Educational Qualification

B.Sc Chemistry Vivekananda College 2001
M.Sc Chemistry The American College 2003
Ph.D Chemistry Madurai Kamaraj University 2009


21-07-2017 to Till date 1 Year Assistant Professor Thiagarajar College of Engineering
18-03-2013 to 31-01-2017 3 Years 10 months Young Scientist Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
01-08-2009 to 05-12-2012 3 Years 4 months Postdoctoral Fellow Academia Sinica, Taiwan
24-07-2008 to 31-07-2009 1 Year Research Associate Academia Sinica, Taiwan


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  2. A. Ramdass, V. Sathish, M. Velayudham, P. Thanasekaran, S. Rajagopal, Phosphorescence “Turn‐On” Sensing of Anions by Rhenium (I) Schiff‐Base Complexes, ChemistrySelect, 2018, 3, 2277.
  3. V. Sathish, A. Ramdass, M. Velayudham, K.-L. Lu, P. Thanasekaran, S. Rajagopal, Development of luminescent sensors based on transition metal complexes for the detection of nitroexplosives, Dalton Trans. 2017, 46, 16738.
  4. A. Ramdass, V. Sathish, E. Babu, M. Velayudham, P. Thanasekaran, S. Rajagopal, Recent Developments on Optical and Electrochemical Sensing of Copper (II) Ion Based on Transition Metal Complexes, Coord. Chem. Rev. 2017, 343, 278.
  5. A. Ramdass, V. Sathish, M. Velayudham, P. Thanasekaran, S. Umapathy, S. Rajagopal, Luminescent sensor for copper (II) ion based on imine functionalized monometallic rhenium (I) complexes, 2017, 240, 1216.

Seminar, Conference, Workshop Attended

  1. AI for Everyone by Coursera, 04-05-2020 to 30-05-2020
  2. TEQIP sponsored one day workshop on CDIO based Curriculum Design held at TCE, Madurai, 22-08-2019 to 22-08-2019
  3. Four weeks Faculty Induction Programme conducted by TLC-Coimbatore Institute of Technology, 22-04-2019 to 19-05-2019
  4. International Conference on Food Processing and Technology, at IIFPT Thanjavur, 17-08-2018 to 19-08-2018
  5. One day Workshop on Myths and Realities of R & D and IPR at EEIS; Issues, Challenges and Opportunities, 13-07-2018 to 13-07-2018