Educational Qualification

M.E. CSE PSNA College of Engg. & Tech., Dindigul 2004
Ph.D. CSE Anna University, Chennai 2015


01-07-2004 to 11-09-2007 3 Lecturer P.S.N.A. College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul
13-09-2007 to 30-11-2009 2 Lecturer TCE, Madurai
12-12-2017 to 01-01-0001 1.5 Associate Professor TCE, Madurai
01-12-2009 to 11-12-2017 8 Assistant Professor TCE, Madurai


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Industry Interactions

Zebra Technologies, Bengaluru PhoneGap: Mobile App Development 30-03-2019 to 31-03-2019 Hands-on Training
Zebra Technologies, Bengaluru Mobile Application Test Automation 10-03-2018 to 11-05-2018 One Credit Course
Zebra Technologies, Bengaluru Mobile Application Test Automation 04-11-2017 to 04-11-2017 One Credit Course Design
Zebra Technologies, Bengaluru Enterprise Mobility 23-07-2016 to 24-07-2016 One Credit Course
Zebra Technologies, Bengaluru One Credit Course on Enterprise Mobility organized 26-09-2015 to 27-09-2015 One Credit Course
Zebra Technologies, Bengaluru Guest Lecture organized 25-09-2015 to 25-09-2015 Invited for Guest Lecture
Zebra Technologies, Bangalore Enterprise Mobile Technology 24-07-2015 to 24-07-2015 Invited Talk for a Workshop
C-DAC, Bengaloru Mobile Augmented Reality Applications for Education 15-04-2015 to 15-04-2015 Faculty Training
Zebra Technologies (Motorola Solutions), Bengaloru Enterprise Mobility 30-03-2015 to 12-04-2015 One Credit Course Design
Motorola Solutions, Bengaloru Mobile App Development through Hands-On 04-09-2014 to 06-09-2014 Invited Talk for a Workshop
MazeSpace, Chennai Mobile App Development through Hands-On 04-09-2014 to 06-09-2014 Invited Talk for a Workshop
Motorola (Symbol Tech. Solns.), Bangalore Enterprise Mobility 17-10-2013 to 18-10-2013 Faculty Training

Sponsored Research

Aakash R&D IIT Bombay (MHRD) 6.5 Lakhs Aakash Coordinator

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. AICTE - ATAL - Online FDP on "Artificial Intelligence", IIT Ropar, 22-02-2021 to 26-02-2021
  2. Three days online Professional Development Training on "Building Institutes for Future", IIM Visakhapatnam, 09-02-2021 to 11-02-2021
  3. Capacity Building Workshop for the "Development of TCE Online Courses" (online mode), 23-01-2021 to 30-01-2021
  4. AICTE - ATAL - Online FDP on "Emotional Intelligence", IIIT Allahabad, 13-09-2020 to 17-09-2020
  5. One Week Online International FDP on "Machine Learning and Computer Vision: Applications, Research Challenges (MLCV 2020)" under TEQIP-III, NIT Silchar, 24-08-2020 to 28-08-2020
  6. TEQIP - III sponsored Online STC on "Cloud of Things: Theoretical and Practical Implications", NIT Jalandhar, 10-08-2020 to 14-08-2020
  7. One Week online Faculty Development Programme on "Machine Learning with Python", ACM & CSI Chapters' of KIT, Andhra Pradesh, 13-07-2020 to 18-07-2020
  8. Webinar on “Employability Post COVID Era: Expectation of Industry Vs Education System's Preparedness”, ASSOCHAM & AICTE, 11-07-2020 to 11-07-2020
  9. Webinar on "Data Cleaning Using Machine Learning Algorithms", IEEE CIS, 05-07-2020 to 05-07-2020
  10. Webinar on "Healthy Boundaries for Happy Living", TCE, , 19-06-2020 to 19-06-2020
  11. An online non-credit course on "AI for Everyone", authorized by and offered through Coursera, 17-06-2020 to 17-06-2020
  12. Self-paced training course on "Machine Learning with MATLAB", MathWorks, 16-06-2020 to 16-06-2020
  13. Two Day Hands-on-Training on "Solving Multiobjective Optimization Problems Using Deterministic & Stochastic Algorithms", TLC, CIT, Coimbatore, 30-05-2020 to 31-05-2020
  14. Webinar on "Project Management" by Infinity PMC and TCE, 26-05-2020 to 26-05-2020
  15. Webinar on "Machine Learning an Exploratory Tool: Key Concepts and Programming", ACM, IEEE-CSI & University of Calcutta, 25-05-2020 to 25-05-2020
  16. Online Faculty Development Programme on "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning", GCET, Hyderabad, Telungana, 25-05-2020 to 30-05-2020
  17. Tech Talk on "Deep learning for knowledge graphs", IIT Madras, , 22-05-2020 to 22-05-2020
  18. Webinar on "Web Programming with XAMPP", University of Texas, Dallas, 21-05-2020 to 21-05-2020
  19. Webinar on "Project Management" by Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt.Ltd and TCE, 20-05-2020 to 20-05-2020
  20. Research Talk on "Algorithms for Hypergraphs: Clustering and Hyperedge Prediction", IIT Madras, 20-05-2020 to 20-05-2020
  21. Self-paced training course on "Deep Learning Onramp", MathWorks, 30-04-2020 to 30-04-2020
  22. Self-paced training course on "Machine Learning Onramp", MathWorks, 27-04-2020 to 27-04-2020
  23. TEQIP-III Sponsored Two day FDP on "Design, Develop and Deliver online courses through MOODLE platform" - Online Mode, DTE, TN & CIT, Coimbatore, 23-04-2020 to 24-04-2020
  24. Two week course on "Digital Transformation in Teaching Learning Process", NPIU-IIT Bombay, 14-02-2020 to 06-03-2020
  25. Five day High Intense Course on "Machine Learning with MATLAB", CIT, Coimbatore, 19-10-2019 to 23-10-2019
  26. Two day Workshop on "Smart Classroom", IIT Bombay, 24-06-2019 to 25-06-2019
  27. Two day Workshop on "Recent Trends and Research Challenges in Deep Learning", TCE, Madurai, 30-08-2018 to 31-08-2018
  28. One day Workshop on "Mentoring Skills", TCE, Madurai, 04-08-2018 to 04-08-2018
  29. ACM Distinguished Speaker Programme on "Privacy and Security in Online Social Media", TCE, 27-07-2018 to 27-07-2018
  30. TEQIP Sponsored One day Workshop on "Myths and Realities of R&D and IPR at EEIs: Issues, Challenges & Opportunities, TCE, Madurai, 13-07-2018 to 13-07-2018
  31. FDP on "Mentoring Educators in Educational Technology", IIT Bomaby, 17-05-2018 to 27-06-2018
  32. One Week Short Term Course on "Sensor Interfacing for IoT", TCE, Madurai, 05-03-2018 to 11-03-2018
  33. Two day Workshop on "Outcome Based Accreditation", AICTE, New Delhi, 08-02-2018 to 09-02-2018
  34. One day Workshop on "Outcome Based Education(OBE): National & International Accreditation", TCE & IUCEE, 07-01-2018 to 07-01-2018
  35. One day Workshop on "NPTEL", TCE, 02-01-2018 to 02-01-2018
  36. Two day Workshop on "Learner-Centric MOOC: From Conceptualizing to Conducting", IIT Bombay, 24-11-2017 to 25-11-2017
  37. Six Bi-Week Course on "Project Management", IUCEEE Consortium, 01-11-2017 to 10-01-2018
  38. Two day "Orientation Workshop for Associate Faculty", IIT Bombay, 25-03-2017 to 26-03-2017
  39. Sixth International Symposium on Embedded Computing and System Design, IIT Patna, 15-12-2016 to 17-12-2016
  40. GIAN Course on "IoT Security:Issues, Innovations and Interplays", IIT Patna, 12-12-2016 to 16-12-2016
  41. TEQIP sponsored Workshop on "Standard Operating Procedures for TCE", TCE, Madurai, 22-11-2016 to 22-11-2016
  42. Workshop on "ICT Tools for Engineering Education", Centre for Engineering Education, TCE, Madurai, 09-11-2016 to 09-11-2016
  43. Three days Workshop on "IUCEE International Engineering Educator Pre-Certification Workshop", TCE, Madurai, 08-08-2016 to 10-08-2016
  44. Three days Workshop on "Design of Effective Learning Environments", TCE, Madurai, 01-06-2016 to 03-06-2016
  45. FDP on "Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning", IIT Bombay, 02-05-2016 to 10-07-2016
  46. One day Workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights 2016 (IPR 2016)", Anna University, Chennai, 26-04-2016 to 26-04-2016
  47. Faculty Development Programme on Learning Improvement Techniques, TLC, IIT Madras, 21-04-2016 to 23-04-2016
  48. Three days FDP on "Assessment and Evaluation: Principles and Practices", TCE, Madurai, 02-11-2015 to 04-11-2015
  49. Face to Face Workshop on "Mentoring Educators in Educational Technology (MEET)", IIT Bombay, 23-10-2015 to 25-10-2015
  50. Online Workshop on "Mentoring Educators in Educational Technology (MEET)", IIT Bombay, 01-06-2015 to 31-12-2015
  51. IEEE Faculty Development Programme on "Machine Learning and Internet of Things", TCE, Madurai , 08-05-2015 to 09-05-2015
  52. Training on Mobile Augmented Reality Applications for Education, C-DAC, Bengaluru , 15-04-2015 to 15-04-2015
  53. Two days hands on Training Programme on "Information Security Essentials in Cloud Computing", TCE, Madurai, , 28-03-2015 to 29-03-2015
  54. Three days FDP on Designing Engineering Education Research Studies, TCE, Madurai , 20-08-2014 to 22-08-2014
  55. Workshop on "Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education" - Phase II, IIT Bombay , 24-07-2014 to 26-07-2014
  56. Workshop on "Pedagogy fro Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education" - Phase I, IIT Bombay , 12-06-2014 to 14-06-2014
  57. Workshop on New Outcome Based Accreditation, by NBA at TCE, Madurai , 22-02-2014 to 24-02-2014
  58. Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Engineering Applications, SRM University, Chennai , 20-12-2013 to 20-12-2013
  59. Workshop on "Outcome based Education" - TCE, Madurai, , 04-11-2013 to 05-11-2013
  60. EMC sponsored FDP on Information Storage and Management, TCE, Madurai , 26-12-2011 to 30-12-2011
  61. Three day Workshop on Next Generation Mobile OS: ANDROID, TCE, Maduari , 25-03-2010 to 27-03-2010

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Organised

  1. Six week Online Bridge Course on Computer Programming (C language), TCE, Madurai, 10-05-2020 to 15-07-2020
  2. Two day Winter Training Course on Web Design, TCE, Madurai, 29-11-2019 to 30-11-2019
  3. Three day Winter Training Course on Java Programming, TCE, Madurai, 22-11-2019 to 24-11-2019
  4. Two day Hands-on Training on PhoneGap, TCE, Madurai, 30-03-2019 to 31-03-2019
  5. One Week AICTE - QIP - Short Term Course on Content Delivery and Assessment Methods for CS/IT Curriculum, TCE, Madurai, 11-02-2019 to 17-02-2019
  6. Three Days Winter Training Course on Python Programming with Hands-on, TCE, Madurai, 23-11-2018 to 25-11-2018
  7. Three Days Winter Training Course on Web Design, TCE, Madurai, 23-11-2018 to 25-11-2018
  8. Five days Summer Training Course on C and Python Programming with Hands-on, TCE, Madurai , 23-04-2018 to 27-04-2018
  9. Five days Summer Training Course on Web Design and Mobile App Design, TCE, Madurai , 23-04-2018 to 27-04-2018
  10. DST-SERB and TEQIP-II Sponsored National Conference on Big Data Analytics and Mobile Technologies (NCBM 2017), TCE, Madurai, 23-03-2017 to 25-03-2017
  11. 4th IEEE International Conference on MITE 2016, TCE, Madurai, 09-12-2016 to 10-12-2016
  12. Two days National Conference on "SMAC", Department of CSE & IT, TCE, Madurai, 29-01-2016 to 30-01-2016
  13. Seminar on Research Proposal Writing for Smart Governance Projects, Department of IT, Madurai, 28-01-2016 to 28-01-2016
  14. Two days Motorola Sponsored Workshop on Enterprise Mobile Technology, Department of IT, TCE, Madurai, 24-07-2015 to 25-07-2015
  15. Three days Workshop on Mobile App Development through Hands-On, Dept. of IT, TCE, Madurai, 04-09-2014 to 06-09-2014
  16. Refresher/ Advanced Course on C Programming, Dept. of IT, TCE, Madurai, 15-07-2013 to 19-07-2013
  17. Two Weakends Workshop on Aakash Android Application Programming, TCE, Madurai, 23-02-2013 to 03-03-2013
  18. Two day ISTE workshop on Aakash for Education, Dept. Of IT, TCE, Madurai , 10-11-2012 to 11-11-2012
  19. Crash course on Advanced C and C . Dept. Of IT, TCE, Madurai, 28-07-2012 to 29-07-2012
  20. Two Day Crash Course On C Programming, in Dept. Of IT, TCE, Madurai, 21-22 Jan, 2009

Ph.D Guidance/Supervisorship

Manikandakumar Ph.D IoT Framework for Agriculture Ongoing
Devi Ph.D Intelligent Health Care System Ongoing
Deepalakshmi Ph.D Bigdata Ongoing
Parkavi Ph.D M-Learning Ongoing
Sasikumar Ph.D Security in IoT Ongoing

Lectures Delivered

LMS tools for effective content delivery & Assessment - Online Mode KLNCIT, Sivaganga Dist 22-06-2020 to 27-06-2020
ICT as Educational Tool AICTE-QIP-STC, TCE, Madurai 25-02-2019 to 02-03-2019
Feedback using Padlets Dept. of IT, TCE, Madurai 21-01-2019 to 22-01-2019
ICT Tools and Active Learning Strategies for Education Dept. of MECH, TCE, Madurai 12-07-2018 to 12-07-2018
Internet of Things Dr.Mahalingam College of Engg., & Tech., Pollachi 08-09-2017 to 08-09-2017
ICT Tools for Engineering Education Workshop, TCE, Madurai 09-11-2016 to 09-11-2016
Computer Programming - Placement Aspect Dept. of CA, TCE, Madurai 21-08-2015 to 21-08-2015
Mobile App through Android Workshop, Dept. of IT, TCE, Madurai 25-07-2015 to 25-07-2015
Mobile App Development - Database Kalasalingam University, Krishnankovil. 20-11-2014 to 20-11-2014
Recent trends in Mobile application Development Kalasalingam University, Krishnankovil. 09-10-2014 to 09-10-2014
Android - SQLite Workshop, Dept. of IT, TCE, Madurai 06-09-2014 to 06-09-2014
Network Simulator (NS2) K.L.N. College of Information Technology, Sivaganga Dist. 13-02-2013 to 13-02-2013
Advanced in C language Dept. of ECE, TCE, Madurai 07-08-2012 to 07-08-2012
Mobile Applications with Android Sri Meenakshi Govt. College (W), Madurai 10-02-2012 to 10-02-2012
Mobile Operating Systems K.L.N. College of Information Technology, Sivaganga Dist. 25-02-2011 to 25-02-2011
Network Programming in Java Dept. Of ECE, TCE, Madurai 11-11-2010 to 11-11-2010
Network Programming in Java Dept. Of ECE, TCE, Madurai 29-12-2009 to 29-12-2009

Awards / Recognition Received

  1. SAFE Tool Usage - Smart Classroom Technology, IIT Bombay
  2. Mentor for the FDP201x - Pedagogy for Online and Blended Teaching-Learning Process, MHRD through IITB
  3. Mentor for the FDP101x - Foundation Program in ICT for Education, MHRD through IITB
  4. Award of Excellence for the top performance in FDP, MHRD through IITB


ACM Professional Member
IAOE Life Member
Internet Society Life Member
ISTE Life Member 2005

Other Achievements

  1. Board of Studies Member - IT Dept., SIT, Madurai
  2. Completed a course on Machine Learning:
  3. Two Indian Patents Filed Aplication No.201841034357 & 201841034358 dated 12.09.2018 - Domain IoT
  4. Two Indian Patents Filed Aplication No.201841029658 & 201841029659 dated 07.08.2018 - Domain IoT
  5. Completed a course on Python Programming Essentials:
  6. Completed a course on Python @EdX - Link:
  7. Guest Editor for IJMLO(Inderscience)
  8. Reviewer IEEE Access
  9. Reviewer for ICTIEE 2017
  10. Completed "A Life of Happiness and Fulfilment" Course. Certificate Link:
  11. Reviewer for KSII Transactions
  12. Reviewer for DCDIS Series B - International Journal
  13. Department Advisory Board Member at IT Dept., SIT, Madurai
  14. Reviewer for IEEE ISACC 2015
  15. Technical Committee Member in ICCCA 2015, Galgotias University, Uttar Pradesh, India.