Dr.S.Arockia Edwin Xavier


Educational Qualification

B.E(EEE) Electrical and Electronics Maharaja Engg.College 1998
M.E., Power Electronics and Drives A.C.Tech., Karaikudi 2005
Ph.d Design and development of DSP based FACTS controllers TCE. 2012


01-08-2000 to 03-05-2005 5 Lecturer AC. College of Engg. and Tech., Karaikudii
18-07-2005 to Till date 14 assistant professor TCE


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Industry Interactions

TVS Hosur syllabus formation for TVS elective papers 17-06-2011 to 17-06-2011 Syllabus formation

Sponsored Research

Energy conservation in Electric Motors using AC and DC drives and control of dirives using PLC UGC 7.83 lakhs Co-Coordinator

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. TEQIP -3, SPIU and CIT jointly organized 2 day online FDP on Design, Develop and Deliver online courses through MOODLE platform from 23-04-2020 to 24-04-2020., 23-04-2020 to 24-04-2020
  2. TEQIP- 3 and IIT Bombay Organized two week online certification program on "Digital Transformation in Teaching Learning Process" from 14-02-2020 to 06-03-2020., 14-02-2020 to 06-03-2020
  3. TEQIP sponsored one week workshop on "Frontiers in materials research for energy applications" at TCE, Madurai, 11-12-2017 to 17-12-2017
  4. AICTE sponsored two week FDP on " Energy and power quality audit methodologies" at TCE Madurai, 27-11-2017 to 10-12-2017
  5. First international conference on Applied soft computing techniques held at kalasalingam university, 22-04-2017 to 23-04-2017
  6. Fuzzy logic selective harmonic elimination using three phase Z source Inverter for wireless communication systems" International conference on Latest trends in science, engineering and technology at Karpagam institute of technology, Coimbatore, 30-03-2017 to 31-03-2017
  7. TEQIP sponsored "Lead audit Training" at TCE, 21-03-2017 to 25-03-2017
  8. FICCI's Education conference on Reforming and rejuvenating the higher education at chennai, 29-11-2016 to 29-11-2016
  9. Standard operating procedure for TCE, 22-11-2016 to 22-11-2016
  10. International accreditation and program assessment at TCE, 04-11-2016 to 05-11-2016
  11. Functional Nano materials for energy applications at TCE , 01-04-2016 to 02-04-2016
  12. Role of thermal imagers in research, operation and maintenance at TCE, 24-03-2016 to 24-03-2016
  13. Evolutionary optimization algorithms and applications, TCE , 04-03-2016 to 05-03-2016
  14. TEQIP and Yokogawa sponsored workshop on "Industrial automation" at TCE, 08-01-2016 to 09-01-2016
  15. Harmonics and power quality- contemporary issues and solutions at TCE, 22-04-2015 to 05-05-2015
  16. FDP on "Research issues and emerging trends in control systems engineering" at TCE, 14-02-2014 to 15-02-2014
  17. TEQIP sponsored workshop on "Outcome based education" at , 04-11-2013 to 05-11-2013
  18. Power crisis and renewable energyTCE, MaduraiNational,organised by ISTE, 03-03-2012 to 03-03-2012
  19. MISSION 10XTCE, MaduraiNational,Teaching methodoligies workshop ( 5 days), 22-08-2011 to 26-08-2011
  20. Workshop on “modelling and simulation in power system and power electronics, National Institute of Technology., Trichy, 2 days
  21. Intelligent optimizaion and control for power systems, TCE, Madurai, A short term course during 7-18th December 2009
  22. Recent advances in power electronics and drivesTCE, Madurai National,A short term cource, 15-03-2007 to 17-03-2007

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Organised

  1. Organizing committee member(Head-Catering committee) for the "International conference on Transformation in Engineering Education"(ICTIEE-18),07-01-2018 to 09-01-2018, 07-01-2018 to 09-01-2018
  2. Co-ordinator for the TEQIP-II sponsored "outcome based education" workshop, 16-03-2017 to 18-04-2017
  3. organizing committee member(Head-Catering Committee) in 4th IEEE international conference on MOOCs Innovation and technology in education (MITE 2016), 09-12-2016 to 10-12-2016
  4. Co-ordinator for the AICTE sponsored 2 weeks faculty development Program , 06-04-2015 to 19-04-2015
  5. Coordinator for the National Power Engineering Conference-NPEC-15, 13-03-2015 to 14-03-2015
  6. Coordinator for 2 day TEQIP sponsored workshop on Design and Development of FACTS controllers during 31st January and February 1, 31-01-2014 to 01-02-2014

Ph.D Guidance/Supervisorship

s.jayanthi Ph.D smart grid Ongoing
S.Pandi maharaj Ph.D BLDC drives Completed
S.Thirumurugan Ph.D Multilevel inverter Ongoing
hannah lalitha Ph.D power system protection Completed
I.Thangaraj Ph.D Renewable energy Completed
P.Ganesan Ph.D optimization Ongoing
sudarsana srinivasan Ph.D wind energy optimization Completed
P.kannan Ph.D power quality Ongoing
Ramesh Ph.D PLC drives Ongoing

Lectures Delivered

Development of FACTS controllers TCE 06-04-2015 to 19-04-2015
Development of STATCOM TEQIP Sponsored Two Day Workshop On 'DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF FACTS CONTROLLER',EEE Dept. Seminar Hall, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai 31-01-2014 to 01-02-2014
Recent advances in power electronics Kings college of engineering- Thanjavur EEE department
Transmission equipments in power system Kings college of engineering- Thanjavur EEE department
Applications of power converters sardar raja college of engineering, Alangulam EEE department
choppers and inverters Kings college of engineering- Thanjavur EEE department
Recent Development In Power Supplies Latha Madhavan Polytechnic, Madurai 24 the 30 October 2009

Awards / Recognition Received

  1. Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015, ISO TUV
  2. 2130007, Anna University Recognized Supervisor under the faculty of Electrical Engineering ,
  3. h-index-3, Google scholar h-index
  4. Received achievers award from TCE-2019 for UGC project, achievers award


IEEE one year membership

Other Achievements

  2. CLC for studnet section, comunications with DTE,AU and AICTE
  3. DOTE Nomineer for TNEA-2019 engineering admissions
  4. Received achievers award from TCE-2019
  5. Proctor for TEQIP SLA Survey at ACGCET, Karaikudi
  6. ISO-Auditor(ISO 9001:2015)
  7. Mentor and guide for Prestigeous Prime Minister Scholarship fellow Mr.S.Sudharsan Srinivasan
  8. Acted as chief superintend of Exams during 2012 to 2017