05-2000 1 year 10 months Lecturer Teaching Raja College of Engineering Madurai.
01-01-2000 to 10-04-2000 10 months Lecturer Teaching Sathyabama Engineering College, Chennai.
07-07-2001 to 20-05-2003 2 years Senior Lecturer, Teaching Hindustan College of Engineering, Chennai.
20-10-2004 to 27-09-2016 current 3 years Lecturer,Teaching Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai


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Sponsored Research

DSP based Sensorless Control of Switched Reluctance Machine Drive BARC,DAE,Mumbai 37,49,725 Principal Investigator

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. Research Methodologies and Issues of Engineering, AICTE, Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai, 12-12-2011 to 24-12-2011
  2. AICTE Sponsored Short Term Training Programme, Micro Grid and Distributed Generation, NIT, Calicut , 21-06-2010 to 02-07-2010
  3. AICTE-ISTE Sponsored Short Term Training Programme, Intelligent Techniques for Power Systems, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai , 26-03-2007 to 31-03-2007
  4. Q.I.P. Sponsored Short Term Training Programme, Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, IIT, Madras., 01-01-2007 to 12-01-2007
  5. International Conference on Communications and Power System – ICCPS-06, Paper Presented- Simulation Study of Switched Reluctance Motor’s Non linearised Model, Vellamal Engineering College, Chennai with IEEE Madras Chapter. , 14-12-2006 to 16-12-2006
  6. National Workshop on Power Electronics-NWPE 2006, IIT Kanpur with NAMPET. , 30-10-2006 to 01-11-2006
  7. Advanced Electrical Drives, Kongu Engineering College(AICTE Sponsored), Erode., 19-07-2006 to 21-07-2006
  8. Embedded System Design on MSP430, Texas Third Party - Gill Insruments,Bangalore., 20-03-2006 to 22-03-2006
  9. VLSI - Embedded System –Workshop cum Seminar, Sai Ram Engineering College, Chennai., 27-09-2002 to 29-09-2002
  10. Faculty Training Program, TCE, 01-01-0001 to 01-01-0001
  11. International Conference, 01-01-0001 to 01-01-0001

Lectures Delivered

Switched Reluctance Motor TCE 02-09-2008 to 02-09-2008
Switched Reluctance Motor Government College of Engineering - Tirunelveli 01-03-2007 to 01-03-2007
Digital signal Processor Sathyabama Engineering College, Chennai. 01-03-2004 to 01-03-2004