Networks Lab



  • IBM P-4 2.4GHZ/512MB,RAM/40GB IDE HDD/1.4MB FDD.(8 No’s)

  • 15” CLR Block Monitor (11 No’s)

  • 17” CLR Block Monitor (1 No’s)

  • Optical Mouse (11 No’s)

  • Windows XP Professional Service Pack

  • Sun Blade Server

    • 4 GB RAM

    • 288 GB Hard Disk Drive

    • 4 cores with each 1.28 GHz processing speed

  • Sun Ray Monitor (22 No’s)

  • Sun Ray Thin Client (20 No’s)

  • Keyboard/Mouse (20 No’s)

  • D-Link Secure Camera (3 No’s)

  • HP PRO 3330 Small Form Factor(7 No’s)

    • Intel Core i5 Processor

    • 4GB RAM

    • 500 GB Sata Harddisk


  • Ubuntu

  • Debian

  • Sun Solaris 10

  • Apache Tomcat Web Server

  • Octave


  • Develop network applications on top of JDK.

  • Develop and design object oriented applications using SDKs

  • Develop and design text analytic components using JDK.

  • Develop and test machine learning algorithms using Octave.

  • Develop and host web applications on top of tomcat web server.

Work done


  • Code Validator

  1. reviews the code submitted by the students for lab experiments
  2. can be used for both C and Java based Laboratories
  3. automating grading of experiments based on code review and test runs
  4. facility for the faculty/admin to add/update test cases.
  • Cloud Computing Test Bed

  1. created a cloud test bed using open stack
  2. conducted beta tests before deploying the cloud in TCE’s data center
  3. created virtual machines using open stack
  4. Tested the functionality of open stack dash board.


  • S.Karthick, “Setting up a cloud in an Engineering College using Open Stack”, Linux for You, May 2012.

  • M.Vijayalakshmi, Dr.S.Mercy Shaline, “IP Trace back System for Network and Application Attacks”, International Conference on Recent Trends in Information Technology (ICRTIT 2012), April 2012.

  • S.Karthick, K.Viswanthan Iyer, A meta-search engine using a latent semantic indexing based clustering algorithm, Adv Pattern Mining and Multimedia Computing, APMMC 2010, NIT Trichy.

  • S.Karthick, K. Viswanathan Iyer ,Parallelization of a dynamic SVD algorithm and its application in information retrieval,International Journal of Software: Practice and Experience,40(10), Sept. 2010

Industry Interface

Honeywell Technology Solutions

  • Text Analytics – Completed a Text Analytics Project to tag multiword’s present within a document corpus.
  • Competitive Intelligence - Developing a competitive intelligence component to automatically position Honeywell in the market sector.


  • Parallel De duplication – Developing a parallel de duplication algorithm using MPI and Map Reduce for distributed file systems
  • Recommender Systems – Developing a Recommender System for targeted advertisement of Nokia Products


  • Mr.S.Karthick

  • Mrs.M.Vijayalakshmi